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How to Soften the Toilet Wax Ring?- 5 Easy Methods

A toilet wax ring is hidden but has a vital role in a toilet. It is effective at preventing leaks at the toilet’s base. So, every toilet user must be careful and solve wax ring issues promptly.

Suppose your toilet wax ring has become problematic, so you have to remove it now. But it is very difficult to withdraw from the toilet because it becomes very strict when it goes inside the bathroom and is attached to the toilet notching. So, it is easier to remove the wax ring by softening it.

The methods for softening a toilet wax ring

Every problem has a solution. Loosening the barely attached wax ring on the toilet is not impossible. Several ways can help you do this task easily.

Solution 01: Apply warm water

This is the simplest solution for your hardened toilet wax ring. Heating is a power that can easily make anything softer. When you apply warm water to the wax ring, it will become soft quickly.

When you want to soften the wax ring, you have to pour hot water on the toilet floor. Keep the floor soaked with hot water for about 10 minutes. Gradually, the wax ring will be easy to remove.

Solution 02: Apply soap or detergent

Soap or detergent can make the surface slippery. So, if the wax ring is too hard to remove, you can apply it. Mix enough soap or detergent with water and apply the mixture to the toilet bowl.

Solution 03: Hot water and vinegar solution

First, you will mix a sufficient amount of vinegar with hot water. Then, you can pour the mixture onto the wax ring surface. The wax ring will stir in hot water and melt soon. Finally, you will pour the solution on the floor of the bathroom. The vinegar in the water will make all the bathroom surfaces clean.

Solution 04: Add baking soda to hot water

Baking soda is also an outstanding cleaning solution. It can make removing a toilet wax ring easy by softening it quickly.

First, you have to take an old cloth and soak it with baking soda. Now, abrade the hundredth part of the toilet wax ring with your cloth. Finally, pour hot water on the surface and let it soak for several minutes. Now, the toilet wax ring is ready to be removed.

Solution 05: Adhesive remover

On the market, there are some adhesive removers. You can collect a suitable one and apply it to your toilet.

The ready-made remover will decrease your trouble after preparing a homemade solution because you do not have to mix the ingredients more.

The adhesive remover is not harmful to your bathroom surface or anything else. You can read the user manual for the liquid before purchasing it. It will help you determine how much liquid you should pour on the bathroom surface to remove the wax ring residue.

The wax ring is one of the essential parts of modern toilets. It has several benefits, which explains why many toilet users use it. But it has some disadvantages too.

Advantages of using the wax ring on a toilet

Reduce the cost of replacement

This is the reason why a lot of people use toilet wax rings. It is better than toilet flanges because flanges need to be replaced frequently.

Easy installation

Fitting a wax ring is a very easy process. For this simple task, you should not call a professional plumber. Instead, you yourself can do it or take help from the tutorial videos.

Suitable for a wide range of toilets

Some toilets are round, and some are elongated. The wax ring is suitable for both toilets. Moreover, the ring is also perfect for use with the bidet toilet sets. So, it does not matter which type of toilet you use because several options accept the wax ring and fulfill your demand.

Disadvantages of using the wax ring on a toilet

Harmful for porcelain

The wax ring is good for working, but it is sometimes harmful to the porcelain material of your toilet. It is unable to work properly if you do not fix it with proper glue. So the plumbers should be careful about it.

Wax ring vs. toilet flange: which is better?

There is confusion among some people about toilet flanges and wax rings. Both of the equipment are used for the same intention, so it is hard to determine the best one.

Significantly, the toilet pipe is in the center of the flange, and the flange can directly connect the toilet pipe and the drainpipe. But a wax ring is good for the perfect extraction of water and other garbage from the toilet because it is like attaching gum. But if the wax ring is larger, it can go through the toilet’s extraction pipe.

Final thoughts

We hope that the toilet wax ring removal process is now easier for you. Be careful about using every ingredient, like water, detergent, and baking soda. They must be applied in perfect quantity. Taking sufficient advice from professional plumbers is another essential task that can improve your task. 


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