Toto G400 Review 2021 [Washlet Bidet Seat Toilet]

The Toto G400 toilet is a sleek and elegant toilet that will easily fit and match with most modern bathrooms. Also, the G400 toilets bring comfort to the bathroom as it boasts of a more extensive range of luxurious features, just like the Toto G500 washlet toilet. From heated seats to automatic flushing, self-cleaning wand, and much more, this is a true definition of luxury in the bathroom. Read this Toto G400 review to know more about this smart toilet.

Toilets are continuing to evolve, which makes picking the best even harder. Regardless of the changes being made to toilets, Toto remains ahead of most brands. Toto creates innovative, sturdy, and eco-friendly toilets. Among their many luxurious toilets, we will look at the Toto Washlet G400 Bidet toilet.

If you want to save water and bring comfort to your bathroom, then this is one of the best toilets to acquire. Without much ado! Let’s look at it in detail which I listed below in our toilet review article.

Technical Specifications of the Toto Washlet G400 Toilet:


Toto G400

Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF/0.9 gallons per flush
Pieces: One-Piece
Dual flush: Yes
Flushing System: 3D Tornado Flushing mechanism
Glaze: Yes(CeFiONtect ceramic)
Heated Seat Option: Yes(Heated seat with temperature control)
Auto open/close lid: Yes
Automatic PreMist sprays: Yes(helps prevent waste from adhering)
Air Deodorizer: Yes
Material: Ceramic
Dryer function: Yes
User memory: Yes(2 User)
Color: Cotton White
Remote control operation: Yes(Front and rear warm water washing + Temperature and adjustable pressure control)
Certification: ADA compliant, WaterSense certified, CAL Green compliant
Seat sensor: Yes
Wand cleaning mode: Yes(self-cleaning)
Shape: Elongated
Power Source: corded-electric
Size: Large – LTL
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Washlet Toto G400 review 2021

Skirted design

First and foremost, the toilet comes with a skirted design. This hides the trapway, which not only makes the toilet look lovely but as well as makes cleaning seamless. Besides, the toilet is made of vitreous china material, which is sturdy and easy to clean. So, you will have an easy time cleaning the toilet surface and maintaining it. After all, it is also a one-piece toilet with no place for mold and mildew to hide. Also, the washlet g400 integrated toilet will provide you adjustable water pressure control system.

Dual-Max 3D Tornado flush technology

Having a quality toilet is not enough if its flush system is not efficient. This is not the case with the Toto G400 Bidet toilet. It features a dual-max 3D tornado flush technology. The tornado flush technology is very excellent in getting rid of waste from the toilet. It has three powerful nozzles that form a power centrifugal rinsing action to clear waste in the toilet bowl. In the process, it uses 0.9 GPF or 1.28 gallons per flush for liquid or solid waste, respectively.

Premist sprays

Another exceptional function of the Toto G400 Washlet toilet is the Premist sprays. When the toilet lid opens automatically, the Premist sprays water on the toilet bowl surface before doing your thing. This helps to moist the bowl surface so that waste and other particles can’t stick on it. As a result, this makes cleaning easy and keeps the toilet cleaner even when you’re done.

Cefiontect glaze

Apart from having a Premist function, this unit also comes with the Cefiontect glaze that keeps the surface always clean. The Cefiontect glaze prevents substances from sticking to the toilet. This includes waste, mold, mildew, and even stains. In the end, this makes cleaning simple and straightforward.

Automatic open/close seat

What makes the Toto G400 toilet even more special is the hands-free operation. The toilet features an automatic opening and closing seat. The seat can automatically open as you approach the toilet. Also, when you finish your business, you can close it automatically. The toilet seat doesn’t slam, and it is a joy to sit on.
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Heated seat

One of the most challenging parts of using a toilet is during the cold season. But with this toilet, you will be able to use it comfortably all year round as it comes with a heated seat. The seat has an integrated sensor that maintains temperatures of between 82 degrees F and 97 degrees F. It has five temperature settings that you can choose from for your comfort. So, no more cold toilet seats in the morning or during winter as you can control the temperature and pressure setting while using.

Self-cleaning wand

Older adults and those with disabilities may find it hard to clean theirs under. But with this toilet, they will not have to worry as the unit will do the cleaning for them, instead of using tissue paper. This is not only hygienic but as well as preserves the environment as trees are saved.

The self-cleaning wand features three adjustable functions, which include rear, rear soft, and front. The rear function offers a pleasant and intense water pressure setting, while the rear soft function delivers a larger radius to cover a larger area. And finally, the front wash provides large and soft drops for comfortable, intimate cleansing.

Dryer and deodorizer

Unlike regular toilets, this one features an air dryer and deodorizer. The work of the air dryer is to dry your under after the self-cleaning wand has done its job. So, you will leave the toilet very clean and with no traces of water on your under.

On the other hand, the deodorizer gets rid of the foul smell; thus, leaving the toilet smelling fresh and ready for use.

Automatic flush

As we stated earlier, this is a hands-free toilet. Meaning, you don’t have to touch the toilet to use it. With simple remote control, you get to control the toilet as you go about your business. One of the features that you can command is the automatic flush. As soon as you stand up from the toilet, it will flush automatically.

ADA compliant

What’s more, the Toto G400 Washlet bidet is a comfortable toilet as it is ADA compliant. This means that people of different ages will have an easy time sitting on or standing up from the toilet. Besides, it comes with an elongated bowl design that provides more sitting space. So, it is more comfortable than a round bowl toilet.

Summary: Why buy a Toto G400 washlet with the integrated toilet?

  • Washlet g400 integrated toilet comes with a sleek and elegant design
  • Comfortable toilet
  • ADA compliant ideal for a wider range of users
  • Hands-free operation
  • Cefiontect glaze makes cleaning simple
  • Water-efficient toilet
  • The toilet comes with a front cleanse, oscillating cleanse, warm air dryer, and rear cleanse
  • Premist function prevents waste from sticking on the toilet
  • Heated seat for using in all weather conditions

Cons of the Toto washlet toilet g400

  • You will have to purchase a wax ring and floor bolts to complete the installation.
  • Toto washlet g400 integrated toilet is quite expensive.
  • Several users have complained that the dryer takes longer to do its job

Bottom line
The Toto Washlet G400 Bidet toilet seat with an integrated dual-max flushing system is a luxurious and powerful unit. Not only will it change the look of your bathroom, but the experience as well. The toilet will also help you to maintain a high level of hygiene by not using toilet paper. Similar to other top-end toilets, the G400 bidet toilet offers you comfort, and you can use it no matter the season of the year. This is because of its heated seat with five temperature settings.

Besides, the toilet is very comfortable and straightforward to clean. Overall, this is a perfect toilet for people who want luxury and convenience in their bathroom. Toto is a famous brand and offers quality toilets. So, expect this toilet to last for a very long while. I hope you have got a clear idea after reading this Toto G400 review article.


Question: Can I install the Toto G400 toilet?
Answer: Yes, you can. However, installing this toilet is quite cumbersome and time-consuming. Unlike a regular toilet, the Toto washlet g400 integrated toilet is quite heavier; thus, you may need the help of another person to install it securely. The good news is that it comes with a toilet seat and you won’t have to buy a separate toilet seat.

Question: Is it possible to replace this toilet with another bidet model?
Answer: If the toilet seat gets damaged or breaks accidentally, you can get a replacement immediately. However, you cannot install another seat model that is not a G400 bidet. So, the answer is you cannot replace it with another type of toilet seat like with regular toilets.

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