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AquaPiston vs. Canister Flush: Which One is More Powerful?

There is no difference between Kohler Aquapiston vs. Canister Flush because they both rely on each other. Aquapiston technology flushes powerfully with the help of a canister valve. It helps create high water pressure and wipe out waste in a single flush. That’s why it is called a clog-free flushing system.

So, in short, Aquapiston is a Revolution 360° swirl flushing technology that is associated with the canister flush valve that controls the force of gravity.

Kohler Cimarron toilets come with this Aquapiston flushing technology and a canister valve. The toilet features:

Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
Piece: Two-Piece
Shape: Elongated
Material: Vitreous China
Certification: WaterSense
Flush Type: Gravity
Flush Lever: Left
Height: Comfort 
Warranty: One-year

What is the AquaPiston flushing system?

The aqua piston flush can be referred to as an outstanding innovation in the arena of the flushing system. The Aquapiston flushing system can probably be considered the adamant and robust, powerful model for toilet flushing. However, it brings the best to the table. The thing that makes it unbeatable in the arena of toilet flushing mechanisms is that it does not have a flapper in the tank proceedings. In fact, This flushing needs to be diverted in the particular ascending orders that have emerged the same way as it does for the predecessors of its mechanism.AquaPiston flushing system

AquaPiston Flush: Working Mechanism

The entire flushing system must be going to lift off inside the belongings and the spur against the vertically renewable power that is accused from the floor of the tank. In addition to all the procedures, the canister valve plays an irrefutable role in the water procedures in the tank to go to the toilet bowl. The Aquapiston flushing system is the next horizon of aesthetics in the toilet’s flushing system, making it a giant regarding the loophole in the existing scenario.

Pros of the Aquapiston flush

The marketing strategy of the aqua piston flushing system reigns it top to the throne. You do nothing and expect to be at the top of the hill. Actually, that is not possible. However, This flushing mechanism is surrounded by some of the most invertible and salient aspects, making it the respective head of the table. Let us have some of the colossal features of the aqua piston flushing system, 

  • The prevalent dimension of the flush valves is more or less 4 inches in a single flush toilet, and it is not more than 2 to 3.5 inches in a dual flush toilet. Nothing is to be said as the aspect has served as the most speculative and dismantled all other parts in a massive output.
  • One of the prime benefits of this system is that it washes away all perspective waste with a 360-degree flush having the least noisy effect you ever get. It is super preventive against acute clogging. It Saves your water bill in a bilateral movement.
  • The treaty between the ADA and the aqua piston flushing is much more cognisant than other furious dimensions. Another matter of joy is that it is available in both one-piece and two-piece models, and you can even get it in a round and elongated toilet version. 
  • The giant gravity-fed system is capable enough to assist the unforgiven ultra-boosting. The leakage issue is very much less in this system of flushing. The Powerful and massive flushing incapacitates with less water usage. 

What is the canister flush valve?

The canister is a pure and innovative type of flushing valve that can be said to be the alternative to the flapper system in a toilet. Nothing is more accessible and convenient than the canister flush valve, as it generates a strong and stern tornado flushing system that swipes away all the sufferings or clogs that can cause an electrolytic buffer zone in the drainage pipe of the toilet. A canisterstyle flush valve allows more quantity of water more rigorously. The canister flush has its own merits and demerits, and there is nothing to hide in the baggage. canister flush system

Canister Flush Valve: Working Mechanism

The faster the canister flush gets into the bowl, the more rigorous, and the spur will be mulled in the generation of the sophisticated deliverables that mystify all in one package of the canister. The deployable aesthetics suffer the irrespective divergence as it commits the greatest and most aggressive point of domination in the toilet sector. The main dignity and dynamism of the Push button are to alleviate the other button, and the canister is deployed into its UltraMax dynamic waterfalls, lifting all the way for a normal flush. 

Advantages of the Canister Flush

The canister flush valve is the latest edition of the flushing module, and it has some destructive aspects that make the buyer buy it; however, they could also be well served in the bathroom’s ambiance. Let us talk about the tremendous and retrofitting mannerism of the Canister flush toilet, 

  • The most wanted feature of the Canister flush is its ultra-efficiency. It has been providing a rapid and Rigorous flush since time immortal. 
  • Durability must be the issue if you want to buy this product. Many people don’t know about the Canister flush’s operability and magical flushing divergence, which can last for years without issues. 
  • It permits a large amount of water to enter the bowl of the toilet. That means the flush valve is enough to drive away all the waste from the toilet into the septic tank. 
  • Another fact that makes people invertible in buying the Canister flush as there are no levers. Rather, it has some gorgeous button systems for operating decently and profoundly. It is not only sleek and desirable, but also it has a massive demand for its efficiency in flushing.

AquaPiston vs. Canister Flush: Key Differences

There is not that much difference between the Aquapiston and the canister. So, there are not that many dissimilarities between Aquapiston and Canister. The aqua piston is a strong and powerful flushing technique associated with the Canister flush valve.

  • Both Canister and Aquapiston work together in Kohler Cimarron models to make a rigorous flushing system. The innovation that Kohler has made in the mix of these two splendid flushing mechanisms is really beyond any doubt.
  • The Aquapiston system provides you with a powerful and effective jet of water that clears all the waste away. More devastating force in the water refers to the more suction system that creates in the trap section; all the solid waste is sucked away successfully by its stunning flushing method.
  • One major difference that the system can point out is that the Canister flushing system is more solid and long-lasting than the aqua piston system as it is not dependent on the rubber flapper system. 

Final Verdict

The modern market is about quality and competition. If you want a long-lasting flush, then a canister is there for you, and if you need a more stringent flushing mechanism, then undoubtedly go for the aqua piston flush system.


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