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Why is my toilet smelling and gurgling on a septic system?

The hostility that a gurgling toilet and a malodorous septic tank show is nothing more than a deadly combination of two of the most dominant forces reuniting at the same time. Sometimes your toilet behaves roughly and shows an unfortunate gurgling that is really awkward to use. The main culprit behind this scenario lies in the ground, none other than the septic system. Most consumers do not understand the real cause of having a foul smell coming out of the toilet. In most cases, the cause of this foul smell is the septic tanks that lie under the soil outside or inside of the home. This article will briefly discuss the causes and possible remedies to counter the gurgling of a toilet and eliminate the bad smells from the septic tank itself.

How to Fix a Gurgling Toilet Without a Plumber?

A toilet can be very annoying if it starts to encounter some bizarre symptoms, and one of the most unjustifiable issues is a dire gurgling sound from the toilet. Those who are facing this incident for the first time can be shocked and become traumatized by the toilet’s horrendous consequences for the bathroom. To curb the effect, here are some effective measures that can stop the gurgling of a toilet.

Apply toilet snake:

You probably have heard of snaking the toilet if it is badly blocked. Snacking means you need to enter the spiral wire of the snake that is attached to the snake, and pushing and pulling the snake can be effective enough to unclog the toilet. Check the basement area or crawlspace to witness the prime sewer line exit the bathroom, while others may terminate below ground level. But you need to have the process implemented correctly so that clogging can be broken into small pieces.Using toilet snake

Remove dust from the vent:

If the vent pipe is clogged badly, it is a certainty that it will make an unwanted gurgling sound, so you need to clean the vent pipe. In order to check the vent stack without the help of a professional, some ingredients are needed, like duct tape, garden hose, wrench, and other necessary elements. Stubborn clogs can be removed by running water from a hose pipe, and that may remove all the clogs from the channel.Remove dust from the toilet vent

Using vinegar and soda solution:

If none of the methods work, another option is to stop the toilet from gurgling. This system is approved worldwide, and its austerity against the clocks is really laudable. The vinegar and baking soda mixture work greatly against the stubborn clog. Apply this mixture to the toilet bowl and let it soak for some time. After 15 minutes, apply warm water to flush the toilet. This recipe may eradicate all the clogs from the toilet, and the gurgling sound may be terminated from the bathroom.Using vinegar for cleaning toilet

Plunge the toilet:

Plunging the toilet is the most efficacious way of eliminating the gurgling sound from the toilet. Take a beehive plunger, as it is the most usable form of lunger to eliminate the adamant clogs. First of all, create a vacuum seal with the trapways of the toilet and then plunge several times to initiate flushing to swerve the direction of the waste towards the septic tank. Thus, the gurgling sound can be terminated from the toilet.Using Plunge the toilet

How do we remove foul smells from the septic tank?

The septic formula is one of the most crucial elements in a toilet symposium. It needs an extensive set of measures to remain stable if it reaches a point where it cannot store most of its dumplings. So, following the extensive steps above can eradicate the acute problems regarding the septic tanks.

You need to clean the septic tank if it has come to this position and is full to the brim. Connect a hose and a motor to clean the septic tank, but make sure that the sludge is dumped at a dumping station. The septic tank system can be enhanced by adding extra parts that may accommodate a large amount of waste. This can eradicate the foul smells. You can add a waste-eating agent in the septic tank that may dissolve all the large waste and foul smells that can be encountered. Replacing the septic tank in a newer position can be fruitful enough to terminate all the issues.

Why do septic systems smell?

The septic system is generally considered the storehouse of all kinds of waste, solid or liquid. The septic system can be that much more hazardous if it is not treated in a scientific manner. You may have found tons of possible reasons for the clogging and odor of the vigorous septic system, and those possible causes are to be illustrated here below.

Septic tank is overwhelmed:

Everything has a limited capacity to bear a minimal quantity of solid waste, and the septic tank is not an exception. At some point in the life cycle, the septic tank must be full, which is obvious. When your septic tank is too full of solids or grease, it prevents the proper flow of wastewater from the tank. You need a regular check-up of the septic tank as if it is at the minimum bearing capacity, then it may produce some toxic gases and smell really stinky.Overflowing Full Septic

Clogged drain pipe:

The vent pipe is the pipe that is responsible for venting the toxic gases and fumes out of the territory of the bathroom. If somehow the vent pipe is blocked, you must be close to having a malodor. The drain vent is responsible for removing harmful sewer gas from the pipes and routing it outside your home. If the drain-vent system is blocked, a gurgling sound may be produced at plumbing fixtures in your home when wastewater seeps through the blockage. A severely clogged drain vent pipe may be a significant cause of a smelly septic tank because the foul odor is released from the backside of the drain and then mixed with the septic tank, resulting in a foul and hostile environment for the septic tank.clogged drain vent pipe

Clogged sewer pipe:

The sewer pipe is the main line for passing all the waste to the septic tank, and the fact that if the sewer pipe has a blocked sewer line is often due to flushing down inappropriate items such as dental floss that should instead be thrown away. An increase in water usage could also cause this type of blockage. To clear out the clog, you will require professional assistance from a septic service provider. So it is one of the major issues with foul odors.

Solid particles in the drain:

The drain and septic system can dispense only human waste and some other waste, like disposable sanitary napkins, disposable tissue paper, napkins, paper towels, and some other materials certified by the ADA standard. The pipes connecting the plumbing in your house to the septic tank may be clogged or develop a clog. The blockage causes slow drains and distinctive gurgling noises. So you need to be prudent enough and careful when dumping something incompatible with the septic tank.

How to remove foul odor from the toilet?

The plumbing vent helps neutralize drain pipes’ pressure in pipes as wastewater flows through. If this vent is missing, the sinks, toilets, and tub traps will dry out and become insecure. A failed plumbing vent will result in a bad septic odor in the home. Plumbing vents can be frozen in rough cold weather or be blocked by other debris. Thus, it releases a foul septic smell into the toilet, which is pretty annoying in terms of hygiene.

The very first issue is to check the septic tank in a regular manner. If it is getting too full, you should apply some septic tank liquid that can eat away all the waste in the tank. You can use the vinegar and soda in the toilet to sweep away all the waste, which can help eliminate all the septic smell in the bathroom or use the bathroom air freshener, which could also be a fruitful solution.

If the concrete lid is leaking odors, then the weather stripping can be effective in making a temporary seal that helps to seal the septic odors inside the tank. This seal will need to be replaced to get a further decent result. If the odor is too adamant, you can change the line of the septic tank and attach it to another completely void septic tank. This tank replacement can effectively eliminate the foul odor in the bathroom.


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