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Can a Retainer Dropped in the Toilet Be Disinfected? 

It is a terrible event when the retainer drops into the toilet. But you can use it again by properly cleaning and disinfecting it. While recovering a retainer from the toilet, you have to take proper care of hygiene. Otherwise, you can be infected by any germ in the toilet while rescuing the necessary thing.

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How to Disinfect a Retainer Dropped in the Toilet?

Go through the following steps to recover the retainer or any other thing from the toilet:

Put on a pair of gloves to protect your hands: You cannot touch the inside of the toilet bowl with your hand because the surface is full of dirt and germs. So, wearing hand gloves is the first safety task.

Complete the task quickly: A toilet is a place for several types of germs. So, you must not keep your hands inside it for a long time. Whenever you find the retainer inside the toilet bowl, you must pick it up quickly.

Clean the retainer: The most important task should now take place. This step determines how thoroughly your retainer can be disinfected. Certain types of disinfectant solutions help you keep anything germ-free.

The following solutions are mostly used for cleaning the dirty retainer:

i) Toothpaste

It is the best solution because it is directly used for cleaning our teeth, which is related to a retainer. Take a toothpaste-soaked brush. Apply the brush to the retainer and rub it carefully. Finally, rinse the retainer with hot water because it removes the germs more quickly.Useing Toothpaste for cleaning retainer

ii) Use baking soda

There is extensive use of baking soda. This ingredient can be used as a dish cleaner and even a toilet cleaner.Use baking soda

If you want to clean the retainer after rescuing it from the toilet, you must melt baking soda in hot water. Now, soak the retainer in the mixture for a few minutes. Finally, rub the retainer with a clean cloth or toothbrush and rinse it with water.

iii) Use hydrogen peroxide

Another option for cleaning a dirty retainer is hydrogen peroxide. But you must remember that hydrogen peroxide is harmful and risky. So, you have to wear a face mask, eye protection, and hand gloves before applying the ingredient to your retainer.Use hydrogen peroxide

Pour a sufficient amount of hydrogen peroxide solution into a pot. You should take enough material so that the retainer can sink into the solution. Now, dip it for about 30 seconds and take the retainer out. Finally, rinse it with clean water and let it air dry.

iv) Sanitizer

After the COVID situation, hand sanitizer has become very popular. It is an excellent disinfectant that will keep you safe from germs.Sanitizer for cleaning retainer

Take sufficient hand sanitizer on a brush and abrade the retainer with it. Now, rinse the retainer with soapy water and use it again.

v) Soap and water

It is a simple process to clean your retainer. But you must use a bar of antibacterial soap because it will remove the germs from the retainer quickly. However, using regular soap or detergent is difficult. After rescuing the retainer, you have to wash it with soap and water to disinfect it. Rub the retainer carefully, and then wash it.

vi) Dishwasher

When your retainer falls into a toilet bowl, you should disinfect it quickly. As there is a vast amount of bacteria and other germs in the toilet, you must find the best cleaning process to remove all the germs.

A dishwasher is one of the best cleaners. Remove the retainer from the toilet bowl, rinse it with water, and enter it into a dishwasher. Now turn on the device and start the washing process. You must add a drop of bleach here and bleach it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Finally, take out the retainer, rinse it with water, and use it again.

vii) Vinegar

It is yet another common ingredient that can be used to clean your retainer easily. Take sufficient distilled white vinegar in a transparent jar and soak your retainer in it. Now, take a toothbrush and clean the retainer for a few seconds. Finally, rinse the retainer with water and use it again.clean your retainer with vinegar

Final Thought

  • Is cleaning and using a retainer that has fallen into the toilet harmful?

The retainer collects a large number of germs from the toilet. So, you should not use it again and wash it with only water. But if you apply harsh cleaning solutions, the germs can be removed. So, be careful about cleaning the retainer before using it.

  • Should I clean a retainer for too long?

No, because it is harmful to the retainer. Generally, hot water is utilized to clean a retainer after rescuing it from the toilet. When you soak it in hot water for a long time, it will dissolve in the water. Moreover, harsh chemicals can break down the retainer easily. So, spend a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes on the cleaning task.

The process mentioned in this article will help you have a germ-free retainer again. Be careful about personal safety. Otherwise, any accident while performing this task is possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best methods to disinfect a retainer?

  • Disinfecting a retainer can be done using denture cleaners, diluted bleach solutions, or retainer-specific disinfecting solutions.

Is it safe to use bleach to disinfect a retainer?

  • Using a diluted bleach solution (1 part bleach to 10 parts water) is effective, but it must be thoroughly rinsed afterward.

How long should a retainer be soaked to disinfect it?

  • Soaking time varies depending on the disinfectant used, but it typically ranges from 5 to 20 minutes.

Can boiling water be used to disinfect a retainer?

  • Boiling water is not recommended as it can warp the retainer’s shape.

Are there any household items that can disinfect a retainer?

  • Vinegar or baking soda solutions can be used, but they may not be as effective as commercial disinfectants.

How often should a retainer be disinfected?

  • Regular cleaning is recommended daily, with a thorough disinfection once a week or after accidental contamination.

Can alcohol-based solutions be used to disinfect a retainer?

  • Alcohol-based solutions are not recommended as they can damage the retainer material over time.

What should be avoided when disinfecting a retainer?

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, or hot water, as these can damage the retainer.

Is it necessary to see a dentist after dropping a retainer in the toilet?

  • Consulting a dentist for advice on disinfection and to check for any damage is advisable.

Can ultraviolet (UV) light be used to disinfect a retainer?

  • UV light sanitizers designed for dental appliances can be effective, but ensure they are compatible with your retainer.

How can I prevent my retainer from getting contaminated?

  • Always store your retainer in its case when not in use, and avoid leaving it in places where it can be easily contaminated.

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