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Common 5 signs tells that your toilet vent pipe gets clogged

Vent pipes are essential for every bathroom. They help us remove the inner air and adjust the temperature between the inside and outside of the flushing toilet. Moreover, the vent works to release the frowzy weather from the bathroom and receive the natural wind from the outside. Can you imagine how essential the air vent pipe is? If it clogs, it becomes a reason for making the bathroom stinky and hot. The ideal air vent use keeps your bathroom suitable for use happily.

Best Pipe Cleaning CableUnclog the Vent Pipe

Clogging of the plumbing items interrupts the peaceful use of the bathroom. When the drainpipe is clogged, the flushing will be affected. Similarly, the internal airflow will be interrupted by the clogging of the air vent pipe. Unclogging the toilet vent pipe is not a difficult job. But, you must identify the bathroom vent pipe’s clogging. So, now we will present some easy ways to place your bathroom’ air vent clogged.

What Is A Plumbing Vent Pipe?

The bathroom is an important area for everyday use. The weather between the inside and outside is not the same. After using the bathroom for several minutes, it becomes wormy because of the frowny environment inside. So, every bathroom user, especially homeowners, has to take steps to ventilate the air to make the bathroom comfortable. As a result, every bathroom has a vent pipe that allows the bathroom to remove the unfresh air from the inside. 

Is a clogged vent pipe dangerous?

People can be affected by the clogged vent pipe and health issues. The clogged pipes restrict the inner air from going outside. So, the bathroom inside becomes fuggy. It is a big issue for human health as the clogged vent pipe pollutes the bathroom’s inside air. Sometimes the clogged vent pipe can cause a significant accident. The bathroom becomes gassy after using it. Some people have a terrible habit of smoking in the bathroom. They fire on a cigarette in the toilet. The gassy environment of the bathroom can be set on fire and burn them. So, the clogged vent pipes are dangerous, and you need to repair them immediately.if the vent pipe is clogged

What happens if the vent pipe is clogged?

Clogging the toilet’s vent pipe is not good at all. It may hamper the bathroom’s flushing system, drainage system, and airflow. Sometimes it can be a significant reason for causing a fire in the bathroom. When the vent pipe clogs, the bathroom inside becomes full of gassy weather and reliable for driving fire in the room. Moreover, the toilet becomes unhealthy for use and the birthplace of many diseases.

Can a clogged vent pipe cause a toilet to overflow?

Toilet overflow has some reasons, and the clogging vent pipe is one of them. Clogging the pipe destroys the inner water flow. Thus the flushing system of the toilet becomes jammed. Finally, the toilet set fails to drain the wastewater and causes an overflow.

Where is the toilet vent pipe located?

Generally, the toilet vent pipe’s location is at the top of the house. The toilet must be established at a corner or a  side of a home. Thus, it can flow out of the inner air to the outside and make the toilet environment healthy. When the vent pipe is located on the roof of the toilet, it becomes hygienic equipment for the bathroom to release the polluted air to the upside. The foul smell does not disturb the neighbors of the toilet user. So, the toilet roof is the best place to locate the vent pipe connection with the toilet. 

What are the common clogged vent pipe symptoms?

Now we are going to discuss the clogged vent pipe. You can clarify your notion about the clogging of the line and understand the tube is easily clogged after having the symptoms. Some identifier agents of a clogged vent pipe make you sure about the abnormality of your toilet’s vent pipe. After getting the symptoms, you must take steps to repair the clogged line.

  • Creates Gurgling Sound

Are you hearing an unexpected gurgling sound from the toilet or vent pipe? Be sure that your toilet’s vent pipe is clogged. The sound is a significant indicator to apprise you of the clogging problem in your toilet vent. So, you have to repair it immediately.

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  • Slow and Insufficient Drainage Speed

You are flushing your toilet efficiently. But, you notice that the wastewater is not adequately extracted as it needs. Even the speed of the water in the drain has stopped as there is no water flow. It is a significant sign of the clogging of the vent pipe. The stopping of the water flow of the drainpipe has a specific reason. The airflow through the vent pipe has an accurate pressure. Too much or too low a force of air is not appreciated at all. The clogged air vent restricts the way of air circulation. As a result, the air pressure inside the toilet increases and causes the stopping of drainage speed.

  • Getting Bad Odor Like Sewer

The toilet does not stay apart from the living room. Is it normal to get some intolerable smells inside the bathroom or house? Not at all; instead, when you feel that your bathroom smells terrible, you will decide to repair it. A vent pipe is the only way to extract the inner smell of the toilet. Its clogging is one of the significant issues of making the bathroom inside dirty and frowsty. So, the sewer smell from the room is another symptom of the bathroom’s clogged vent pipe. 

  • Overflow The Toilet

The waste over-extraction of the toilet is essential for cleaning it properly. But, the clogged toilet pipe causes the overflow of the toilet. It is terrible for toilet users as it hampers the cleanliness of the bathroom. When the vent pipe is clogged, it hampers the toilet’s airflow and hinders water extraction. So, the water comes to the opposite side and overflows into the bathroom.toilet to overflow

  • Poor Flushing 

Every toilet must have a sufficient flushing speed while flushing the toilet. When the user notices the flushing motion becomes low, he can be sure that the toilet is problematic and has to be repaired. But, it is better to search for the reasons for the problem and fix it. The clogged vent pipe is the primary reason for causing the slow flushing. There are more reasons for causing the slow flush, but the clogged vent pipes also have the possibility of forcing the issue. Whenever you feel your toilet flushing slowly, you must check whether the toilet vent pipe is clogged.  

How do you unclog the vent pipe?

Diagnosing the vent pipe clogging is the primary process of solving the problem. The diagnosis gives you the surety of the toilet’s clogging. Now, you have to solve the issue by removing the clog of your toilet vent pipe. The following steps will be able to unclog the vent pipe of your bathroom.unclog the vent pipe

  • First, you have to arrange the cleaning instruments, including a range, screwdriver, garden hose, flashlight, and toilet auger. 
  • Now, you should open the vent pipe. Check it finely where there is any dirt inside it.
  • Clean the vent pipe with a toilet auger. 
  • Set the vent pipe again on the roof.
  • Attach the screws tightly and ensure the vent pipe’s position is perfect. 


A foul odor inside the toilet can not be acceptable to anyone. You have to make an all-out effort to stop the smell from coming. Mainly, it is necessary to repair very quickly when one vent pipe causes several bathroom issues. Cleaning the vent pipe is simple. You can even clean it without the help of any plumber. So, it is the first process to identify the vent line problem’s consequences. So, when you generate a strong idea about the result and which symptoms happened for the clogged vent pipe, you can quickly identify the problem.


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