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Elongated VS Round Toilets [Bowl Comparison, Pros, Cons]

A bathroom is one of the most visited places in the house. And a toilet is the most used fixture in the bathroom. An average human being should visit the toilet at least four times a day. Because of this, you need to have the best toilet in your bathroom.
One of the biggest challenges of choosing a flushing toilet is deciding between a round bowl toilet and an elongated bowl toilet. Some don’t know the differences and end up buying the wrong toilet for their bathroom. With this Elongated VS Round toilets comparison, you will no longer make the mistake of picking the wrong toilet for your bathroom.

Why are Toilet Seats Important?

Toilet seats are an essential aspect of bathroom ergonomics and hygiene. The choice between elongated and round toilet seats often boils down to personal preference and space considerations. Elongated seats provide more surface area, offering greater comfort, especially for adults. They are typically longer and slightly oval, facilitating a more natural seating position. Conversely, round seats are more space-efficient, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms. They are often found in older homes and are generally more economical. Both types have standard fittings, making them relatively easy to replace or upgrade according to individual needs and preferences.

Features Comparison Chart: Elongated VS Round Toilets


Elongated Toilet

Round Toilet

Bowl Length(Generally): 18.5 inches 16.5 inches
Good For: Standard/Big bathroom Small Bathroom
Flush: Some may have a more forceful flush Has a less forceful flush
More Comfortable: Standard or Fat Men/Women or handicapped Thin women/men or Children
Space Saving: No Yes
Pricing: More expensive Less expensive
Water Surface: Larger Small
Design: Modern design Traditional Design
Popularity: Increasing Fading
Cleaning: Marginally Easier Easy
Top Models:

Continue reading to find out which toilet is best for your small or large bathroom.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an elongated toilet?

Elongated bowl toilets are the latest models, and many people are embracing them. These toilets usually measure around 18.5-inches. Of course, the size varies from one manufacturer to another. They are oval and slightly larger than a rSeaound bowl.


  • Offers a lot of comfort with the extra sitting space
  • Usually features a more powerful flush
  • It is easier to clean when compared to the round bowl
  • It has a contemporary look for elegance


  • Takes up a lot of space; thus, not ideal for small bathrooms
  • It is slightly more expensive than round bowl toilets

Pros and Cons of the Round Bowl Toilets

Round bowl toilets are the traditional design and can be found mostly in old bathrooms. However, these toilets are also famous in small bathrooms and powder rooms. They don’t take up much space and usually measure around 16.5-inches.


  • It is perfect for powder rooms and small bathrooms
  • It is affordable
  • A round toilet is ideal for older people and those with special needs
  • It is the traditional style of toilet


  • It is not as comfortable as an elongated bowl
  • Quite challenging to clean
  • The flush is not very efficient

In-depth Comparison: Round vs elongated toilet bowl

Summary of content

Elongated versus round toilets: Who offers better comfort

If comfort is what you’re looking for, then elongated bowl toilets are the best, hands down. These toilets are slightly larger by 2-inches when compared to round bowl toilets. So, they provide additional sitting space to the users. Also, they are perfect for individuals with mobility problems as they can sit on or stand up with much ease.

As stated earlier, round bowl toilets are ideal for older people and those with special needs. But is a round or elongated toilet best for obese women? No, they do not offer the same comfort as elongated bowl designs. So it is better to buy an elongated bowl for women over a round bowl toilet.

Space considerations

For those with tiny bathrooms, you’re better off with round bowl toilets. These toilets don’t take up a lot of space as they measure 2-inches less than their elongated counterpart. But if you have a large bathroom, then the elongated bowl toilet is the best choice.

Round vs Elongated toilet bowl measurements:

  • Elongated toilet seat Length: 18.5 inches
  • Round toilet seat Length: 16.5 inches
  • Elongated toilet seat width: 14 inches
  • Round toilet seat width: 14 inches


Round toilet: For a small bathroom

Elongated toilet: For a large bathroom

Compare based on ease of installation

Whether you’ve got an elongated bowl or round bowl toilet, installation remains the same. Of course, this depends on whether it is a one-piece or two-piece toilet. Follow the right procedures for installing different types of toilets.

Both bowls have an attractive appearance

Whether it is an elongated bowl or a round bowl, it does little to change the look of the toilet. But things like skirted, one-piece, and two-piece play a massive role in the aesthetics of the toilet. So, the type of bowl shouldn’t bother you when it comes to beautifying your bathroom.

Power of the flush

Different types of toilets feature different types of flush systems. Some of the popular flushing systems on the market include G-max, double cyclone, Vormax, Champion 4, and AquaPiston flushing systems. If a toilet utilizes a flush that circulates the water in the bowl using force, the elongated bowl will provide more pressure than the round bowl. That is, if they both use the same flushing system. But this does not apply to the other types of flushing systems.

Compare elongated and round toilets in terms of maintenance:

There is a major difference between a round and an elongated toilet in terms of the cleaning process. This is where the elongated bowl beats the round bowl, hands down. Elongated bowl toilets usually come with fewer crevices that allow the brush to reach all corners for ease of cleaning. Alternatively, round bowls are more compact and accessing them with a brush s quite challenging.

Elongated or round toilet bowl: Which one is worth the money?

This is a no-brainer. Elongated bowl toilets are more extensive and more comfortable; thus, they are more costly than round bowl toilets. But the prices vary from one brand and model to another.

What’s better, an elongated bowl or a round bowl?- Final Verdict

After looking at these two toilet designs, you can see that the final decision lies in the needs of the user. Both toilets are vital in their own way, and you need to weigh both the pros and cons of every toilet before taking sides. The round bowl toilet is perfect for small bathrooms due to its compact design. Furthermore, it is ideal for older people and those with special needs.

On the other hand, the elongated bowl toilet is best suited for people who want comfort and efficiency. Also, they are ideal for installing in large bathrooms. So, as you prepare yourself to pick a toilet, please take note of the points that we’ve highlighted in this comparison review and select the best toilet for your bathroom and the people that will be using it.

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