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Toto Eco Ultramax

Toto Eco Ultramax ADA Compliant Toilet: Review and Buying Guide

Toto Eco UltramaxWho doesn’t want a sturdy, comfortable, and water-efficient toilet? The Toto Eco Ultramax,  durable one-piece toilets, come with all the features that a person can desire in a modern toilet. This unit features a one-piece design which means the tank and bowl are integrated into each other for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Apart from that, it also means that the toilet has an excellent design that blends well with most contemporary bathrooms. Read this Toto Eco Ultramax Review to know more about this toilet.

Toto Eco Ultramax MS853113E Toilet Review in 2024

The Toto Eco Ultramax doesn’t just offer beauty and durability, but it is also a high-efficiency toilet. This means that you will save water and even get rebates in some states. Other exceptional features of this unit include its efficient and quiet flushing system and the SanaGloss glaze that keeps the bowl clean most of the time.

Technical Specifications:

Features Toto Eco Ultramax Toilet
Bowl Rim Height: 16-1/2-Inch
Color/Finish: Cotton White
Pieces: One-Piece
Shape: Ovalelongated
Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
Material: Vitreous China
Seat Height: 17-Inch Softclose seat
Flush Type: Gravity Flush Toilets
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Weight: 75 pounds
Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty
Certification: Watersense
Price: Toto Eco UltramaxCheck Today’s Price

Read the Toto Eco Ultramax toilet review to find out if this is the toilet that you’ve been looking for.

Pros: Why should you buy a Toto Eco Ultramax toilet?

  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Durable ceramic construction for longevity
  • Toto Eco Ultramax has a potent and quiet E-Max flushing system
  • It is EPA WaterSense certified
  • It has an ADA height and elongated bowl for comfort
  • The SanaGloss finish keeps dirt, debris, and stains away
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • Straightforward to install as the seat included

What are the drawbacks of the Toto Ultramax Eco commode?

  • Not the best toilet for kids and shorter people. In that case, you should choose Toto Carolina ii low-profile toilet.
  • Several users have complained that it requires more than one flush to clear waste as it doesn’t feature a Siphon jet flush system.

Summary of content

Is the toilet durably made?

A toilet is not just something that you can rush to purchase. Since you will be using a toilet for many years, you need to choose the most durable toilet available. Made of ceramic with SanaGloss finish, the Toto Eco Ultramax toilet is durably constructed to last long. Ceramic is also simple to clean when compared to other materials. Therefore, you won’t have to use abrasives a lot; hence, there will be little damage to your surface over time, and it won’t change color.

Additionally, the toilet features a wide 3-inch flush valve that is 125% larger than the traditional flush valve. This ensures that the toilet delivers a more powerful flush to clear all sorts of waste inside the bowl.

Space-saving one-piece design

There is always a debate about the differences between two-piece and one-piece toilets. The good news is that one-piece toilets always come out on top. That’s the case with the Toto Eco Ultramax, a one-piece toilet. Since it is a one-piece toilet, this unit is simple to install, clean, and maintain. Unlike two-piece toilets, one-piece toilets don’t come with the coupling, which is a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria. As a result, one-piece toilets are more comfortable to clean and more durable than two-piece toilets.

Why is ADA Elongated height comfortable?

Another outstanding feature of this toilet is the ADA elongated height. Before you buy a toilet online, you should find out its right measurements. This is from the rim height to the bowl size. Not all toilets will be comfortable for everyone as some are built for shorter people, while others are for older people and the disabled.

The Toto Eco Ultramax one-piece toilet comes with an elongated bowl design, which provides extra sitting space. As a result, many people will be comfortable using the toilet regardless of their height or body size. What’s more, the toilet comes with a chair height, which is the ADA recommended height for public restrooms. Therefore, sitting down by most adults and people with mobility issues is made easy.
Toto Eco UltramaxCheck Today’s Price

SanaGloss finish keeps the toilet surface clean

Not every person loves seeing poop marks left behind after flushing the toilet. Some people are just too busy and don’t have the time to clean the toilet every time they visit. If you’re tired of such toilets, then you will love this Eco Ultramax toilet. Equipped with the Sanagloss finish, this toilet stays clean for longer as the glaze prevents particles and debris from sticking to the toilet. However, many users have complained that this smooth finish is not very effective. Also, it would help if you did not use abrasive cleaners as it will render the glaze useless.

E-Max flushing system is better than G-Max

One of the vital features of this toilet is the E-Max powerful flushing system. This system functions in the same way as the G-Max flushing system, but it uses less water, and it is quiet in operation. Because of this, you get an efficient flushing system that uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which is lower than Toto Drake 2-piece toilets. So, no more wasting water and throwing away money.

Besides, the tank fills quickly; hence, you will flush the toilet soon if a second flush is required. No more waiting!

Is Eco Ultramax EPA WaterSense certified?

As stated above, this toilet uses only 1.28 gallons per flush. As a result, it meets the EPA WaterSense requirements. Also, this means that you can install the toilet in any state within the country. This includes states with strict measures like California and Texas. Aside from that, you may get rebates in some areas within the country. So this toilet is one of the best choices if you want a water-efficient flushing system.

Is a soft-close seat included?

The toilet comes with an integrated slow-closed seat, which you have to buy separately with Toto Drake II toilets. The days of slamming the toilet seat and creating unnecessary noise to your neighbors or people in the house are over. The Toto Eco Ultramax one-piece toilet features a soft-close seat that doesn’t slam. Instead, it has a built-in hinge system that allows the seat to lower quietly when the user leaves the toilet. Also, installing the high gloss polypropylene seat is fast and straightforward.
Toto Eco UltramaxCheck Today’s Price

Does it offer any warranty?

Toto is one of the oldest toilet brands in the world. Also, it has an excellent reputation, and that’s why many people prefer their toilets over other brands. Even though the manufacturer doesn’t provide the best warranty (only one year), there is no reason to doubt the Toto Eco Ultramax one-piece toilet. The toilet already has positive reviews online, and this shows how reliable and exceptional it is. But noted that Toto Ultramax, Toto ECO Ultramax, and Toto Ultramax II are not the same model.

Compare with other toilets: Toto Eco Ultramax vs Ultramax ii vs Drake vs Drake ii

Features of Toto Eco Ultramax Ultramax ii Drake Drake ii
Model No: MS854114ELG MS604114CEFG ‎CST776CSFG CST746CSMFG
Weight: 75 pounds 99 pounds ‎36.9 pounds 105.8 pounds
Color: Cotton White Cotton White Cotton White Sedona beige
Water Consumption: 1.28 gpf 1.28 gpf 1.6 gpf 0.8/1.6 gpf
Size: 31.8″ x 28.9″ x 19.3″ 31.8″ x 28.9″ x 19.3″ 28.38″ x 17.19″ x 30.13″ 27.38″ x 17.31″ x 30.06″
Height (Floor to bowl): 16.5″ 17.25″ 15″ 16.125″

Bottom line

The Toto Eco Ultramax, a one-piece elongated toilet, is a fantastic addition to any modern bathroom. The toilet looks sleek with a high-profile design. It is also comfortable to use by most adults and those with mobility problems. Besides, its modern look makes it blend with most contemporary bathrooms easily. Also, the user will save water as it utilizes less than 1.28 GPF.

Overall, this is a decent toilet that will bring comfort to the bathroom. The E-max flushing system is quiet in operation, so you won’t create unnecessary attention when you leave the toilet. On top of that, the soft-close seat prevents slamming and injuries from happening. With a one-year warranty, the Toto Eco Ultramax toilet is an excellent investment. I hope this Toto Eco Ultramax review article will help a lot in making the right decision.


Question: Is it okay to use any cleaner on the Cefiontect/SanaGloss glaze?
Answer: No, it isn’t. The manufacturer of Toto toilets recommends using non-abrasive cleaners so that you don’t interfere with the Cefiontect fully glazed Trapway. However, the Cefiontect glaze is not very effective in performance as it performs well below the water line in the bowl but not above it. This is a huge setback and a letdown from Toto. Overall, the toilet is excellent in performance, but you may have to flush twice to ensure that you have a clean toilet.

Question: Can I install this toilet, or do I need to call a plumber?
Answer: Of course, you can install the Toto toilet by yourself. It follows the same procedure as a standard toilet. However, this toilet is quite heavy; hence, it may be challenging to place it in the rough-in accurately. With that said, you need a helper to avoid any accident from happening. And if you don’t have the experience, then you should hire a professional plumber to help you out.

Still, have questions after reading this Toto Eco Ultramax Review article? Comment below.

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