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Western Sitting Toilet vs. Squat Toilet: Which One is Good for Health?

There are two types of sitting toilets in the market available now. Western sittings and Asian squat toilets. And which toilet is best is still a very controversial question. Squat toilets are popular in the Asian region, but many western countries don’t know about this type of toilet. If you are new to this war and have heard some crazy things about both of these toilets, then I think this comparison article will help you with this issue from a medical view.

Quick Overview:

Compare Western Sitting Toilets Squat Toilet
Positive Things
  • Best for disabled people
  • Easy to find in the market
  • The quick flush system
  • Find in every price range
  • Easy installation process
  • Good for health
  • Give a vintage look to the restroom
  • The clogging issue
  • From the medical report, it is hard to use for ordinary persons.
  • Hard to use for disabled people
  • The squatting toilet has a manual wash system

What is a western sitting toilet?

I think this toilet is now the most popular and well-known in the market. Everyone knows this type of toilet, and it’s a sitting toilet. This flush was a sitting toilet invented in the last 16th century, but that became popular after the 18th century. From now to then, you can find That type of toilet in every household. You not only get a chance to use this toilet by sitting by itself, but this toilet also comes with many extra features, like a flushable, vacuum, floating, vault, etc.western sitting toilet

Who should install a western sitting toilet?

This toilet is very helpful when people have an issue with their back. Many doctors also recommend a commode in their house. And using this toilet with the problem in the back helps you very much. And these toilets are preferred in most residences and industrial areas. Many think using a sitting toilet is more comfortable than a squatting toilet. And many people don’t have any idea about squatting toilets at all. Sitting toilets are also primarily used in every hospital. This toilet is mainly designed for using those people who have an issue using the toilet while sitting down on the ground. But now most people use this at their office or at home. And that is why many types of toilets are available in the market with many features and functions.

All about Asian squat toilets:

If you are not Asian, then I’m sure this must be new for you. But don’t worry, you can learn about every detail of a squatting toilet here. This kind of toilet is mainly used for squatting. That means you need to defecate by placing one foot on each side of the toilet hole and squatting over it. A toilet bowl or pan is attached to the washroom’s ground. And that’s why these are called squatting bowls or pans. And this toilet also comes with and without a flush system. When a squat toilet comes without a flush system, it’s called a dry toilet, and there you need to use water manually to clean the toilet pan. This type of toilet has been used from ancient times to now. It’s also well-known worldwide, but you can see most of them in Asian and African nations and most Muslim countries.Asian squat toilet

The main design of this toilet is attached to the floor of the washroom. And that’s why the opening drain pipe is connected to ground level. Just like a sitting toilet, this squat toilet is made with porcelain most of the time, but you also find concrete, Ferrocement, plastic, etc., type toilets in many developing countries.

Why buy a squat toilet?

Maintaining a squatting toilet is very easy, and it also dries quickly. So no fear of disease transmission or odor emitting. Additionally, the price of a squatting bathroom is also very reasonable. Anyone can easily afford this type of toilet for their washroom.

Squat toilet vs. sitting toilet: Compare before buying

From the name, you must know the first difference between these two types of toilets is their sitting position. You can just sit like the chair in the sitting bathroom, but you need to sit near the ground like you squat on the Asian-style squatting toilet. 

Let’s talk about what this position is in medical science. The position of sitting on squatting is easier to use in the bathroom than sitting. For this reason, you just need to know about the human body. First of all, when stool fills up the rectum, the smooth muscle of the anal need to relax; at that time, the puborectalis typically pulls the rectum forward, and I create a fixed angle. This body part looks like a sling. So in a time of defection, this muscle needs to relax, and it widens the anorectal angle. 

When you use the squatting toilet, it widens the anorectal angle, and that mainly makes it easier to take out the waste from the body through the anal canal. And that’s proven experimentally to differentiate between sitting and squatting toilets. One study shows that the average time to pass the bowl motions is around 51 seconds in the squatting bathroom from the sitting one. That’s why the user had less staining on the abdomen in the squatting one. And also, this toilet is very good for chronic constipation patients.

Advantages of using a western sitting toilet:

But squatting toilets are also not risk-free. Like it sometimes induces a rise in blood pressure for healthy and hypertensive people. Some stroke incidents also happen when using this toilet. So there are also some health issues in this toilet. And for those with the issue in their backbone or features, it’s impossible to use a squatting bathroom. For those patients, western sitting toilets are best.

Pros of the squat toilets:squat toilet

If you judge both toilets by price, then this is really hard to decide. Because there are many toilets available in the market, all those toilets are notable for many features. And the price also differs with functions, material, color, etc., but squatting toilets are comparatively cheaper than sitting ones. So when you want to install any of them, learn about your and the user’s health condition, then decide which one is perfect for you. 


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