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4 reasons why the toilet flushes but the poop stays (Quick fix)

Have you ever imagined the situation when you flush your toilet, but the poop is not removed from the bowl? After that, when you try to flush the toilet again, you cannot do it because the toilet tank is empty. This article may help you by informing the possible reasons and fixes for the poop residue issue.

Why does the poop stay even after flushing the toilet?

Generally, some common problems are related to the situation. If you can identify it, you can solve it quickly. Now, we are presenting the reasons.

Insufficient water in the tank

Every flush needs a sufficient amount of water. Generally, the old models of toilets used about 1.6 gallons of water per flush. On the other hand, 1.28 gallons of water are necessary for modern flush toilets. Your toilet tank must have sufficient time to fill up with a specific amount of water.Insufficient water in the tank

But, when flushing your toilet before filling it up, it will not remove all the particles from the toilet bowl forcefully. As a result, a small amount of poop will remain in the toilet bowl. If it happens for a long time, it may be reliable for your toilet clogging, so you must solve this problem as soon as possible.

Plumbing issues

Bad plumbing is another significant problem that can cause your toilet to flush incorrectly. The drainpipes of your toilet must have the ability to carry garbage. So, they must be situated in the perfect position. But if your toilet plumbing is very old or an expert plumber did not do it, it may not carry the garbage and remove it from the toilet. As a result, the accumulated poop will prevent the new ones from being flushed properly.Plumbing issues

Clogged toilet

Toilet clogging is one of the most significant reasons why the toilet is not flushing. When there is any blockage in the drainpipe, the poop in your toilet bowl will not get any chance to be removed, although the flushing system is okay.Clogged toilet

Accumulation of hard water

When there is a large accumulation of minerals in the water, it causes toilet clogging, and therefore the poop will stay in the toilet bowl after flushing. Hard water causes toilets to clog quickly.

But it is not an easy task to identify and remove hard water from the toilet. There is an easy way to identify it.Accumulation of hard water

You have to fill one-third of a bottle with water from your toilet tank. Now, add some drops of pure liquid soap. Shake the bottle forcefully and notice its condition. Hard water always looks cloudy, and there are few fluffy bubbles in the water.

What to do if the poop does not disappear after flushing?

First, you have to identify the reason for the issue. Now, you can fix it by calling an efficient plumber after checking it.

But if the poop remains in the toilet bowl, you should take several steps to remove it quickly.

Pour a bucket of water into the bowl

This task is the easiest solution when your toilet fails to flush the poop. You should fill up a bucket with water that is very close to your hand. Now, throw the water from the bucket forcefully into the toilet bowl. Finally, you can notice that poop has disappeared from the toilet bowl. But do not stop your activity of solving the issue because this situation indicates a big problem with your toilet set. You must inform a plumber to clear the pipeline.

Also, if there is insufficient water in the toilet tank, you can fill it with a bucket of water. It does not indicate any other functional issue with the toilet. But you can check the tank because it fills up slowly.

Fix plumbing issues

If the flushing issue occurs because of bad plumbing, you cannot fix it by pouring a bucket of water. Instead, you must take the essential steps for suitable plumbing of the toilet. Call a plumber and check the pipes to identify whether they are disorganized. Finally, reset the toilet and check whether it works.

Sometimes you may remove the toilet pipes and install larger pipes to bear the toilet poop more easily.

Change the flapper

If you look at the bottom of the toilet tank, you can see that the flapper is situated here. The flapper prevents the water in the toilet tank from flowing down to the toilet bowl. But, when you turn on the flush button, the flapper opens the access and allows the water in the tank to flush the toilet with sufficient water.

If the flapper is not tightly sealed, it cannot release sufficient water for flushing. So, in this situation, you must check the flapper and change it.

Why does poop come back when I flush the toilet?

When you flush the toilet with sufficient force, the poop will go through the toilet pipe and reach the septic tank. Both the force of flushing water and gravity work in this process.

But when you flush the toilet, the poop comes back and stays in the bowl. This situation indicates that your toilet is clogged with undissolved toilet paper, women’s sanitary products, or baby diapers. So, you should clean your toilet pipe and sewage line as soon as possible.

Bottom lines

So, if the poop from your toilet does not disappear from the bowl, you can fix it by following the tips. However, removing the clog from the toilet pipe and sewer line is also good for powerful flushing and the long-lasting performance of your toilet.


Hi, I am Jose S. Franz. Currently, I am working as a professional plumber, and our team offers various plumbing services at an affordable price. After my college education, I completed a vocational certification course in plumbing systems and worked with several construction companies. Since then, I have fixed lots of different toilet models, from older to the latest versions. So I have more than 22 years of experience installing plumbing systems and toilets in both residential and commercial buildings.

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