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Features and Advantages of the Toto Promenade II Elongated Toilet

Toto Promenade iiAre you remodeling your bathroom and want the best latest modern toilet with a traditional look? Worry not, as we’ve got you covered. The Toto Promenade II toilet is one of the newest additions to the already glamorous line of contemporary Toto toilets. Read this Toto Promenade II Reviews to know more about these toilets.

Installing the right toilet for your bathroom goes way beyond beauty. And that’s what you get when you buy one of the Toto Promenade II toilets. These toilets are not only enchanting to look at but as well as efficient in performance. They both feature the tornado flushing system and use less than 1.28 GPF. Additionally, Promenade II toilets are comfortable as they feature an elongated bowl and universal height.

2 Top Rated Toto Promenade II Toilets Comparison

ImagesFlushing ToiletsWater ConsumptionFlush TypePrice Idea
Check PriceToto CST404CEFG#03 Promenade Ii 2 Piece Elongated Universal Height Toilet With Cefiontect, Bone
Read Review
1.28 GPFTornado flushMedium
Check PriceTOTO MS814224CUFG#01 Promenade II 1G One-Piece Elongated Universal Height Toilet with CeFiONtect, Cotton
Read Review
1.0 GPFTornado flushMedium

Summary of content

Toto Promenade II Toilet Reviews in 2024

Besides, cleaning any of these toilets is super easy as they have a Cefiontect glaze that keeps dirt, debris, and other particles at bay. To find out more about the Toto Promenade II toilets, continue reading this detailed review.

Toto Promenade II CST404CEFG#03 Two-Piece 1.28 GPF Toilet

The Toto Promenade II two-piece toilet with the elongated bowl is a lovely and stylish toilet that will easily blend in most bathrooms. It has a traditional look that makes it unique and different from regular toilets. Moreover, the bowl and tank come separately, which makes installation straightforward. The bowl and tank are made of durable vitreous china, which means that this is a robust toilet that will last for several years.

The unit also comes with a chrome trip lever that is positioned on the left-hand side. The tank is beautifully designed with a flat surface that allows users to place items on top. The elongated bowl design ensures that users have an easy time sitting on the toilet regardless of their size or height. Unitedly with the traditional look, this toilet makes your bathroom look even more elegant.

Technical Specifications:

Features Toto Promenade II toilet
Material: Vitreous China
Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
Piece: Two-Piece
Shape: Elongated
Style: Classic
Flush Type: Gravity Flush Toilets
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Color: Bone
Bone finish: Yes
Handle/Lever Placement: Left
Weight 91.5 pounds
Dimensions: 28.5 x 17.8 x 31.2 inches
Universal Height: Yes
Warranty: One-year limited warranty
Price: Toto MS814224CUFG#01 Promenade IICheck Today’s Price

Apart from the beautiful construction, the toilet also features a universal height that makes sitting on or standing up from the toilet seamless. However, it lacks a toilet seat, which means that you will have to buy it separately for full installation.

Another exceptional function of this toilet is the tornado flushing system. The system functions by utilizing three water jets that are tilted to deliver a whirlpool-like impact within its rimless design. As a result, the water gains enough centrifugal force to hastily lifts away waste and other debris, leaving the toilet sparkling clean.

What’s more, the toilet uses just 1.28 GPF. That’s why you see it with different certifications like CALGreen, CEC, and EPA WaterSense. So, you will not only save water but as well as get rebates in some states. Over and above, the toilet can be utilized by various individuals since it has a universal height and elongated bowl. That’s one of the reasons this unit is rated as ADA-compliant.

Pros and Cons of the Toto Promenade ii two-piece toilet

  • Robust construction
  • Tornado flush rinses the toilet in one flush
  • Simple to set up
  • Cefiontect glaze forbids particles from sticking to the bowl
  • Uses just 1.28 GPF; thus, it saves water
  • Comfortable to sit on as the elongated front bowl gives more sitting space
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Lacks a toilet seat, and it has to be purchased separately.

Toto Promenade II One-Piece 1GPF Toilet

Another durable and reliable toilet from the Toto Promenade II toilet series is the Toto Promenade MS814224CUFG#01 one-piece toilet. Unlike the previous model, this one comes with the tank and bowl integrated into a one-piece. As a result, this model is easier to clean and maintain, as there are no corners for mold and mildew to hide like two-piece toilets. Also, this model uses just 1.0 GPF, unlike the two-piece model that uses 1.28 GPF. That’s why it is one of the best water-saving toilets.

However, they all use the powerful and quiet tornado flushing system. Even though this model uses less water, it is still efficient in rinsing the toilet without requiring it to flush several times. Nevertheless, you may have a few challenges in installing this toilet as it is quite heavy. Therefore, you may need a helping hand to install the unit properly. The good news is that it features a toilet seat; thus, you won’t have to buy one.

Technical Specifications:

Features Toto Promenade II MS814224CUFG toilet
Flush Type: Tornado flush system
Water Consumption: 1.0 GPF
Piece: Two-Piece
Shape: Elongated
Style: Classic
Material: Vitreous China
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Color: Cotton
Cotton finish: Yes
Handle/Lever Placement: Left
Weight 103 pounds
Dimensions: 28.5 x 16.2 x 29.2 inches
Universal Height: Yes
Warranty : One-year limited warranty
Price: Toto MS814224CUFG#01 Promenade IICheck Today’s Price

The toilet does not only feature a seat, but the seat is soft-closing as well, which means that you won’t have to bang the toilet and make noise to people around you. In addition, it features an elongated bowl design that provides users with more sitting areas. Also, it has a universal height, which can accommodate different people. This includes the elderly and those with disabilities.

Unlike some toilet models that are challenging to clean, you will find this toilet interesting. You don’t have to clean it every time you visit the toilet. This is because of the help of the Cefiontect smooth glaze that keeps the toilet cleaner for longer. It prevents dirt, debris, and other particles from adhering to the toilet.

A unique feature of this one-piece toilet is the 1 gallon of water it consumes per flush. In the end, you will conserve the environment and even get rebates. The toilet meets CEC, CALGreen, and EPA WaterSense certified.

Positive and negative sides

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable construction
  • Ultra-high-efficiency toilet
  • Soft-close seat prevents slamming
  • Sleek and luxurious traditional look
  • CALGreen, CEC, and EPA WaterSense certified
  • Cefiontect glaze keeps dirt and other particles away from the toilet surface
  • It utilizes less water than a Toto Aquia elongated two-piece toilet
  • Not ideal for large bathrooms as it is somehow big

Difference between Toto Promenade and Promenade ii toilets

Toto is one of the renowned toilet brands, actually the largest toilet manufacturing company in the world. It manufactures tons of various types of models with different facilities. Among these various types of models

Today, I will compare two of the signature products of the Toto toilet brand. Those two models are toto promenade and promenade ii. Actually, the latter one is the updated version of the toto promenade. Okay, let us see the prominent differences between these two toilet types.

Comparison Chart:

FeaturesToto PromenadeToto Promenade II
Weight: 95.5 pounds
103 pounds
Toilet seat shape:Rounded Elongated
Flushing technology:G-max flushing system
Tornado flushing
Water consumption: 1.6 GPF 1.28 GPF
Type of toilet:Two-piece toilet
One-piece toilet

Latest features Promenade ii toilet from Toto

Basically, Promenade ii is the updated version of the Toto Promenade. They have updated and added some innovative key features that the users have hugely welcomed. After doing research on the user’s experience and expert opinions, we have added some of the prominent attributes of the Toto Promenade ii. Let us have a look at the features of the Toto Promenade ii, 

  • Adorable design

Most of the Toto toilets possess an amazing design with a fabulous sleek line. One of the greatest features is that this toilet is an ADA-compliant toilet, which means it is best suited for handicapped and disabled persons. This comfort height toilet has an average seat height of more than 17 inches, which relieves old persons from knee and back pain.

This toilet has an elongated toilet seat which allows more space for urination for the men; besides, the elongated seats are more comfortable than the round-shaped seat. The Toilet seat has a soft closing advantage that prevents the unwanted slamming sound of the toilet seat. This is a tremendous aspect of the toilet if you have children in your home. If we can learn about the materials used in the construction of the Toto Promenade ii is the vitreous china material, the surface is ceFiontect ever glazed, which means that the bowl will not leave any dirt or skid marks.

  • Tremendous flushing mechanism 

Toto brings wonder to the flushing mechanism; unlike all other toilet models of Toto, it uses the tornado flushing system that yields three different jets of water, which helps to clean the skid marks and evacuates the waste lot more easily than the conventional toilets. The rim is built in a way that it can not catch any waste marks. The toilet’s wide trapways remove the waste more quickly than the traditional toilets.

  • Water-saving technology

One of the prominent features of Promenade ii is that it tremendously saves water as it consists of amazing water-saving technology. This toilet uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This toilet uses less water than any of its counterparts. 

  • Simple cleaning and maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance are a lot easier in this toilet as Toto Promenade ii is a one-piece toilet, and we know that the maintenance of the one-piece toilet is a lot easier than the two-piece toilets; besides, the toilet rims are open at the edge, so it does not catch any dirt; The surface of the toilet is made of using the ceFiontect ever glazing technology that prevents the waste to gather on the surface of the toilet.

  • Massive durability

Toto has used the vitreous china material in making the Promenade ii, a pure, durable material that lasts long for decades. This material is easy to maintain, and it produces an extra glaze that adds some merit points to the toilet’s key features.

  • Super easy installation process 

As I have mentioned earlier, the Promenade ii is a one-piece toilet, which means the water tank is solely attached to the bowl. In other words, the tank comes with an inbuilt system with a bowl. And one more point to be mentioned is that it is a floor-mounted toilet, so the installation process gets easier and more convenient.

  • Great warranty 

Toto gives a solid 1-year warranty to Promenade ii, which is not considered the best warranty option in the industry. Still, this warranty covers all aspects, including the materials and craftsmanship problem.

Toto Promenade toilet features (Old version)

Toto promenade is one of the greatest versions of toilets that Toto has ever brought to the market. They have got some fantastic key features which we will discuss below, 

  • Sleek design

The Toto promenade comprises a sleek and aesthetical design that is harmonious with any type of bathroom ambiance. This comes in a lot of colors and designs. The surface of the toilet is built using the smooth CeFiONtect glaze that prevents the dirt from complying on the surface of the toilet. The CeFiONtect glaze technology brings an outstanding shine to the exterior, bowl, and rims. The toilet’s rims are built so that they cannot catch any waste residue marks. This toilet is also ADA-compliant, which denotes disabled persons can use it with sheer ease. The rough-in measurement of the toilet is About 12 inches. It means that the distance from the back wall to the exit pipe or the flange is a minimum of 12 inches. This toilet has a Rounded Toilet seat which is a compact design and saves a lot of space in the bathroom.

  • G-max flushing mechanism

Toto promenade uses a powerful G max flushing system. It has two strong nozzles that create a water whirlpool during flushing. The centrifugal, cyclonic rinsing action feature prevents the waste from building up at the surface. The wide flush valve and wide trapways enable the waste to be removed easily. It produces a strong and powerful siphoning that clears the waste with ease.

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

Toto promenade has got a hole-free open-source rim that does not lock the waste at the bowl surface; The CeFiONtect glaze technology inspects that waste is not gathered at the surface of the toilet. It has a tremendous fill valve that fills the water quickly into the water tank. As a result, it produces a strong flush that plays a vital role in keeping the bowl fresh and clean.

  • Long-lasting toilet composition 

Toto promenade is built with vitreous china material, which is a durable material; this material is rust-free, corrosion-free, and scratch-free. Moreover, it does not catch dirt quite easily.

  • Decent warranty 

Like the promenade, II Toto is giving a 1-year warranty on this toilet. This warranty includes the craftsmanship fault and mechanism fault. They will even replace the toilet if there is a severe fault in the manufacturing process.

TOTO Promenade II Vs. TOTO Ultramax II Vs. American Standard Champion 4 Vs. TOTO Drake II

Features TOTO Promenade II TOTO Drake II Ultramax II American Standard Champion 4
Bowl Height: 16.13″ 16.125″ 16.13″ 16.5″
Height: 34.25 29.5 28.75 29.5
Seat Included: No No Yes Yes
Flush Type: Gravity Flush Tornado Flush Gravity Flush Siphon Jet
Water Usage: 1.28 1.28 1.28 1.6
Commercial Use: Yes Yes No No

Bottom line

The Toto Promenade II toilet may be a new model on the market, but this doesn’t mean that it is unreliable. People who have used this toilet applaud its performance and are glad about their purchase. They say that it works similarly to the Toto Drake, which is one of the most prevalent toilet models on the market.

After reviewing the Toto Promenade II one-piece and two-piece toilets, you should now go ahead and select a toilet that has impressed you the most. Both of them are beautifully designed and do what they say they do. All the best in your quest as you select the next toilet for your bathroom!


Question: What should I look at when picking a toilet?
Answer: Before you land on any toilet that you see on the market, you must try to understand the features that you need so that you can get the best toilet. Things to consider are the bowl type, the height of the toilet from the floor to the top seat, gallons per flush, type of toilet, space for installing the toilet flushing system, rough-in size, and color.

A toilet that is good for you may be uncomfortable for another individual. If you know what features are more desirable to you, then you will end up with the best toilet for your bathroom.

Question: Which one is better – a two-piece toilet or a one-piece toilet?
Answer: It all depends on what you’re looking for. One-piece toilets are the latest technology, while two-piece toilets have been there for a very long while. If you want an affordable unit, then two-piece toilets are the best. But if you want a toilet that you will clean with ease and maintain at a high level, then a one-piece toilet is perfect. Also, one-piece toilets are quite challenging to install when compared to two-piece toilets. With these answers, you can now go ahead and select a toilet that matches your needs and budget.


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