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Do Amish Use Toilet Paper? Shocking Facts

There are some strict rules in some religions that are uncommon in other societies. Some Amish cultures are also like this. Although the Amish are a religious group, the restrictions indicate how strictly they follow their religion.

Do Amish community members use toilet paper?

Some modern Amish communities use toilet paper, and they have a toilet inside their house. But most Amish do not use tissue paper in their toilet. Instead, they use a bucket and gather their waste inside it. When the bucket is filled with human waste, the Amish add lime and animal manure. Finally, they mixed it properly and spread it on their farm. Most of them use outdoor bathrooms.

Several state and country regulations are against this habit or custom. They threatened that they would prosecute the Amish. But the Amish said that this activity is integral to their worship and daily lives.

But the local officials are not against the Amish. They think the Amish’s garbage-utilizing process is suitable for a good environment. It helps manufacture a sufficient amount of fertilizer from the waste. Therefore, it is a good process for the environment. So the local officials did not stand against the Amish.

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More About Amish Lifestyle

Yes, most Amish women make their clothes. They are experts in sewing. But they also buy some fabric from the local markets. There is a fashion industry in Amish society, and it runs the border fabric market. The garment industries manufacture the clothes and send them to the local markets, where Amish people buy the products.

There is a significant variety in Amish clothing. Non-electrical sewing machines are used in their homes and fabric shops. Because of this, Amish people do not use electricity.

Amish men wear solid-colored dresses. Mainly, black pants and suits are so popular among Amish men. But the suits and pants of Amish men have no outside pockets. Moreover, the trousers of Amish men have buttons but no zipper.

The dress code of Amish women is much more conservative. The Amish women always wear dresses of darker colors. Moreover, every Amish woman wears a matching apron with her dress. However, a pair of black shoes are always common.

When Amish women go to their farms and houses, they go there barefoot. But, whether they stay in a chapel or outside, they always use a head covering.

There is a slight difference in the dress codes of married and unmarried Amish women.

What do Amish men wear in church?

There is a specific dress code for Amish people when they stay in the church. The Amish people commonly wear a plain white shirt and a black coat in the chapel. But some people also wear black bow ties with church suits.

Do Amish people use buttons with their dresses?

No, they do not use buttons to fasten their dresses. Moreover, the buttons and collars recall military uniforms. These uniforms represent the wars. But the pacifist Amish do not like it, so they reject it.

There are several things to learn from Amish clothing habits. However, the peace-loving Amish people always reflect their culture and nature in their dress code.


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