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Flushing Toilet Glossary Terms: Parts Details and Thermology

The toilet glossary means all toilet parts are arranged alphabetically. If you are new to maintaining the bathroom, Then you must know about all the details of the flushing toilet. Let us find out the glossary or terminology of toilet below:

Toilet Thermology: All the Common Glossary Terms and Definitions

  • ADA: this is a special type of toilet designed for disabled people. The total form of ADA is the Americans with Disabilities Act. These toilets are easy to use for a disabled patient with an issue with a regular toilet.ADA
  • Ballcock: this is a fill device for the toilet tank. This toilet fill valve has two parts: bull and cock. Cock is activated when the ball refills the water tank after every time the toilet is flushed.Toilet Ballcock
  • Bidet: This part of the toilet is mainly used to carry water to wash the body after using the bathroom. This is a floor-mounted water-supplying element. Usually, you find this next to the toilet. Using Bidet
  • Button: in the normal toilet water tank, a push button pulls the rib and opens the flush valve. In a regular toilet, you find one button, but people are very conscious about nature, and that’s why they came with a dual flush system. This system contains two push buttons, one is used to clean the bowl to clean the liquid waste, and the second one is used to clean the solid waste. These two buttons save almost three liters of water per flush and help stop wastewater there.push button
  • Bumpers: you can find this at the bottom of the toilet seat and also under the cover. This part also prevents the Seat from shifting and protects the toilet seat and cover. These bumpers are made of plastic.Toilet Bumpers
  • Toilet Bowl: toilet bowl is the lower part of the toilet, and it’s used to collect human liquid and solid waste. After that, it washed away into the drainage system. The market has three types of toilet bowls: wall-hung, close-coupled, and back-to-wall toilets.
  • Cistern: the artificial storage for water, and you can find this in England.Cistern
  • Closed Coupled: this is modern toiletry found in a two-piece toilet, and a tank and bowl separate it. And the tank of the toilet is coupled closely to the bowl with bolts and a gasket.
  • Commode: the box-size portion that collects human waste when the user uses the toilet with an open Seat.
  • Contoured Seat: The plastic Seat of the toilet is easy to maintain and comfortable.Toilet Contoured Seat
  • Cover: this is the top part of the toilet, also known as the toilet seat.Toilet Cover
  • Elongated: this is an additional part attached to the front of a  regular toilet bowl. The attachment position of the elongated is also different parts like open front Seat with and without cover, open front Seat with or without cover, sear, cover, etc.
  • Flush: after using the toilet, it needs to wash all the waste from the bowl to the drainage system. The toilet water tank fills with water for cleaning purposes, and by pressing the handle of the flush button, it opens the flush valve. Water comes with force and cleans away all waste from the toilet bowl
  • Flush valve: valve of the flush is mainly used to secure water in the tank. It’s located in the middle of the water storage and has an overflow pipe. The water enters the bowl after you pull the chain connected to the flush valve. So it allows water for every successful flush.
  • Full cover: mainly cover, including extended flush, is mainly known as full coverage.
  • Enameled Wood: recycled wood used to make the Seat of the toilet.
  • Fixture: sinks, tubes, basins, etc., are known as the fixtures of the toilet.
  • GPF: this is mainly used to measure the toilet tank’s water; the full form of this GPF is gallons per Flush.
  • Heated Seat: This type of toilet seat is very popular in freezing areas. This is very comfortable to use in the winter season.
  • High tank: you only see this antique type of high tank in the vintage toilet. This is separated from the toilet bowl, which attaches to a wall and mounts over the head height, connected with the bowl with the flush pipe.High tank Toilet
  • Hinge: you can find this art of toilet in most industrial areas. Because this Hinge helps to allow the Seat to stand up at 11° in the vertical position, this protects the flush valve of the toilet tank.
  • Layback: the adjustment of the angle of the toilet seat is beyond vertical when raised. 
  • Lid: this is the toilet seat cover, and it closed the whole toilet bowl and seat cover.
  • LPF also measures the water in the toilet, full of liters per flush.
  • Low tank: this is also found in a vintage toilet but on the downside of the bathroom. And water flows from the tank to the bowl from the flush valve.
  • One-piece toilet: this updated toilet comes with a one-piece toilet bowl, and when the toilet comes with a tank and bowl is called a two-piece toilet.
  • Open front toilet: the seat system with a Rim and open space about three inches wide in the front of the toilet.
  • Porcelain: most toilets are made with this material called porcelain. And this material is easy to maintain and very hygienic for health.
  • Pintel: this part is mainly used to move the Seat from the horizontal to the vertical portion. This intel is made with plastic, aluminum, or steel.
  • Pull chain: this thing is mainly shown in the old toilet, which has a high toilet tank. This chain is used for flushing water into the toilet bowl and cleaning this easily.
  • P-trap: this is called a P trap, but the shape of this pipe is U-shaped. It is mainly used to hold a small amount of water in there so that sewer gas doesn’t return to the restroom after every flush.
  • Rim: the lower portion of the toilet tank is known as the Rim.Rim
  • Round Seat: this is the basic type of toilet seat. But 
  • STA-TITE: this is the hardware used to give a great grip on the toilet seat and helps the Seat never loosen up.
  • Super grip bumpers: this provides a toilet seat for shifting and gives it very good stability.
  • S-trap: the working process is just like the P trap. Hold water after every flush so no toxic gas returns to the toilet.
  • Trip lever: flush handle and maculating of the toilet used to be known as a trip lever.Toilet Trip lever
  • Trapway: at the bottom of the toilet, there is a curving toilet channel you8 can find, and this channel got a hole. This hole starts from the bottom of the toilet to the drain pipe. This filter is used to back up, and clogging junks don’t create issues in the drainage system. It’s mainly to stop some future clogging issues.
  • ULF: this is ultra-low flush, and it is designed to save water.
  • UPC: the full form of this code is Uniform Plumbing Code.
  • Vitreous material: this is a clay material, and this is used to make some plumbing features of the toilet. This material mainly comes from China.
  • Water tank: this tank is situated on the upper side of the toilet bowl and stores water for flushing the toilet. 
  • Wax ring: this is also known as an s sealer of the toilet. It provides a water seal between the toilet base and the flange of the toilet. It prevents any water leaks from there and seals into there completely.

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