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How Far Can You Move A Toilet From The Stack? (Complete Guide)

Suppose your toilet does not have the right distance from the stack. Can you relocate it?

Yes, it is possible. There are several factors related to a toilet’s movement. Sometimes, the toilet may crack from unconscious movement. Furthermore, uninvited contact between the toilet and the wall surface may cause damage to both the toilet and the wall surface. So, as far as possible, you have to abstain from moving the toilet. Furthermore, the cost of the process is another factor that discourages you from moving it.

Standard distance between the toilet and the main stack

The diameter of the waste line, in general, determines the distance between the toilet and the main stack. Suppose the diameter of the waste line is 3 inches. The toilet will be 6 feet away from the stack in this situation. But if the diameter is 4 inches, the toilet should be 10 feet away from the main stack. So, we can easily say that the distance between the toilet and the main stack will increase according to how much larger the diameter of the waste line will be.distance between the toilet and the main stack

Fitting the perfect pipe size in the perfect places may be impossible for bathroom owners. But if you measure all the pipes’ diameters and locations in your bathroom, you can easily fix it. Moreover, you can call an expert plumber, and he can make every task easier.

Keeping the standard distance between the toilet and the main stack is crucial for perfect water flow. If it decreases, the water flow becomes slower.

Things to consider before moving to a toilet

Moving a toilet is a difficult task for users. It is necessary when a user wants to renew or enlarge his toilet.

Bathroom flooring type

Removing tile or laminate flooring from a bathroom is not an easy task. It is so time-consuming and also requires a lot of money. So, if your bathroom is tiled, you must avoid the toilet removal or replacement task as long as possible.

Bathroom size

The small bathrooms are unsuitable for moving a toilet to another part of the bathroom. There is not a sufficient place inside a small bathroom where you can place the commode. However, in a larger bathroom, it is very simple; even the toilet can be exchanged for another bathroom element.

Plumber’s Help

As an inexperienced person, you do not know how to move the toilet properly or where to move it. So you can call a professional plumber, and he can complete the task properly.

Things to relocate before moving the toilet

A toilet is not a single thing; several other things are related to it. It will be hard to adjust them perfectly.

  • Toilet drain pipes

The wastewater from the toilet will be released through the toilet drain pipe. If the drainpipe is not close to the toilet, it cannot carry sufficient water.

In general, drainpipes should be 3 to 4 inches in diameter. The water flow through the drainpipe is controlled by gravity. So, you must understand the perfect measurement of the pipe fitting and change its location when the toilet’s location is changed.

When you move the drainpipe, you must be careful about the waste line because the toilet distance from the stack is strongly related to it.

  • Water supply line

It is easy to move the water supply when the toilet drain is perfectly positioned. You should just determine the position of the toilet and fix the suitable position of the power supply, which will be appropriate for instantly providing sufficient water to the toilet. However, the pipes of the power supply are not big enough. So, they are also easier to carry.

How do I move a toilet from one place to another?

The measurement of the distance between the toilet and the stack is related to moving the toilet. However, moving toilets is a difficult task. There are several tasks related to the process. Moreover, hire an expert plumber for the task because they know how to remove the toilet and how much distance between the instruments should be.

Now, we are discussing the tasks of moving a toilet from the first to the last step. You should follow them carefully and use the elements of perfect measurements.

Step 01: Remove the flange of the toilet

You should remove the toilet flange to get access to the toilet pipe. A screwdriver or a drill driver is appropriate for removing it. But some flanges are sealed into the bathroom floor. In this situation, you have to use a hammer or a reciprocating saw to remove the flange.Remove the flange of the toilet

Step 02: Remove the drain pipe

If the durian pipes are okay, you do not need to change them. But the toilet drain pipes become damaged after 30 or 40 years of use.Remove the drain pipe

Step 03: New drainage system

You must set up the new drain system if the toilet location changes. However, in this step, you should measure the toilet’s ideal position and adjust the drain measurement according to the distance between the toilet and the stack. APEX pipe is appropriate for running the water supply.

Step 04: Install the toilet

If the older flange is not damaged, you can fit it again. But if you use a hammer to break the flange, you must install a new one. Finally, install the toilet in the exact position you want. Now, your toilet is ready to use.Install the toilet

Do I need planning permission to move a toilet?

Generally, obtaining planning permission for moving a toilet is unnecessary. If the bathroom is in the same place in your building and you want to change the location, you can do it. However, if the location of the bathroom is changed to a bedroom or storage room, you must obtain permission.

Final thoughts

Moving a toilet is sometimes not enjoyable; it may increase some suffering. It can also break the toilet, damage the tile surface of the bathroom, make the water flow problematic, and several other things. So, fix the toilet in the position where you want to use it throughout your lifetime.


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