Kohler VS Toto Toilets Comparison 2022

Kohler VS Toto

One of the most difficult things about buying a toilet is of selecting a toilet and deciding between Toto and Kohler toilets. Both of these toilet brands produce high-quality, durable, and efficient toilets. They deliver some of the most popular flushing toilets on the market. Read this Kohler VS Toto Toilets Comparison to know more about these two brands.

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Toto and Kohler have an excellent reputation and a broad range of toilet models to choose from. As a result, deciding which toilet from which brand to choose is never straightforward. But for today, we will compare these two brands and let you know which toilet is the best in which category.

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Features Comparison: Kohler VS Toto Toilets


KOHLER Toilets

TOTO Toilets

Flushing System: Moderate to use Most Powerful
Refilling Noise: A bit of noise Quiet
Pricing: Affordable High
Flush Sound: Little bit higher Less Noise
Loose flush: High Less
Leak Issues: Higher Lesser
Company Focus: bathroom & kitchen appliances Only Toilets
Maintenance: Regularly Less
Plumber Recommendation: Lesser Higher
Homeowners Advice: Good Budget Investment Great Long-term Investment
Price: Check Price Check Price

According to users, they rate Toto toilets as the most durable. Most Toto toilets last for more than 10 years, and they have a few issues when compared to Kohler toilets. So, if you’re looking for the most durable toilets, you’re better off with Toto.

Details Brand Comparison: Toto VS Kohler Toilet

Material of construction

To start with, both of these toilets feature the most durable toilet models on the market. They are both made of vitreous china material. So, whichever brand you buy from, you can count on it to last for a very long while. Additionally, cleaning will be easy as vitreous china doesn’t allow waste and other particles to stick on the toilet.


When it comes to excellent toilet designs, Kohler has a slight edge over Toto. But again, this depends on your taste and bathroom theme. Toto offers a broader range of toilet models to choose from. As a result, you will have more toilets to pick from. On the other hand, Kohler offers best-elongated bowl toilets. Also, if you’re looking for a toilet with a traditional appeal, then Kohler will carry the day.

Overall, both of these brands have elegant and luxurious toilets to choose from. Also, they offer different colors so that you can select a toilet that matches your bathroom style. Whether it is an elongated bowl, round bowl, skirted design, one-piece, or two-piece toilet, you will have lots of options to choose from.

Flushing performance

Toto toilets boast of the best flushing systems on the market. From the G-max flushing mechanism to the cyclone flushing system, you can never go wrong with Toto toilets. Also, they have an eco-friendly E-max flushing system.

Kohler boasts of the powerful AquaPiston flushing system, which is very efficient but not efficient than the G-Max flushing system. Besides, the Toto G-Max flushing system is slightly quiet than the AquaPiston flushing system.

Overall, Toto toilets are very efficient in flushing and use less water. So, if you want a toilet that will help you to cut down on your water bill and clear solid waste efficiently, then Toto is the best choice.

Cleaning and maintenance

Most Toto toilets come with the Cefiontect glaze, which was formally referred to as SanaGloss glaze. This finish prevents substances from adhering to the toilet bowl. Nevertheless, Toto toilets are usually efficient in flushing, which means that less cleaning is required after every use.

This is not the same case with Kohler toilets. Even though they don’t stick waste on their bowl, most Kohler toilets may need more than one flush to clear debris from the bowl.

All-in-all, you should consider getting a one-piece toilet with a skirted design if you despise cleaning. Also, it should have a special coating like Cefiontect glaze so that you don’t have to clean the toilet after every use frequently.

When it comes to maintenance, then there is no debate. Toto toilets are by far the best toilets, and many users haven’t had issues for years. This cannot be said the same for Kohler. Some Kohler toilets need more than one flushing. Also, many Kohler users have reported issues with leakages and clogs.

Ease of installation

Both toilet brands are simple to install. However, it depends on the toilet that you have selected. If it’s a two-piece toilet, you can install it on your own. But if it’s a one-piece toilet or a tankless design, you may need help or the services of a plumber.


Kohler has lots of luxurious and comfortable toilet models, and so is Toto. But when you compare the standard toilet models, Kohler has more comfortable units than Toto. But when it comes to space-saving and efficient toilets, Toto is the better choice.


As you would expect, Toto toilets are slightly more costly than Kohler toilets. So, if you want a quality and affordable toilet, Kohler is the way to go. But if you want reliability and efficiency, then you’re better off with Toto.

Which is better? Toto or Kohler Toilets?

Now that you know which toilet is better in which category, you should know what to expect when you pick a particular toilet. Toto and Kohler are by far the best toilet brands on the market. But Toto has the edge over Kohler in so many ways. Of course, apart from overall comfort and price.

If you want a toilet that will serve you for many years without any problems, then Toto is the best option. Still, have a question after reading this Kohler VS Toto Toilets? Comment below.


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