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How often can you use Drano in your toilet? (Clog remover)

What is Drano Cleaner?

Drano is a powerful drain cleaner with a much more stringent and corrosive nature that can be devastating for human health. Most plumbers and experts believe that Drano is not that effective in cleaning the tile and other kitchen utensils. Drano is a fan favorite in countries like the USA, Canada, and western countries. The chemicals in Drano gallop up anything that is causing clogs in the pipe system. These chemicals’ sheer strength can cause inevitable defects to plastic and metal pipes.                                                                                          

How Does Drano Clog Remover Work?

A special substance is used in the Drano, which is the Lye. The Lye can decompose organic material such as hair, grease, and dead skin cells in a matter of minutes. The Lye is heated up, and it speeds up the decomposition process. Lye vehemently reacts with the grease to create another soft foam-like substance, and then warm water dissolves this soapy solution, and it faces another irresistible chemical reaction with the aluminum, which produces hydrogen bubbles, and the bubbles finally soften the adamant sludge, and warm water pushes them from their position. Thus clogs are cleared within the process.How Does Drano Clog Remover Work

How often should I use Drano?

As Drano is a powerful bleach-containing element, it can cause irreparable damage to the drainage pipe, and using too much of this element can wreak havoc on the internal pipe system. So it has been suggested to use this once or twice a month. But if you witness too many clogs in the system, then you can use this more than the prescribed time.   

How to use Drano For Toilets?

Drano uses the thick bleach formula to remove any type of waste and grease. It works great to remove hair, organic waste, and scums. While cleaning and using the product, you need to be watchful enough because this item causes severe toxicity and can be harmful to the scalp or the skin. Here is a detailed overview of how to use this product, 


The first step is to carefully open the bottle’s cap and ensure that that liquid won’t pour into the hand as it is very corrosive and can burn the skin.  


In the next step, you need to apply the drain cleaner to the clogged drain and then wait for some time. The fast cleaning technology and easy clean mechanism eradicate almost all the clogs and dirt from the drain. After applying the drain cleaner, wait for some time, nearly about 30 minutes. 


After waiting for some time, you need to apply warm water in the passage of the drain. You can use a scrubber in case the clog is too stubborn. If the clog is too stubborn, then you can repeat the process several times. 


If the clog does not seem to disappear, then you can use the baking powder with Drano. And then the process is almost the same as before. After applying the mixture of these two again, wait for some time and rinse them with warm water. 


After using the cleaner, you need to close the bottle’s cap; otherwise, the bottle of cleaner may cause damage to the skin. 

Advantages of using Drano in toilets:

  • The most useful point of Drano is that it is very simple to use. You don’t require any out-of-the-box skills or techniques. You need to simply open the bottle and pour some of the quantity of it down the drain and see how it magically disappears all the clogs.
  • It can remove adamant clogs in no time. Most of the clogs can be removed in a blink of an eye, and it will take not more than half an hour.
  • Another triumph of Drano is that it is inexpensive and budget friendly. You can buy a bottle of Drano by investing not more than ten bucks.
  • It works tremendously on clogs like hair, chewing gum, food, or grease. Most of the time, our drains get clogged with hair and dust. Drano can work colossally in these types of acute clogs.

Disadvantages Of Using Drano?

  • Drano can vehemently damage the inner portion of the pipes. Drano’s ingredients can, unfortunately, corrode pipes, and constant exposure can lead to small cracks in the pipe. 
  • One of Drake’s most crucial negative aspects is that its ingredients are unfriendly to the environment. The balance of the sewage ecosystem could face extreme austerity. 
  • Drano is too corrosive, so in contact with pets and children can damage the instinct. So always reserve it in a higher place or at the upper portion of a shelf.

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