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Mansfield 160 vs. 210 vs. 211 Flush Valve Comparison

Your toilet is the most sensible thing in your bathroom as it is a complex mixture of different parts, comprising another horizon of altitudes in your home’s ambiance. Nothing is more confusing than a battered and stigmatized toilet, as it can be a major point of pain in your day-to-day life. Among the numerous toilet parts, you could be beleaguered by one of the tiniest if it has gone to the dogs, and that part is the toilet’s flush valve. This article will illustrate three of the most dominant flush valves in the market: Mansfield 160, Mansfield 210, and Mansfield 211. There will also be an extensive comparison of these fabulous flush valves.

What is a toilet flush valve?

The flush valve is part of the toilet that initiates a successful flush, and it is the toilet part at the lower portion of the tank through which water flows from the tank to the bowl during flushing. This valve inside the tank will push water through the bowl. Most toilets consist of a lever or push button activator that is used to recheck the flush valve. The tank ball or floating weight has deeply been invaded and triggers the trip lever when someone presses the flush button. Thus a flush valve operates throughout the entire life cycle.

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Short overview of Mansfield 160 flush valve

The Mansfield 160 flush valve is the most basic and primitive collection from the ever-trending brand Mansfield. This can provide a price-worthy benefit in terms of its level of making, and this is manufactured from top-class plastic material and can emit 1.6 gallons per flush. Mansfield is providing a one-year warranty on this product.Mansfield 160

Quick overview: Mansfield 210 flush valve

The Mansfield 210 flush valve is a tremendous valve that is compatible with the sister concerning items, and it comes with two Extra rubber seals with the Mansfield Flush Valve. This flush valve and seals fit both Mansfield 210 and 211. The flush valve only flushes the amount of water admissible in the toilet tank by the fill valve. It is one of the most selling flush valves in the market.Mansfield 210

Mansfield 211: Key features at a glance

Mansfield 211 is the most advanced and most efficient product on the horizon of the flush valve. It is a premium 2-inch Flush Valve made of A-grade plastic capable of emanating 1.6 gallons per flush. It is threaded with a 2-inch nut and gasket that belongs to the real durable materials used by the renowned Mansfield company. It is far ahead of the other Flush Valves in terms of compatibility and efficiency.Mansfield 211 Flush valve

Quick comparison chart: Mansfield 160 vs. 210 vs. 211

Point of comparison Mansfield 160 Mansfield 210 New Mansfield 211
Capacity of flushing  1.6 GPF water 3.5 GPF water 1.6 GPF water
Durability  2 to 3 years 4 to 5 years 4 to 5 years
Level of installation  A lot easier Comparatively easier  Complex and tiresome
Weight of the product 6 pounds 6 pounds 8 pounds
Dimension of item 10 by 6 by 12.44 in 18.58 by 10.36 by 12.44 in 3.25 by 3.25 by 12 in
Material used  A grade Plastic A grade Plastic Premium Plastic
Warranty issue  one year Extensive one year Extensive one-year

Detailed comparison: Mansfield 210 vs. 211 vs. 160

We have seen a short and quick summary of the three products that are reigning supreme in the market. Now it is time to throttle shuffle all the ins and outs of these items comparatively and uniquely,

Compare the flushing capacity:

The capacity of flushing is always a notable consideration when buying a flush valve; actually, it is that x-factor that defines the efficiency of a flush valve. The 210 flush valve has a flush capacity of 3.5 gallons each flush, and on the other hand, both the Mansfield 211 and Mansfield 160 have a flushing capacity of  1.6 gallons each flush. So in terms of the flushing capacity, the 210 is far ahead of the rest of the two.  

The method of installation:

If we look at the chart above, we will see that both Mansfield 160 and 210 are comparatively easier than Mansfield 211. So in terms of ease of installation, you can choose Mansfield 160 or 210. You can use the M7 drill bit to install the 210 and the M42 drill bit to install the Mansfield 211.Installation of flush valve

Durability and warranty features:

It is more pertinent from the table that the Mansfield 211 and 210 are far more durable and long-lasting than the Mansfield 160. As Mansfield 211 is one of their signature products, they use the most sophisticated and most durable plastic materials in making the product 211 and 210 rather than the Mansfield 160. 

If we come to the warranty scheme, then each of them is in an equal position, and Mansfield is providing an expensive one-year warranty on each of the items. Whatever the warranty scheme, we recommend the Mansfield 211 and 210 if we consider the durability aspects.

Pricing factor:

If we talk about the most enticing factor of them all, then the pricing factor comes. The Mansfield 211 is one of the most economical and compact among these three items. It can also endure excessive high pressure and freezing temperatures for many years without failure. The Mansfield 210 is comparatively cheaper in terms of its efficiency. The 211 has one-fourth-inch copper tubing that can be very promising in the aspect of plumping. Mansfield 160 is the least preferable element in this list.

Final Verdict: Which one better suits your toilet?

Now comes the conclusion, and after all those discussions, it is time to settle the dispute among the most annoying and never-ending debates: which is the most price-worthy among the Mansfield 211, 210, and 160? If you have gone through this informative article, you can see that different flush valves are winners in different categories. Some of them are economical with a humongous list of features and attributes, and on the other hand, some have a more extensive capacity for flushing, and some products are more durable than others.

Why is Mansfield 211 the most worthy?

The most crucial is the pricing factor. After summing up all their discussions, we must recommend Mansfield 211 as the winner among these three in terms of all aspects. It is more budget-friendly than the other two and is much more capable of serving you for a long time. Though the capacity of flushing is slightly less than 210, if we summarize all the established aspects and features, then we can say that 211 is one step ahead of the two. This is truly our recommendation based on the research, and people can have different opinions. So we suggest you analyze the market before buying a new flush valve. Otherwise, you will be cheated badly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I replace a Mansfield 160 with a 210 or 211 valve?
    • Yes, you can generally replace a Mansfield 160 with a 210 or 211 valve, as they are designed to fit the same toilets. However, check compatibility with your toilet model before purchasing.
  2. Are Mansfield 210 and 211 valves water-efficient?
    • Yes, both the 210 and 211 valves are designed to be more water-efficient compared to the older 160 models, with the 211 being particularly suitable for low-flow toilets.
  3. How do I adjust the water level with these flush valves?
    • The water level can be adjusted by turning the screw on the top of the valve. Clockwise turns lower the water level, while counterclockwise turns raise it.
  4. Can I use the same flapper for all these valves?
    • Generally, Mansfield valves require specific flappers, so ensure you get the one designed for the model you have (160, 210, or 211).
  5. What’s the typical lifespan of these valves?
    • With proper maintenance, these valves can last several years, but factors like water quality and frequency of use can affect their lifespan.
  6. Are they easy to install for a DIYer?
    • Yes, these valves are designed for easy installation and should be manageable for someone with basic DIY skills.
  7. Do Mansfield 210 and 211 flush valves require special tools for installation?
    • No special tools are required; basic plumbing tools like a wrench and screwdriver are typically sufficient.
  8. Is there a warranty for these flush valves?
    • Mansfield typically offers a warranty for their flush valves, but it’s best to check the specific terms for the model you purchase.
  9. Where can I find replacement parts for these valves?
    • Replacement parts can be found at most hardware stores or ordered directly from Mansfield or plumbing supply websites.
  10. How do I troubleshoot a leaking Mansfield flush valve?
    • Check the flapper and seal for wear and replace if necessary. Also, ensure the chain is properly adjusted and not too tight or loose.
  11. Can the Mansfield 210 or 211 valves be adjusted for a stronger flush?
    • Yes, you can adjust the flush volume by altering the water level in the tank and checking the flapper settings for a more effective flush.

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