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Is chewing gum flushable down the toilet? A big no!

If you have a kid in your house, then the danger is always staring at you. And the toilet is the most exciting area for them. They just throw many things into the toilet bowl as an experiment. Sometimes users also make this type of mistake. Clogging the toilet is a nightmare for every house owner. An experiment with a toilet just fulfills all your fears. And many times, you chew gum in the toilet and throw this into the toilet. Now the question is, is it dangerous for the toilet? Does it clog the toilet? To know about this, you just need to read the whole article.

Can you flush chewing gum down the toilet?

Many people love to keep a pack of chewing gum in their pockets. And sometimes, they take it mistakenly in the bathroom. And that time, they threw this gum in the toilet and made a mistake. First of all, chewing gum is not advisable for swallowing the stomach. That’s why this chewing gum is not suggested to throw into the toilet.Consequences of flushing chewing gum

Consequences of flushing chewing gum:

Because this is a sticky and insoluble type of food, and when you put this into the toilet bowl, there will be a chance to stick this gum in the pipe of the sewerage system. This mainly increases the risk of clogging the toilet pipeline. And this gum is not easily mixed with water in a limited time. It takes a very long time to decompose with nature. And also cause a major issue for potential issues in the whole system line of the sewerage. And sometimes it got stuck in the filter of the toilet under the bowl. After sticking it on the filter, it started sticking toilet paper hair or another thing at the pipeline and creating a clog in there. After using the toilet for some time, you notice this situation and then start your nightmare.

What should you do if you flush chewing gum?

If you have ever experienced a clogged toilet, you must know how to deal with this situation. You can’t easily remove the gum from the pipeline because it’s sticky and easily stuck. You need to call a plumber to clear the drainage system if it messes up. Your one simple mistake can cost you a big loss.

Where to throw chewing gum?

At first, I said that this gum is not soluble; you need to throw it after chewing this. You have a trash can in your kitchen. My opinion is to cover the gum with kitchen paper and put it in the trash can. It’s also very disturbing for others. Chewing gum is easily stuck with your shoes. And after that, it’s really hard to remove this from the bottom of the shoes. So don’t throw this here and there. This thing is disturbing for humans and takes time to decompose. And this is not good for the environment as well. Sometimes animals are eating food from roadside trash cans, so when you throw this without covering it in a paper, it can get stuck in their mouth. That is why I suggest not throwing chewing gum anywhere, not even on the toilet.


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