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American Standard Vormax Plus

American Standard Vormax Plus Reviews [Ultra-High Efficiency Toilet]

American Standard Vormax PlusAre you tired of scrubbing your toilet after every use? Worry not; the American Standard Vormax Plus two-piece toilet is an excellent toilet that will reduce your frequency of cleaning. The toilet comes with an automatic self-cleaning bowl. This ensures that the toilet is scrubbed after every flush to give you a clean and sparkling toilet. Read our American Standard Vormax Plus reviews to know more about this two-piece high-efficiency toilet. (Including price)

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 2x powerful flush
  • CleanCurve Rim & EverClean Surface
  • Siphon action bowl
  • UHET- 1.0 GPF
  • Automatic self-cleaning

Moreover, the American Standard Vormax Plus toilet is comfortable sitting on or standing up as it comes with a right-height elongated toilet bowl. It will also help to save water as it uses 1.0 GPF. Because of this, you will receive a lower water bill and save some extra cash.

Technical Specifications of the American Standard 238AA114CP.020 VorMax Plus Right Height Toilet:

Bowl Height: Right Height
Color/Finish: White
Pieces: 2-Piece
Bowl Shape: Elongated
Water Consumption: 1.0 gallons of water per flush
Material: Metal
Dimensions: 30.2 x 17.9 x 32.2 inches
Flush Type: VorMax flushing technology With wide flush valve
Automatic self-cleaning: Yes
Weight: 8 ounces
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Guarantee
Certification: WaterSense
Price: American Standard Vormax Plus ReviewsCheck Today’s Price

American Standard Vormax Plus Reviews in 2024

Without wasting more time, here is a full review of the American Standard Vormax Plus two-piece toilet.

Summary of content

Vitreous China construction

The American Standard Vormax Plus toilet is well-made to withstand the test of time. It is constructed from vitreous china material that is durable and lasts longer. Besides, the china material is smooth, which makes cleaning the toilet simple.

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Apart from featuring a sturdy material, the unit comes with a separate bowl and tank. This makes installation straightforward. Also, it has a chrome trip lever located on the left-hand side of the toilet. This means accessing the trip lever after using the toilet is fast and easy.

Sleek and modern design

Who doesn’t want a lovely and smart toilet that complements the bathroom theme? The American Standard Vormax Plus two-piece toilet is beautifully made to match most conventional toilets. It will fit in the most modern bathroom, but it is not suitable for tiny bathrooms. If you want to save space in the bathroom, then this is not the toilet for you.

CleanCurve rim design

Another fantastic function of this unit is the CleanCurve rim design. Things like dirt, mold, and mildew tend to hide in the standard toilet rim. With the CleanCurve rim design, they will have no place to hide as the rim eliminates their hiding area. As a result, the toilet will remain cleaner for longer.
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EverClean antimicrobial surface

Apart from having the unique CleanCurve rim design, the toilet also comes with an EverClean antimicrobial surface. This surface plays a massive role in keeping the toilet clean for longer. It does so by keeping dirt, debris, mold, and mildew at bay. So you don’t have to clean the toilet regularly.

Automatic Self-cleaning bowl

Additionally, you will love the automatic self-cleaning bowl. It features the specially formulated Vormax Plus Freshinfuser. The Freshinfuser delivers the outstanding cleaning power of LYSOL and lasts up to 30 days. Two packs of Vormax plus Freshinfuser are included in the purchase.

Besides, there is no need to worry about the kids messing with the cleaning solution as it is hidden but easy to access. With the Freshinfuser, you will always have a fresh-smelling toilet.

Vormax flushing system

What’s more, the toilet comes with a powerful Vormax flushing system. The system delivers a powerful jet of water that scrubs the toilet very efficiently. This toilet is one of the best low-flow toilets as it uses only 1.0 gallons per flush. Together with the cleaning power of the LYSOL, you will get a clean toilet that flushes waste efficiently and quickly. So, its Dual injection flush valves send a strong current and stop the wastage of water.

Right Elongated bowl

When it comes to comfort, this toilet still matches other models very well. First of all, it comes with an elongated bowl that provides more sitting pace. Additionally, the toilet is of the right height, which means that it can be used by adults as well as people with mobility problems. So, if you’re short, this toilet will not be very comfortable as you may strain sitting down or getting up from the toilet.

Ultra-High-Efficiency toilet

Who doesn’t want to save water? With the latest toilet technologies, the manufacturer is creating powerful toilets that use less water. That’s the case with the American Standard Vormax toilet models. It uses 1 gallon to get rid of both solid and liquid waste, which is lower than the American Standard Optum VorMax elongated toilet. Aside from saving water, the unit is extremely efficient as it clears waste in one flush.
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Slow-close seat

Another exceptional feature of this toilet is the slow-close seat. The manufacturer included a slow-close toilet seat which you may not find with the American Standard Champion 4 toilet. You don’t have to go searching for one. Besides, there will be no slamming of the toilet seat as it closes quietly after use.

Pros of the American Standard Vormax Plus

  • Sturdy construction
  • Ultra-high-efficiency toilet
  • Vormax toilets are easy to install
  • EverClean surface maintains cleanliness
  • Automatic self-cleaning toilet
  • Powerful Vormax flushing system
  • CleanCurve rim eliminates hideouts for dirt and bacteria
  • Elongated bowl for added comfort
  • The right height can serve people of all ages
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Cons of the American Standard 238AA114CP.020 Toilet

  • The plastic door that hides the proprietary Lysol is poorly made


The American Standard Vormax Plus toilet is best suited for individuals who don’t have time to clean the toilet. It features an automatic self-cleaning Vormax function that reduces the frequency of cleaning the toilet. What’s more, the toilet is very comfortable and has an efficient flushing system. So, clogs will be past tense.

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Furthermore, the American Standard Vormax Plus can be utilized by all people as it features a universal height. Together with the elongated bowl, sitting down or standing up will never be a problem. Get this toilet, and you will never have to scrub your toilet daily.  I hope that our American Standard Vormax Plus reviews article has given you a clear idea about this toilet.


Question: Is it okay to mix and match toilet tanks and bowls?
Answer: No, it isn’t. However, there are a few toilet models that you can mix and max. But if you do your mix and match, the toilet may fail to flush. For instance, you cannot combine a gravity-feed toilet tank and a pressure-assisted bowl. As a result, the toilet won’t flush efficiently. Also, a 1.6 GPF tank won’t work well with a 1.28 gallons per flush toilet bowl.

Question: How does the EverClean surface work?
Answer: The EverClean glaze is a technology that is featured on most American Standard toilets. It helps to prohibit the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria on the bowl of the toilet and keeps the bowl clean. As a result, your toilet will remain cleaner for longer as less cleaning is required. Additionally, you won’t have to use lots of chemicals to get rid of stains and dirt on the bowl.

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