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How to remove a Duravit toilet seat without a plumber?

Many types of toilet seats are available on the market now because companies are trying to invent user-friendly toilet seats for everyone. But Duravit is very popular for its easy-to-install toilet seat design. Installing and removing toilet seats has some fixed rules depending on the toilet brands and models. So if you have a Duravit toilet seat and don’t know how to remove it from its old place, then you can get help here.

Why do you need to remove the old toilet seat?

At first, you must be thinking about why you need to remove the seat from its old place. Most toilets come with a removable seat. Because these seats are easy to maintain, it also allows you to clean underneath the bathroom. That means if you remove the seat, your hand can go to the nooks and crannies around your toilet. After using a toilet for some time, it’s mandatory to deep clean the entire washroom. And nooks and crannies are hard-to-reach areas, so you can often clean them. It holds dirt and germs for a long time. So after a period, you need to clean there. For this reason, most toilets come with a removable seat, and people also love them for easy maintenance. Just throw hot water and soap in there, and after a little bit, you get a shining toilet seat just like the new one.remove the old toilet seat

About the Duravit toilet seat:

Duravit is well-known in the market for its high-quality toiletries. They first think about their users’ comfort, then about their design. You must know that all toilets don’t come in a standard size and shape, so making a multi-tasker seat is a very tough job. But they have successfully done it for years. There are many types of seats in there, like modern D-shaped seats, the most common round-shaped seats, square seats, elongated seats, etc., and all these types of seats can be installed in other brands’ toilets. That’s why it has some fixed rules for installing and removing.

Installing a Duravit toilet seat on another toilet:

If you want to replace your old toilet seat with Duravit, you just need to know the dimension of the external counter of your old ceramic bowl. And measure every dimension of the old toilet seat very accurately. Otherwise, the seat may slip from its current position, creating an incomplete appearance in your decorated restroom. Choosing the right seat also depends on the shape of the toilet bowl. After that check, you get all the installing parts in the package of the toilet seat with the manual.Installing a Duravit toilet seat on another toilet

All the Duravit seats are very popular, and they’re really easy to install and remove. When you easily remove the seat, you can quickly clean the whole toilet. Duravit ensures this time-saving option. For installation, you must read the manual carefully and follow every detailed step. They tell you if it’s a special type of modern seat, like the budget. There are different seat types in Duravit, and every seat installation process is different from the others. So if you read it carefully, I think you can install it by yourself. But if you face any issues with that, call a professional to help you out.Installing a Duravit toilet seat

Removing the Duravit toilet seat: quick and easy steps

Removing a toilet seat from its old place means either you want to clean under the seat and toilet bowl or the seat got damaged by chance. It’s really easy to remove the Duravit seat from its old place, and you just need a screwdriver for this.

Remove the screw and bolts

First, you need to raise the seat into the vertical position. Then lift it out with force. But keep your mind, don’t force the seat too high. It can break it from the screw side. So lift it with minimum pressure. But after using the seat for a long time, the O-shaped rubber dried out and stuck inside the hinge of the toilet. To lose this rubber, you can use WD40 as a lubricant in a small amount in the underneath holes. Then leave this for some time. After that, it easily loses the rubber from the hinge and quickly lifts it from the screw. You can also apply force between the seat and the bowl for a bit of time, which will help you remove the seat from its old place.

Use Air Dryer and Lubricant Oil

If it’s still stuck, then use the hair dryer to heat the rubber, and when it is properly heated, it will come loose from its old position, and you can easily lift the seat from the old place. After that, use the screwdriver to remove the seat nuts from the bowl. If the nut is also stuck there, use any lubricant or oil, and try to remove it. Oil mainly helps to remove them from their old place very quickly. But don’t overwork your nut or rotate the screwdriver in the wrong direction. It may damage the nut, and you will also need to buy new pairs. Now you can easily clean the pillars under the seat.

Replace the O-Seal rubber:

If you remove the seat after using it for a long time and the O-shaped rubber gets worn out, then replace the old one. This type of rubber is very common in the market; you can find it at your super roadside shop. Using the old one may not give you the proper grip, and the seat is not tight enough in its old place. So I suggest replacing the old one and getting a non-slip seat.


In the end, Duravit always tries to make every user happy. That’s why every seat is designed with easy installation and removal options. You get a detailed manual with every seat. After getting the seat, check the setting tools to see if you got all the parts or not. Then start working on it. And I think it helps you take care of your toilet easily.


Hi, I am Jose S. Franz. Currently, I am working as a professional plumber, and our team offers various plumbing services at an affordable price. After my college education, I completed a vocational certification course in plumbing systems and worked with several construction companies. Since then, I have fixed lots of different toilet models, from older to the latest versions. So I have more than 22 years of experience installing plumbing systems and toilets in both residential and commercial buildings.

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