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How to: 6 Ways to Cover the Toilet Waste Pipe

The water and waste pipes of a toilet are barriers to the fantastic look of the toilet inside. So, some toilet users want to hide the pipes because they want an aesthetic view of the toilet. But it is not possible to have a traditional toilet without waste pipes. There are several ways to cover toilet waste pipes.

How to Cover Toilet Waste Pipe?

Hide the pipes behind the bathroom furniture

This can greatly help you solve the problem in the easiest way possible. If your bathroom space is large enough, you can keep several freestanding pieces of furniture inside it. If you keep the furniture directly in front of the pipes, they will cover the pipes easily.

Be careful; you must not keep the pieces of furniture too near the pipes. Otherwise, the furniture can break or damage the pipes if you move them carelessly.

Build a false wall

Another task is to conceal the waste pipes within a toilet. It is popular, and many people are applying this process because the wall is temporary. Generally, wood, steel, and cardboard are utilized for making the wall. The walls are lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.

Use potted plants

The potted plants are now used in many houses to increase their artificial outlook. There are both artificial and natural potted plants available. You can easily keep and cover the plants in front of your toilet pipes. However, the plants are suitable for increasing the beauty of the bathroom.

Use pipe covers

There are several types of aesthetic pipe covers available on the market. You can collect the appropriate ones using your bathroom pipes. Finally, attach them to the pipes and enjoy an excellent view of your bathroom inside.

This wrapping process is very easy because the pipe covers are similar in size to the existing pipes. However, if there is a beautiful design on the pipe cover, it will be more aesthetic.

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Paint the pipe with the wall color

If looking at the pipes inside your bathroom is terrible, there is an excellent way to solve it. You have to find out which paint color is similar to the bathroom wall color. Now, paint the pipes with the color and look at the bathroom inside. The lines will not be shown easily.

Wooden covers

The wood is the ingredient that covers the pipe, increasing the bathroom’s beauty and saving the pipe from any unwanted hits. Covering the pipe with wood pieces is a very easy process. First, you have to cut some wood according to the size of the pipe so that it can cover the entire pipe. Now, fix them to the pipe and attach them to each other by using glue. Finally, paint the outside of the wood pieces the same color as the wall.

You must use wood pieces to get the proper utility out of covering a toilet pipe.

What are the reasons for covering the toilet pipes with wood pieces?

Increasing the beauty of the toilet is the major reason for covering the toilet pipes. But some other reasons indicate that covering the pipes with wood pieces is the best way.

  1. A toilet-pipe cover is an essential protection against mold. So, if you want to prevent mold from accumulating with the pipes, use wooden covers. 
  2. Wooden covers are stiffer than plastic or any other type of cover. So they can easily save the pipes from damage.
  3. The wooden board is on the surrounding surface of the toilet pipe. So it prevents sand and any other dust from accumulating.
  4. A wooden pipe cover helps prevent several strikes to the toilet pipe. So, it decreases the pipe-damaging possibility.

Why should I be safe from a leaky toilet pipe?

The gas coming from it is harmful to our health. When the toilet pipe leaks, it releases a vast amount of toilet gas and a bad smell inside the bathroom. So, the vapor enters your body when you use the bathroom. To avoid health risks, you have to use a cover to prevent the pipe from leaking.

Final thoughts

Considering all the ways, we can suggest that covering the toilet pipes with wood is the best solution. It is not only for increasing beauty but also for ensuring safety. However, other methods of concealing the waste pipe will be appropriate depending on the toilet user’s affordances and time.


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