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What happens if you accidentally press both buttons on a dual flush toilet?

Now, dual flush toilets are trendy for saving water from waste. People not only use technology in their daily lives but also use it to protect the environment. Dual flush is the best example of this. It uses less water than a standard regular flush system. At the top of the toilet’s water tank, you will find two buttons, and the first button’s function is to use less water to clean the bowl after you use it for urine. And the second one is to wash away the solid waste from the bowl.

But sometimes you have some common questions in your mind when you use this toilet, like if you press two buttons simultaneously in the dual flush toilet, what will happen? And to know this, you need to know some basics about the dual flush, then understand the total process of the dual flush and whether this can harm your toilet flush system.

What is the dual flush system on the toilet?

This dual flush serves two purposes, as I told you before. But you must think, how did this work? So each push button has a push rod to pull over the flush valve, and it releases the water from the tank. When you push the first button, it rises very low and uses around three liters of water to flush the bowl. Pushing the second button allows around six liters of water (1.28-1.6 gallons) to clear the solid waste from the bowl. And this is the simple mechanism to flush the toilet with two buttons.Dual flush system on the toilet

If you have a toddler at home, try to educate them about the button system, which one is for which job, etc., because sometimes they don’t know about these two buttons and end up wasting water. It saves around three liters of water by flushing liquid waste from the bowl. That’s why you also don’t find any regular flush toilets in many states.

Can you push both buttons at the same time on this dual-flush toilet?

The dual flush system has two buttons for the flush. So you must think if you press both buttons at the same time, what will happen? Did it break down or stay the same as before? Actually, it remains the same as before. As I told you, if you use the dual flush above, you must know that two flushes work the same, but one uses less water than the other. But both buttons can open the flush valve of the water tank.

So when you press both buttons simultaneously, it just opens both side flush valves at the same time, and it works just like the second button. That means it uses all six liters of water in a single flush. However, this process does not provide any benefits, such as quickly filling the water tank or flushing the toilet; if you use this process after using the toilet for urine, you will simply waste a lot of water.


So, pushing low and high flush buttons doesn’t bring any usefulness. You just need to wait for some time to refill the tank with water for the next flush. But my suggestion is to make sure you don’t do this intentionally and always maintain the user manual.


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