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Toto G400 VS G500

Toto G400 VS G500 : Which Toilet You Should Buy in 2024?

Toto G400 VS G500Are you undecided between the Toto G400 and G500 dual flush toilets? Worry not. You’re not alone. Many toilet buyers find it hard to choose between the Toto G400 and Toto G500 dual-flush units.
In this Toto G400 VS G500 comparison review, we will discuss both their similarities and differences so that you can have an easy time choosing the best toilet for your needs. These are as follows:

For more advanced features & flushing system- Buy Toto G400

For an affordable unit- Buy Toto G500

Features Comparison: Toto G400 VS G500 Toilet


Toto G400

Toto G500

Initial Release: 2016 2012
Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF & 0.9 GPF 1.28 GPF & 0.9 GPF
Automatic Flush: Yes No
Flushing System:  3D tornado flushing system Cyclone flushing system
Update Version: Yes Initial Version
Improvement: Yes No
Flash Type: Dual Flush Dual Flush
Advanced Feature: Yes No
Premist Feature: Yes No
Eliminating waste: Better Good
Certification: WaterSense certified WaterSense certified
Pricing Idea: Slightly Higher Slightly Cheaper
Price: Check Price Check Price

Similarities between the Toto G400 and G500 dual flush one-piece toilets

Summary of content

Luxurious construction

If you’re looking for a luxurious toilet to add to your bathroom, you can’t go wrong with either the Toto G400 or G500 toilet models. Both feature a skirted and sleek, low-profile design that will modify the look of your bathroom. Also, they feature a bidet seat that delivers an experience like never before.

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Elongated bowl design

Another exceptional feature of these two models is the elongated toilet bowl design. This provides a more sitting area, which is vital if you want a comfortable toilet. Round bowl toilets are excellent for compact spaces but don’t offer the same comfort as elongated bowl toilets.

Dual-flush system

What’s more, both the Toto G400 and Toto G500 toilets feature a dual-flush system. The toilets have the option of using either a partial flush of 0.9 GPF or a full flush of 1.28 GPF. The partial flush is for getting rid of liquid waste, while the full flush is for solid waste. Besides using the right amount of water for the right waste, these toilets also save water. That’s why they are EPA WaterSense certified.

Cefiontect glaze

Keeping your toilet clean, especially in a busy bathroom, isn’t a simple thing. But when it comes to these two Toto toilets, you will have an easy time as the toilet surface remains cleaner for longer. This is thanks to the Cefiontect glaze that prohibits particles and other substances from sticking to the toilet surface.

Cleansing wand

Like the Toto Legato toilet, a unique feature of the G400 and G500 toilet models is the cleansing wand. It helps to clean your nether area; thus, you don’t have to use tissue paper to clean yourself. The cleaning wand produces warm water that you use to clean your nether area. You can select a rear or front cleansing.

Automatic open/close lid

The days of contracting germs in the toilet are over if you select one of these toilet models. Both the G400 and G500 luxurious toilets feature automatic opening and closing lids. As you approach the toilet, it will automatically open the cover and close it when you leave. So you don’t have to open the toilet lid or close it after use. This is very hygienic, and the seats are slow-closing.

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Automatic flushing

Besides having an automatic open/close lid function, the two toilets also feature an automatic advanced toilet flush system. After being cleaned, your nether area and dried, you will leave the toilet, which will automatically flush behind you. As a result, you don’t need to do anything.

Air deodorizer

One of the advantages of using either the G400 or G500 luxurious toilets is that they won’t leave your toilet smelling after you’ve visited them. Actually, another person can enter the toilet after you’ve just left. This is because the toilet comes with an air deodorizer that leaves the toilet smelling fresh after a toilet visit.

One-piece toilet

These toilet models are not only one-piece toilets, but they are also tankless. So, cleaning and maintenance are made easy as there are no hideouts for the development of mold and mildew.

Heated toilet seat with five temperature settings

When you visit any of these toilets in the cold mornings or seasons, you will still have ample time to sit on them. The toilet offers users heated seats and five temperature settings to choose from. This means that you can customize the toilet to fit your preferred temperature.

Universal height

Both the Toto G400 and Toto G500 bidet toilets are comfortable to sit on or stand up. Thanks to their comfortable or comfort height toilets. So, people of different ages and abilities will have an easy time sitting on or standing up from the toilets.

Differences between the Toto G400 VS G500 toilets

Flushing system

Even though both of these toilets come with a dual flushing system, they have different types of flushing mechanisms. The Toto G400 uses a 3D tornado flushing system, while the Toto G500 uses the dual-max cyclone flushing system. The good news is that both of these systems are very effective in getting rid of waste. So Dual flush is better than a single flush.

Premist function

Another difference between these toilets is the Premist function. The Premist feature helps to mist the toilet bowl to prevent waste from sticking to the toilet surface. The Toto G400 dual-flush toilet has this function, while the Toto G500 doesn’t have it.


The Toto G500 toilet is slightly more costly than the Toto G400 toilet.

Which is better? Toto G400 or G500?

Overall, the Toto G400 and G500 toilets are sturdy, comfortable, and efficient toilets. These smart toilets will bring luxury to your bathroom and modify its look. The toilets are also ideal for all types of users, and they allow users to maintain a high level of hygiene with hands-free operation. However, I find the Premist function on the Toto G400 to be an added advantage to people who want to maintain a high level of cleanliness.

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