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Can you empty the portable toilet at home?

Making the portable toilet empty by yourself is taboo. However, a portable toilet is essential when we are on a journey, and it is also essential for patients. Potra Potty portable toilets are used for different functions. So we must pay attention to its proper care.

What things should I use for cleaning a portable toilet?

Cleaning a portable toilet is slightly different than cleaning a home toilet. But the cleaning process is almost the same. Now, we are discussing some different elements for cleaning the toilet faster.


This technique is the most appropriate and easiest for removing garbage from a portable toilet. The hose can be entered into the portable toilet inside, and the vacuum technology will bring all of the poop out of the loo. However, this cleaning process is not suitable for cleaning regular toilets. You must purchase a high-grade vacuum cleaner if you want to clean them.vacuum cleaner

Water and detergent

Although you cleaned the toilet with the vacuum cleaner, you must use water and soap or detergent for proper cleaning. Soap or detergent will eject the bad smell from the toilet. Moreover, a quality detergent can disinfect toilets quickly.Water and detergent For toilet cleaning

Baking soda and vinegar

The mixture of baking soda and vinegar is considered a good cleaning solution for the available toilets. It is also a good mixture for cleaning portable toilets. The ingredients are available, and you can easily prepare the mixture at home. Take 1 cup of baking soda and 3 to 4 spoonfuls of vinegar and mix them perfectly. Now, apply it to the portable toilet surface and clean it with water.Baking soda and vinegar For cleaning

Any ingredient is appropriate for cleaning a toilet. But you should remember to use hand gloves and a face mask. These pieces of equipment will keep you safe from germs and a variety of health risks.

The process of making a portable toilet empty

There are several steps to cleaning a portable toilet. Now, we are showing them so that you can clean your toilet according to the following steps.

Step 01: Open the access to the toilet inside

The storehouse of portable toilet garbage is called a cassette. The cassette stays inside the toilet. So, you have to remove the cover and the upper part of the toilet and open its inside access.

Step 02: Remove the cassette

The cassette is your portable toilet’s garbage storage unit, so all the waste stays in it. Remove the cassette and prepare it for cleaning. Some portable toilets include the cassette outside of the toilet set.

Step 03: Dispose of the poops

First, you have to dispose of the poops from the cassette inside. When you take the cassette in your hand after getting it full, you may experience that its weight is so heavy. Take the cassette outside of your home and dispose of the poop under the soil. It will work as a fertilizer. Do not throw the waste in public places. Moreover, dawn, dusk, or night is the perfect time to dispose of the poops. 

Step 04: Wash the cassette

Now, clean the cassette with water and other necessary cleaners. Apply baking soda, vinegar, soap, or detergent, and rub the cassette surface with a brush or a suitable scrubber.

Step 05: Rinse & Reattach the toilet

Finally, forcefully throw water in a jar on the toilet surface. The toilet is entirely clean now. Finally, set the clean cassette in the previous position again and reattach the toilet. It will be suitable for use. 

How can I dispose of the garbage from my portable toilet?

Human waste is an organic disease, so you can bury it under the ground. Furthermore, your septic tank is a good place to dispose of waste. But burying the waste under the soil will be helpful for both disposing of waste and increasing soil fertility.

How often should I clean my portable toilet?

It is better to clean a porta-potty toilet after every use. Because if you do not remove the waste from the toilet, it will accumulate on the small surface of the toilet. However, a portable toilet does not include a large surface.How can I dispose of the garbage from my portable toilet

Every week, deep cleaning with soap or detergent is necessary. So, whenever you use the toilet, you have to clean the toilet with soap, detergent, or baking soda at least every seven days.

What should I do when my portable toilet is full?

There are some porta-potty cleaning authorities. If you call them, they will come to you and collect all of the garbage from the toilet cassette. On the other hand, if you rent a portable toilet from any company, they will come to you after your call and take all the waste from the toilet.

Final Thoughts

Portable toilets are gradually gaining popularity. This article will assist travelers and patients in taking care of their toilets. However, a quality portable toilet ensures a good flashing system, which helps us clean the toilet surface instantly.


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