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WASHLET vs. WASHLET+ vs. Bidet: All the Key Differences

What is a bidet?

Bidets are heavily architectural and designed to clean the bottom regions after using the toilet. You are not using the toilet paper, but you basically sit on the fixture and turn on its faucet water line and a stream of water. The mainstream difference between the bidet and the washlet is that the former has a system where the predecessor is going to use the splash of water at the genital and the lower section of the body, and the other one is used to have automatic sanctions of system where it is very much common to be in a driver seat as you can control each and every mechanism of the product. 

Advantages of a bidet toilet:

Among the various positive side of the bidet, some of the points are depicted here to make sure that people feel interested in purchasing the bidet toilet.

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In terms of operability and using the minimum water in the context of eco-friendliness, the bidet is the ultimate warrior in these sections. It uses less than a gallon of water in terms of operation and maintenance. That saves a lot more water than traditional toilets, and the bidets are certified by the ADA as they fulfill the requirements of eco-friendly and it also fulfills the sense and requirement of the WaterSense products. So save a log the next time you drop a log by using a bidet instead of toilet paper.


Bidet is actually the greatest alternative to tissue paper, and you need not use the paper to clean yourself as there is an automatic system for making the lower portion of the body clean and safe. It prevents unwanted growth of germs and miniatures in the body parts and protects these highly contagious areas from unwanted infections and bacteria. Advantages of a bidet toilets

Mobility Issues are kept in mind.

Bidets are considered a blessing for disabled people because they do not need to wipe their asses. A gentle sprinkle of water and droplets of water is enough to clean their backside. Some people find it difficult to reach the anal as they might have some sort of issues regarding back or armpit pain.

Less prone to clogging

The bidets are not that clogged as you do not dispose of the toilet paper in the bidet. Toilet papers are the most wanted criminals in surrounding the toilet with a bad bump of clogs and sludges. Just sit on the bidet and press the dial button, and it will make you clean.  

A symbol of hygiene 

You can consider the bidet as a premium version of hygiene and satisfaction. In traditional toilets, you need to wipe your own ass, but the bidet is the device that does the dirty work for you. So your hands do not be surrounded by bacteria and germs. The bidet is something new and efficient way of enjoying the toilet.

Comparison: Washlet vs. Washlet PlusComparison Between Washlet and Washlet Plus

What is a Washlet?

The washlet is comparatively a newer dimension of the item in the market, and there is nothing more aesthetic than a washlet in the bathroom; it is designed ideally based on the concept of cleansing and hygiene. If we say it in fewer words, it is a seamless device for effectively washing the anal section or the lower bottom part of the body after using the toilet. There is some effective set of flushing. The main thing that has been considered in this aspect is the heavy use of droplets in cleaning the anal. The most fantastic part is that you can control the flow and direction of water, and you don’t even need any kind of tissue paper to serve the aspect, so there is less chance of clogging the toilet.

What is a Washlet+? 

Washlet plus is a full system, including a washlet seat and toilet. It is the updated version of the washlet, and it provides seamless integration of the washlet Bidet Seat with a tremendous version of the water and electrical system. Washlet+ has an elegant mixture of western culture and ambiance appearance, and it makes cleaning more simplistic and easier because there are fewer places for dust and debris to collect. The Washlet+ can be very handy in maintaining just what you need inside the washroom. 

Item: Only bidet seat bidet seat+ toilet
Features: Less More
Cords & hoses: Visible Concealed/Hidden
Interchangeable: No No
Price: High Very Expensive
Toto Models:
  • C200
  • C500
  • S550E

Advantages of a Washlet Toilet:

The advantages of a washlet bear no measure, and nothing is much more helpful than a washlet as it is a new form of hygiene in the bathroom. Some of the advantages of the washlet are, Advantages of a Washlet Toilet

  • Washlet is a new way of cleaning the under the section of the body parts, and you do not need to use tissue paper or any other elements for wiping anal and genital portions as the droplets of water may do the work for you. 
  • Washlet has an automatic generation of tremendous forces, and the direction of the water flow can also be controlled with the help of an artificial intelligence factor, 
  • The washlet is a more hygienic and real-life experience of cleaning the dirty parts of the body after every use. 
  • Washlets add a newer dimension of credibility, and effectiveness lies within a simple and realistic performance. It makes the bathroom ambulance more secure and safe as there are no discrepancies in odor disruption. 

Differences among Washlet+, Bidet, and Washlet Toilets:

Here is a comparative analysis of these three devices, 

  • Washlet is a device with a filtering and cleansing option and a separate entity of its own. On the other hand, the bidet is incorporated with a separate machine with a vigorous flow of water droplets to clean the anal. And if we talk about the Washlet, it is a combination of toilet and bidet, so you get all the features you need here. 
  • In bidet, you do not need to use toilet paper as it cleans you automatically, but on the other hand, the rest of them has the advantage of using tissue paper seamlessly.
  • Bidet is a great composure for the disabled and sick person, so it has several more options like the warm toilet seat, lighting seat, ultra slim bowl, and cogent looks that make it the ultimate of the two. Washlet+ has none of the options, but it can drag down the clogs and waste really easily.
  • The bidet is more costly than the other two as it is verified with a huge sum of amenities. So if you are searching for a better option, then the washlet could be safer.

Target Buyers: Washlet vs. Washlet + vs. Bidet

Who should buy a bidet toilet?

Bidets are most suitable for disabled people because the process is completely automatic, and nothing is to be done without sitting and pooping. You didn’t need to use tissue paper. That is another adorable phenomenon.

Who should buy a Washlet toilet?

The washlet is much more common in the USA. People of all ages, especially ladies, feel comfortable using this device as it enables them to reach water in the exact area they want. It is also great for old customers as it provides maximum benefit.

Who should buy a Washlet+ toilet?

It is the rectified version of the washlet that comes with a full unit. Moreover, it integrates the washlet Bidet seat and toilet, so you get all the features in a single device. So it is superior among the three. From children to adults, even the female can use this without any inconvenience.


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