Toto Drake Review 2021 [Elongated & Round Toilet]

Toto is among the best toilet brands on the market. Over the years, this brand has continued to come up with innovative and efficient toilet models. Even though the company has come up with many toilets, still, Toto Drake is among its top and bestselling models. Toto Drake has a powerful flush compare to the Toto Drake II. You can check here these two toilets comparison. Read this Toto Drake review to know more about this toilet.

The Toto Drake line of toilets features some of the most exceptional flushing toilets that can be installed anywhere, from offices to homes and even restrooms. This toilet collection features robust, powerful, sleek, comfortable, and efficient toilets.

Top two Toto Drake Toilet Comparison Chart

ImagesToto Drake ToiletsWater ConsumptionFlush TypePrice Idea
Check PriceTOTO CST744SL#12 Drake Elongated Hdcp Bowl and Tank, Sedona Beige
Read Review
1.6 GPFG-Max FlushMedium
Check PriceTOTO CST743S#01 Drake Round Bowl and Tank, Cotton White
Read Review
1.6 GPFGravity FlushMedium

For today, we will look at the Toto Drake elongated CST744#12 and Toto drake round CST743S#01 toilets. These two toilets are affordable but with exceptional performance. Both toilets are made of vitreous china construction. They both use 1.6 gallons to rinse the toilet. Although if you want to save water, then you should consider the Toto Drake eco-toilet. Also, they have a large trapway that prevents clogging.

Toilet Toto Drake Review 2021

Nevertheless, we’ve further distinguished these Drake toilets to help you select one that best suits your needs. Read this Toto Drake review to find out that.

Toto Drake Elongated Hdcp Bowl and Tank Two-Piece Toilet

The Toto CST744#12 Drake elongated bowl two-piece toilet is a sleek and lovely unit that will fit in most contemporary bathrooms. It comes in a Sedona beige finish, but it is also available in colonial white, cotton white, and ebony. Therefore, it is a good idea to pick a toilet that will compliment perfectly your bathroom theme.

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One of the vital features of Toto toilets is durability. Many users love Toto toilets because of their long-lastingness. This particular unit is made of vitreous china material, which means that it will last for a very long time. Besides, it has a left-hand chrome trip lever for ease of flushing even when seated.

Technical Features of the TOTO CST744S#12 Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank:


Toto Drake elongated toilet

Shape: Elongated
Bowl Height: Chair height
Material: Vitreous china
Color: Off-white
Water Consumption: 1.6 GPF
Piece: 2-piece
Finish: Chrome
Installation Method: Floor mounted
Flush Technology: Power Flush Toilets
Weight: 87 pounds
Dimensions: 28 x 19.5 x 30.5 inches
Bowl Height without Seat: 16-1/2-in
Flush Type: Single
Flush Lever Location: Left side
Price: bestflushingtoilets - Toto Drake Review 2021 [Elongated & Round Toilet] TOTO CST744SL#12 Elongated ToiletCheck Today’s Price

Another exciting feature of this unit is the wide 3-inch flush valve. This valve is 125-percent larger than the traditional 2-inch flush valve. This means that this toilet delivers a more powerful flush than most toilet models. As a result, you won’t see waste remaining behind after every flush. Besides, it has a powerful G-Max flushing mechanism. This is the industry benchmark for flushing performance; thus, you will no longer have to worry about issues like clogging.

However, this toilet does not meet the water requirements for a toilet in some states. It uses 1.6 GPF, while some states require 1.28 GPF toilets. So, it is not very water-efficient. But with the larger, 2-1/8-inch glazed trapway, your toilet will have an increased flow of water; hence, the excellent flushing.

One of the differences between this Toto Drake two-piece toilet and the one that we are about to discuss next is their bowl design. This unit has an elongated front bowl, which means that it is more comfortable. Also, it takes up more space, but this shouldn’t be a problem for individuals who want a convenient toilet.  Furthermore, it has a universal height that makes it ADA compliant.


  • Powerful and quiet G-Max flushing system
  • Large, fully trapway prevents clogging
  • Vitreous china construction
  • Straightforward to set up
  • Elongated bowl for greater comfort
  • Wide 3-inch flush valve delivers great force during flushing
  • ADA compliant toilet
  • Matches with any bathroom style


  • It is not EPA WaterSense certified
  • The unit lacks a toilet seat as it has to be bought separately

Toto Drake Round Bowl and Tank Two-Piece Toilet

The Toto ST743S#01 Drake round two-piece bowl toilet is an ideal unit for a person who wants a compact toilet for their powder room or small bathroom. The toilet is well built as it also features vitreous china. It will complete with any bathroom design as it comes in a variety of colors to choose from. These include colonial white, cotton white, Sedona beige, ebony, bone, and white.

Since this is a two-piece toilet, installing this round toilet is simple and straightforward. You can start by installing the bowl and then the tank. However, the toilet doesn’t come with a toilet seat, which you may have to buy later. It has the chrome trip lever located on the left-hand side for ease of flushing the toilet even when seated.

Technical Features of the TOTO ST743S#01 Drake Tank with G-Max Flushing System:


Toto Drake round toilet

Shape: round
Certification: Watersense
Material: Vitreous china
Color: Cotton
Water Consumption: 1.6 GPF
Piece: 2-piece
Finish: White
Installation Method: Floor mounted
Flush Technology: Gravity fed
Depth (Inches): 7.25
Width (Inches): 19.5
Height (Inches): 13.875
Weight (lbs.): 38
Flush Lever Location: Left side
Price: Toto Drake Round Bowl and Tank Two-Piece ToiletCheck Today’s Price

Similar to the above Drake toilet, this model also features a powerful G-Max flushing system. This system is powerful as it rinses the bowl very effectively, leaving the toilet clean after every flush. Together with the large trapway, you will never experience clogs in your toilet. Also, the wide 3-inch flush valve provides a very powerful flush that helps in the excellent rinsing of the toilet.

Before you purchase this toilet, you should get to know about your state regulations. Some states don’t allow toilets that use more than 1.28 GPF. This particular toilet uses 1.6 GPF; thus, it may not be accepted in some States. Also, it is not EPA WaterSense certified.

Overall, the Drake CST743S#01 round bowl toilet is best suited for a person who wants a small toilet that performs at a high level. At such an affordable price, you get a toilet that you can depend on all the time.


  • Sturdy vitreous china construction
  • Compact design suitable for powder rooms and small bathrooms
  • Quick to install
  • Fast, quiet, and powerful G-Max flushing system
  • Wide 3-inch flush valve delivers a powerful flush
  • Large trapway avoids your toilet from clogging
  • Different colors to select from


  • The toilet seat has to be purchased separately
  • Cleaning the exterior is quite challenging because of the nooks and crannies

Summary: Why buy Toto Drake Toilet?

Toto Drake is not only a popular toilet model but also features some of the best toilets on the market. The Toto Drake toilets that we’ve highlighted above are some of the best with excellent features. Both of the toilets are two-piece units, use 1.6 gallons of water per flush, have a 3-inch flush valve, and a large trapway. Also, the units are made of vitreous china and have a universal height.

However, they differ in the type of bowl that they come with. The Toto CST744SL#12 Drake features an elongated front bowl while the Toto CST743#01 Drake has a round front bowl. So, the final choice depends on your needs. If you have a small bathroom, then the Toto Drake round bowl toilet should be ideal for you. But if you want an ADA compliant toilet, then you will be better off with the Toto Drake elongated bowl toilet. Hope this Toto Drake review helps you decide which to choose.


Question: Why is my toilet filling automatically?
Answer: Also called Phantom flusher, this is an indication that there is a small leak from the tank to the bowl that needs refilling. You may have flushed the toilet a few minutes ago, but will hear it refilling again. This is usually caused by a poorly installed or worn out flapper. The best thing to do is to replace the worn-out flapper with a new one. And if the flapper is still fresh, then you should contact a professional plumber to install it properly.

Question: Why are two-piece toilets preferred over one-piece toilets?
Answer: Even though one-piece toilets are the latest technology in the market, the two-piece toilets still reign. This is because they are cheaper than one-piece toilets. Also, installing two-piece toilets is more natural than installing one-piece toilets. When the tank or bowl cracks or breaks, you can easily replace a two-piece toilet, but for a one-piece toilet, you will have to buy the entire unit.

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  1. I bought recently TOTO toilet C744 Elongated bowl with ST 743 E #01 tank. The toilet flushes well, however is horribly noisy, when flushing. If i knew how noisy is this model, I would never buy it.


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