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Incinerating Toilet vs. Composting Toilet: Comparison & Buying Guide

You may have seen a lot of types of toilets on the market, but have you heard about the incinerating toilet and the composting toilet? This seems a little weird to you, but the Incinerator toilet is alongside the composting toilet. These are not some of the most common types of toilets you seek. Incinerating toilets are used more in cold regions as composting toilets, and they are more eco-friendly than their counterparts. But what if you get confused between these two toilets? Today, I will be discussing the overall dissimilarities between these two and the choice of a toilet can affect your health. The truth is, it’s difficult to know which toilet is best for you, but with this comparison article, you can be sure which option is right for you and your family.

What is the difference between a composting toilet and an incinerating toilet?

A composting toilet is just like a regular toilet, except that you can put the waste into the compost bin. On the other hand, an incinerating toilet is different because it incinerates the waste in heat. The home’s sewage system is greatly dependent on this system. Both toilets have their own benefits, but they are also different. While a composting toilet is more environmentally friendly, an incinerating toilet is more efficient.composting toilet vs incinerating toilet

Comparison Chart Composting Incinerating
Comfort: Less More
Bad Smell: Yes No
Water Usage: Less No
Size: Compact Large
Waste Management: Hard Easy
Cleaning Cycle: Once a week Every 1-2 days
Portability: Yes No
Turns waste into: Humus Ash
Price: High Very expensive
Regular maintenance: No Yes
Reusable Waste: As fertilizer No
Realize toxic gasses: No Yes
Carbon footprint: No Yes

Method of dumping

The incinerating toilet is a toilet that does not need any kind of liquid or water to dump the waste. On the other hand, the composting toilet also maintains the same postulates, but as incinerating toilets blaze the waste and turn it into ashes, on the contrary, the other one doesn’t burn waste identically.

Compare consumption of water

The incinerating toilet is more suitable in colder regions, but the composting toilets are effective in almost all environments. The dissimilarity and context of living is the thing that matters here. Incinerating toilets do not need water, but some composting toilets are seen to use in a lower quantity.

The odor says it all!

One of the most acute problems of any toilet is the cleanliness and the odor problem. In the case of the incinerating toilet, this issue is much more prevalent as there is no water use, so the odor may be so bad that it can cause some seem less harm to the bathroom’s ambiance. If we talk about the composting toilets, it spreads less smell than the former ones. You can use the bathroom spray to make the ambiance more suitable for use.

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Price Comparison

None of the toilets are much cheaper in the context of the traditional toilets, but one thing that must be kept in the brain is that you need to invest a healthy amount of dollars in both types of toilets. But then, incinerating toilets are much costlier than their counterparts. They can cost you as much as $2000 to $4000. This composting toilet can be found at half of its price.

Energy consumption

To operate the incinerating toilets, you need to have an incessant connection of electrical wirings; on the other hand, composting toilets need an electricity consumption that is usually very less, and they can be operated through battery or solar power. However, in the case of the propane-driven versions, no electricity is required for operation, which means they can be operated without electricity.Composting Toilet


Both of the toilets can be said to be eco-friendly because none use that much water, and the incinerating toilets use no water. But they exert some toxic fumes like carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide, which are considered pollutants and are responding to climate change. Then it comes to the composting toilets; they do not realize toxic gasses. Rather, they can be used as compost in harvesting plants and trees.

Composting vs. Incinerating Toilets: Which One is Perfect For You?

A composting toilet is a good option for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint. They are the best option for people of every size of home and appliance, and there are many colossal benefits of using a vigorous composting toilet. It is often a family-friendly option for people who want to reduce their environmental impact. They are often much cheaper than incinerating toilets as well.Composting vs. Incinerating Toilets

Composting toilets are also a good option for people who are trying to save money. Composting toilets are cheaper to maintain than incinerating toilets. They also require less water and chemicals to operate.

In terms of operability and uniqueness, both of them are tremendous, but some of the factors make the Composting toilets superior as they do not need any type of the excluded mixture of settings. The dumping is also simple as you like. But incinerating toilets are far more sustainable in the context of operability and zero water consumption.

Final Verdict

The old saying goes that you ought to use the perfect tool for the right job. The same goes for the toilet and its peripherals. If you are choosing the composting option, then it is best to use it as it is eco-friendly and disposable. However, if you do not choose composting, then the incinerating toilet is best for you. But if we compare the two, then Composting toilets are better than incinerating toilets because they are more environmentally friendly. Incinerating toilets use a lot of energy because they need to be heated up to a high temperature to protect the bacteria and microorganisms inside the chamber of the toilet.

On the other hand, Composting toilets don’t need a high temperature, and that means they don’t use as much energy. They also don’t yield any harmful chemicals. So if it is summed up the whole thing, then Composting toilets should be the ultimate option that you need to go with.


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