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Guide: Does saran wrap really effective to unclog a toilet?

What is a saran wrap?

Saran wrap is a plastic wrap used to seal and cover food items to remain fresh and steady for a longer period. There is no such thing as covering only food items but nothing more; you can use this plastic wrap for wider versions and purposes. Even you can link this saran wrap in unclogging the toilet. It mainly creates the vacuum seal, and thus it operates through every issue. 

How does a saran wrap unclog a toilet? 

Hey, let me tell you something bone-chilling. Would you believe that if I tell you that a saran wrap is basically none other than the plunger itself? The working lecithin of both the saran wrap and the plunger is also the same. You wrap the whole toilet with this plastic layer; basically, you are creating a vacuum seal that is to be pushed back and forth to create immense pressure in the trapways to the toilet. Pushing the wrap tends to generate immense pressure in the drainage pipe, and eventually, the rough clog is removed from the drainage by the pressure created by the sealed saran wrap.saran wrap unclog a toilet

How to unclog a toilet using a saran wrap? 

You may have used lots of different gadgets to unclog your toilet, but none of them has seen the face of success. Worry not. There are other tips left for you: using a saran wrap to unclog the drainage system. 

Dry the toilet surface:

The very first step is to prepare your toilet bowl for the further rampage. The first and foremost strategy of making this method in real life is to make the toilet fully dry so that it can tightly get the vacuum seal implemented by the saran wrap. Extended moisture can make the process futile.   

Cover the Bowl:

In this step, we will have the ultimate opportunity to cover the entire toilet bowl with a strong and sturdy saran wrap.  You need to apply several layers to endure the immense pressures of pushing without having it break or split into pieces. Make sure that the saran wrap is not wrinkled or it is clumsy. It needs to be clean and smooth as that can invigorate the step of managing a justified seal. You need to apply the saran wrap around the toilet as that can give you more satisfaction. apply the saran wrap around the toilet

Check the water level:

The next step is to monitor the level of water. There should be an adequate level of water. Otherwise, the process will not work. If you feel that there is not enough water in the bowl, you can flush or manually add some water. Another point is to be considered, and that does not add so much water that it causes an overflowing of water or will be a disaster. 

Final Step:

This process is the most crucial one because, in this step, you need to push the sealed saran wrap with the help of your thumb and hand. Apply and repeat the process several times if the clog is not sweeping away. push the sealed saran wrap

Finally, doing the process more than a few times, it is time to apprehend if the air is released somehow. If it does, apply some more saran wrap and repeat the process. After doing it several times, flush the toilet. All the clogs will be gone during the process. 

Advantages of using a saran wrap:

You could have used any of the systems to unclog your system, but why particulate you use the saran wrap? It is probably a question coming out of your mind. Do not get confused. Here are some of the possible causes of using saran wrap in unclogging the toilet, 

  • Saran wrap is a cheap material that you can find anywhere easily. When you have no alternatives in hand, then you can try the saran wrap for unclogging the toilet.
  • Saran wrap is easy to use to remove all the sludge from the toilet; even your kid can implement and execute the process. 
  • A saran wrap is easy to dispose of. You do not need to clean that after use. Just dump that in a dustbin, and that’s easy to get rid of.

What are the alternatives of a saran wrap to unclog a toilet? 

There are so many alternatives to using the saran wrap in case you want to unclog the toilet. If you don’t have a saran wrap, you can choose other alternatives as the show must go on. 

  • Using a plunger 

A plunger is the best option for unclogging the toilet, and there are hidden sine tricks that I am gonna share with you. There are many plungers on the market, but not all are great for the business. Always try to use the beehive plunger as it is the most effective way to create a vacuum seal with the trapways of the toilet. 

  • Using an auger 

An auger is a special kind of snake that has a handle that rotates a flexible metal cable that can bore through drain clogs. You need to be an expert to execute the auger, and a handle must be operated repeatedly to break the acute drainpipe clog. Using an auger for cleaning toilets

The most prominent trick that has been used for eternity to unclog the toilet is using the traditional crunchy mix of baking soda and vinegar. Believe me, it always works. Make a thick paste of baking soda and vinegar and pour that into the bowl of the toilet. Then wait for some time, like half an hour, and then apply some warm water in the bowl that clears all the clogs present in the drainage system. 

  • Using the waste eating agent 

Stacks of waste-eating agent liquids are available in the market that can successfully unclog the toilet. They are found in several shapes and forms, like waste-eating tablets, liquids, and many more products on the market. You can try them out, but remember never to use a product that contains such a small amount of bleaching powder.

Why is saran wrap sometimes not effective?

There are so many causes of failure of the saran wrap technique in eradicating the clogs from the toilet. Some of the essential causes of why the saran wrap fails to unclog the toilet, 

  • You may not have used a premium quality material for unclogging the toilet. Or there may be leakage and small holes in the saran wrap. 
  • The clog could be so acute that saran wrap can not erode it. You may have used the single-layer saran wrap to eradicate the clogs. Nothing is much fancier, and there is something fuzzy during the process.
  • The water level must be of a low level that it can initiate a string hold to the vacuum seal. 


You can use anything like a plunger to eradicate the adamant clogs inside the pipe. But why should you prefer using a saran wrap? It is because it is neat and clean to use the saran wrap. You use the saran wrap and then dispose of it in the dustbin. That’s it. The process is easy, cheap, and super effective. In case the waste is too massive, this process may fail miserably. In that case, you must seek help from a professional plumber.


Hi, I am Jose S. Franz. Currently, I am working as a professional plumber, and our team offers various plumbing services at an affordable price. After my college education, I completed a vocational certification course in plumbing systems and worked with several construction companies. Since then, I have fixed lots of different toilet models, from older to the latest versions. So I have more than 22 years of experience installing plumbing systems and toilets in both residential and commercial buildings.

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