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How to Disassemble a Bemis Toilet Seat?

Bemis is one of the most popular toilet seat brands. Maybe you also sat on the Bemis toilet seat but did not notice it. But sometimes you need to remove it for cleaning or repairing purposes. Still, removing a Bemis toilet seat can be easier if you follow the process carefully.

Old Bemis seats include classical fasteners. The fastener consisted of only a plain bolt and a wing nut for firmly attaching the seat. On the other hand, the newer seats have Top-Tite® and Sta-Tite® options. They have particularly movable toilet seats. As a result, the newer ones are very easy to clean and replace.

How to apart old Bemis toilet seats?

The older Bemis toilet seats included classic fasteners, so they are comparatively difficult to remove. So, you have to follow several steps carefully to complete this task perfectly.

Step 01: Locate the fastener

First, you should find out where the fastener is located. You can generally find it under the cover of your toilet seat. In some toilets, the fasteners are located at the bottom of the toilet side, so you have to find them carefully.

There are several types of fastener heads. The different heads will require different sizes of wrenches to remove them.

Step 02: Remove the nuts

The fasteners can be Phillips, flathead, or hexagonal. The fastener will not turn counterclockwise and come out without a perfect wrench.

At the bottom of the fastener, you can see the nut. Take the nut out; you can easily do it with your fingers. Otherwise, you can also use a suitable wrench, depending on the style used (wing or hexagonal).

When you turn the bolt counterclockwise with your wrench, it will automatically be removed.

Step 03: Clean the rim

The fastener for your toilet seat is located on the rim. The rim can be very dirty after a long time of use. A flat razor can be used to remove germs. It will remove the strong rust from the rim surface.

Finally, take the toilet bowl cover out and prepare it for installing a new toilet seat.

How to remove a Bemis Sta-Tite toilet seat?

Removing a Sta-Tite toilet seat is easier than the classic Bemis toilet seat. This task consists of only two simple steps. The nut and the toilet seat positions are good and easy to detect. So, there is no complexity to the functions that are in the Bemis Classic seats.

  1. There is a plastic nut at the bottom of the toilet bowl. Unscrew it with your fingers. You can also use a wrench or a plier to remove it easily.
  2. After removing the nut, the seat will be ready to come out. Pull off the seat with your hand. Be careful; the toilet seat should not be rubbed by anything.

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How to Disassemble a Bemis Top-Tite Toilet Seat?

The functions of the Bemis Top-Tite toilet seat are slightly the same as the Bemis classic toilet seat because the Top-Tite also uses a bolt and nut for attaching the seat to the toilet. You have to go through the following steps if you want to remove the Top-Tite toilet seat:

  1. When you remove the head, you can get access to the bolts.
  2. You have to use a suitable wrench so that you can remove the bottom nut easily. A perfectly sized wrench may be a must.
  3. When you remove it, you can easily pull off the toilet seat. You can easily remove the fastener in this step because the bottom nut has already been removed.
  4. Finally, remove the toilet seat and prepare it for cleaning or installing a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Bemis a good toilet brand?

Bemis toilets are suitable not only for residential but also for commercial use. The outstanding quality and design of Bemis are appreciated by users all over the world. Moreover, these toilets are long-lasting and worth the money.

  • How can I change a Bemis toilet seat?

Changing a Bemis toilet seat is a very easy process. Significantly, you should not be skilled or call an expert plumber. You can see the hinge of the toilet seat, and you have to pull the ends of the hinges. Take the toilet seat in your hands and place it somewhere safe. Now, place a new washer on the hinge of the toilet seat. Finally, place the new toilet seat on the washer, where it will fit perfectly.

  • How do I remove the cover and clean the toilet seat?

There are toilet seat hinges just behind the seat cover. You have to change the hinges by twisting them counterclockwise with your hand. Now, the toilet seat will be removed from the bowl. Take tissue paper, vinegar, baking soda, hot water, and other ingredients and clean the toilet efficiently. Finally, snap down the toilet cover and twist the seat hinges clockwise.

Final thoughts

Removing a toilet seat is necessary whenever you are trying to clean or change the toilet seat. So, proceed with caution and use the appropriate wrenches and screwdrivers. Finally, timely cleaning will make the Bemis toilet seat long-lasting and give you proper service.


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