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How to Make a DIY Toilet Tank Lid Cover?

The lid cover is one of the essential parts of a toilet tank. Since a tank stores toilet flushing water, it must have a suitable lid to keep the flashing water clean.

Sometimes, the toilet tank lid can be broken or lost for any reason. So, you should make a new lid to cover the tank. The lid should be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing so that the toilet user does not notice the emptiness of the original lid. Now, we are going to discuss making a perfect DIY toilet lid cover.

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What can I use for making a DIY toilet tank lid cover?

There are several suitable materials for preparing a toilet tank lid. The tank is made of porcelain clay. Wood is the most suitable one for covering it. But you can also use other materials to prepare a toilet tank lid, including plastic, plywood, and even fabric.

Gorilla grip toilet lid coverGorilla grip toilet lid cover

This type of cover saves toilet lids from dirt and increases the beauty of the lid’s outlook. Gorilla grip covers are now very popular among people. However, these toilet lid covers will protect the toilet outside from any scratches.

There are several gorilla grip toilet lid covers in online marketplaces. They are available in several colors. So, you can easily purchase the suitable one by combining it with your bathroom surface.  

Kangaroo toilet lid coverKangaroo toilet lid cover

These covers are also made of durable materials. These covers are available in several colors, including hot pink, light gray, red, seafoam, white, and others. But, the Kangaroo toilet lid cover has a problem. It may not be perfect in size for fitting on every lid. So, you must measure your toilet lid efficiently before purchasing this lid cover. 

toilet tank lid coverFabric toilet tank lid cover

These types of toilet tank lid covers are suitable for aesthetic purposes. You can also use the lid cover when your toilet tank lid is okay. The cover is not to be used in place of the lid. It is used on the existing lid to increase the beauty of the tank.

Paper toilet lid cover

Paper toilet lid coverIt is true that paper stickers are greatly used to increase the beauty of anything. If you want to use paper as the cover of your toilet tank lid,

First, measure your toilet tank lid and cut a piece of paper according to the size of the lid. Now, process the paper and make a tank cover so that it attaches strictly to the lid. Your paper toilet lid cover is ready now. You can put a beautiful design on paper if you are an artist.

The process of making a toilet tank lid

Now we are discussing the process of making a toilet tank lid. There are several easy steps, and you have to follow them consistently.

Step 01: Measure the toilet tank

This is the first task; your toilet tank lid will be prepared according to this measurement. Take a measuring tape and gauge the size of the length and width of the toilet tank.

Step 02: Open the lid

Now take the plastic, wooden, or fabric piece and cut it according to the measurement of the toilet tank. The size of the lid will be slightly larger than the tank in height and width so that it can perfectly fit with the tank.

Step 03: Cut the narrow stripes

Take the perfect measurement of the stripes so that they can be attached to the lid. Now, you can apply glue to attach them to your toilet tank lid cover.

Step 04: Attach the lid cover

If you attach the lid to the tank before drying the glue, it will be detached again. Finally, attach the toilet tank lid cover. Your toilet tank is ready with the new lid.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I make a toilet tank lid cover when the tank is not rectangular-shaped?

There are some exceptional toilet tanks that are not fully rectangular. In this situation, you have to cut the piece of the lid cover slightly larger so that it can cover the entire surface of the lid area.

  • Can I repair a broken lid on a toilet tank?

Generally, the lids of toilet tanks are made of porcelain clay. It can be broken by falling on or hitting it against it. If the lid cover is cracked or broken, you can apply a ceramic glue seal to fix it.

  • Is it possible to make my own toilet tank lid?

If you do not want to replace a broken porcelain lid on your toilet tank, you yourself can make a lid with a wooden piece. Wood is a durable material, and it looks very beautiful if it is perfectly burnished. However, you can also make a wooden lid with a carpenter.

Final thoughts

This discussion can be helpful for every toilet user in two ways. The different toilet lid covers are now part of the aesthetic solutions in our home. Moreover, we should never neglect to replace a broken lid to prevent toilet tank water from becoming dirty.


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