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American Standard ActiClean Review 2024 [Self Cleaning Toilet]

American Standard ActiCleanWhen you search for the best toilets on the market, the American standard is one of the brands that will pop up a lot. This is by no accident, as the company is one of the best when it comes to flushing toilets. The only challenge is picking the best American Standard toilet from the pile that they offer. To make your work easier, we’ve decided to review the American Standard ActiClean two-piece toilet. This is slightly different from the other two-piece toilets on the market as it comes with a unique cleaning system. As a result, the user will flush waste and clean the toilet at the same time.

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What is the ActiClean flushing system?

There is a self-cleaning cycle that you can select as your own. Like, for fast cleaning, you can set the cleaning cycle to 1 minute. Similarly, for deep cleaning, you can set it for a 10-minute cycle. When it starts, the cleaner mixes with tank water and performs a powerful VorMax flush to clean the entire bowl surface. When the soaking time is over, the rinse cycle automatically starts again and keeps the toilet clean and odor-free. So you don’t need to use your hand to keep the toilet clean.

Technical Features of the American Standard ActiClean Right Height Elongated Toilets:


ActiClean Two-Piece Toilet

Material: Vitreous China
Shape: Elongated
Water Consumption: 1.28 gallons of water per flush
Piece: 2-Piece Acticlean self-cleaning toilet
Color: White
Bowl Height: Chair height
Bowl Height with Seat: 17-in
Installation Method: Floor mounted
Flush Technology: Gravity-fed
Self-Cleaning: Yes
Easy to install: Yes
Flush Lever Location: Left front
Warranty : Limited 10-year Warranty
Certification: WaterSense
Price: American Standard 714AA154.020 ActiCleanCheck Today’s Price

American Standard ActiClean Review in 2024

The American Standard ActiClean toilet cleaning system is known as the ActiClean system. It has a quick clean and deep clean for keeping the commode clean. Apart from this efficient cleaning system, the unit also has an elongated bowl, the right height, an EverClean glaze, and a slow-close seat. The flushing system is the same as the American Standard Optum VorMax toilet. These features have been explained in detail as follows:

Summary of content

Robust construction

The American Standard ActiClean Self-cleaning toilet is made of virtuous china material, which is durable and straightforward to maintain. Because of this, you will utilize this toilet for a very long time. Also, the toilet seat and wax ring are included; thus, installation is straightforward.

Two-piece toilet

The American Standard ActiClean is a two-piece toilet. Therefore, installing the unit won’t be a challenge at all. Also, the toilet is easy to replace in case of a crack or damage to one of the parts. You can buy either the tank or the bowl alone. The toilet is made of china and has a left-hand chrome trip lever.

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Triple power cleaning action

The most outstanding feature of this toilet is the ActiClean system. It works together with the Vormax jetted scrub, smooth CleanCurve rim, and ActiClean cleaning solution to give you a sparkling clean toilet. If you need a toilet that cleans itself, then ActiClean would be a great option.

The ActiClean system is powered by 4AA batteries that give you up to one year of good use. The system works by pressing a button for a quick clean or deep clean. The quick-clean cycle is a one-minute cycle and is ideal for regular cleaning of the toilet. It is best suited to use in between deep cleanings. Alternatively, you can press the second button and activate a deep clean cycle. This cycle thoroughly cleans the inside of the toilet bowl for a maximum of 10 minutes.

The manufacturer has included a solution that will last for 9 weeks if used once a week for every cleaning cycle. After this period, you should be prepared to buy another Acticlean solution. But the price is lower than American Standard Champion 4 Toilet.

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EverClean glaze

Despite having the Acticlean system, this commode also boasts of an EverClean glaze that keeps the toilet cleaner for longer. The EverClean glaze prevents particles from sticking to the toilet. As a result, it reduces the cleaning time as you don’t have to clean the toilet every time you visit.

Cleancurve rim

A unique feature of this commode is the clean curve rim design. With this type of rim, you will no longer have to worry about dirt and debris buildup under the rim. The CleanCurve rim design gets rid of concealed, hard-to-reach areas where dirt and debris typically hide. So, cleaning is simplified.

Powerful VorMax flush technology

Another excellent feature of this toilet is the powerful VorMax flushing technology that cleans and removes stains in a single flush. This advanced Low-flow toilet rim recreates the flush by getting rid of the traditional rim holes inside of the bowl that delivers water during a flush cycle. The Deep Clean Cycle completely and thoroughly cleans the whole toilet bowl in a few minutes. On the contrary, it provides one powerful jet of water that efficiently rinses the bowl, leaving it clean. Also, the Battery operated cleaning system uses just 1.28 GPF, which means that you will conserve water.

Slow-close seat

Having a toilet seat that doesn’t slam is vital. The American Standard Acticlean two-piece toilet comes with a slow-close robust plastic seat that features no slip while sitting; hence, you don’t have to look for it elsewhere. The slow-close seat won’t hurt your fingers as you shut it down as it does so slowly. Also, you won’t hear the loud bang made by a non-slow-closing seat.

Elongated bowl

The unit is very comfortable as it boasts an elongated bowl design. Unlike round bowl toilets, you will get extra sitting space, which makes it more comfortable. However, it will occupy more space when compared to a round bowl design.

Right height

Whether you have a disabled or an older person in your home, this toilet will still be comfortable for them. They will sit down or stand up with much ease as it has a chair-height rim. This is the same height as that of a standard chair.

10-year warranty

What’s more surprising about this toilet is that it comes with a 10-year warranty, which is the best in the industry. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on electronics and a 1-year warranty on the toilet seat. All of these come at an affordable price. The price of the ActiClean Toilet is slightly higher than American Standard Cadet 3 and American Standard Cadet Pro but provides more comfort. So, you can relax knowing that you’re covered against defects in material and workmanship for 10 years.

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Pros of the American Standard ActiClean Toilet

  • Robust build with ADA compliant
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable with the elongated bowl
  • Easy to sit on or stand up at the right height
  • Slow-close seat prevents banging on the toilet
  • An efficient and clean VorMax flushing system will automatically switch the clean cycle.
  • EverClean surface keeps the toilet clean for longer
  • ActiClean system keeps the toilet clean all the time
  • The brand offers a 10-year warranty and a lifetime warranty on chinaware

Cons of the American Standard  ActiClean Self-Cleaning Right Height

  • It is somehow costly to maintain the toilet as you will have to buy the ActiClean solution after a short while of use.

Why does my American Standard Acticlean toilet keep running?

There are several causes behind this issue. If your Acticlean toilet doesn’t shut off, then the problem may be in the flapper or valve chain. A blockage in the water line or a high water level in the tank may also cause this running toilet problem. So here is the solution:American Standard Toilet doesn't shut off

  • If the problem is with the flapper seal, clean the flapper seal area and replace the old seal.
  • To lower the water level, check if there is any clogging in the drainage line. If not, then you need to check the flapper. First, find the screw connected to the float to the fill valve. Then turn it counterclockwise to lower the water level.
  • Check the flush valve chain and loosen it if the chain is over-tightened.

Installation and troubleshooting guide for American Standard ActiClean toilets:

Acticlean toilet Problems

Troubleshooting manualDownload

Problems Solutions
Does Not Flush
  • Water should fill the tank to the specified level
  • Shut off the water supply
  • Pull the filter with pliers, then rinse well
  • Turn on the supply line
Toilet leaks
  • Tighten nuts & reinstall
  • Replace Gaskets
  • Debris removal from the sealing surface
The toilet does not shut off
  • Clean debris from the sealing surface
  • Check the flush valve chain if the chain is too tight, Fixed it.
The Cleaning System is not working properly
  • Remove batteries and reinstall/ Install new batteries
Toilet bowl rocks after installation
  • Tighten bowl-to-floor knobs
  • Use toilet shims


The American Standard ActiClean two-piece toilet is ideal for a person looking for a commode that is easy to clean and maintain. Featuring the ActiClean system, your toilet will never have ugly waste marks or particles sticking to the toilet bowl. Besides, waste and other solid particles will be cleared with much ease because of the powerful VorMax flush system. Just you have to drain hard stains with a simple press of a button.

Also, you will like the right height, which accommodates different people. Together with the elongated bowl design, you will be comfortable using the toilet. Get this toilet if you want to maintain high levels of hygiene in your bathroom. I hope this American Standard ActiClean review has given you a clear idea about this two-piece toilet.


Question: What should I do if my toilet is leaking?
Answer: If your toilet is leaking internally, you can do several things to correct the problem. One of the things that you can perform is to flush the toilet first. This will allow the tank to refill. However, it should not refill to the top but up to ½-inch below the top of the overflow tube. Then, mark a line where the water level is. Turn off the water supply and disconnect the rubber hose that goes from the water control to the overflow tube. After that, you should wait for 24 hours and monitor how far the water leaks into the tank. You can now reconnect the rubber hose and turn the water supply back on.

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Question: How does a pressure-assisted system work?
Answer: Pressure-assisted toilets usually have a pressure tank inside that functions like a big balloon. When the water fills the tank, it is held in there under enormous pressure. And when the flush valve opens, the force inside and gravity join together to deliver a powerful push that clears the waste efficiently and in a single flush. Pressure-assisted flush is one of the most potent flushing mechanisms on the market, but it is also one of the noisiest.

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