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8 Best No Clog Toilet Reviews 2020

One of the trickiest things about handling a toilet is clogging. A clogged toilet is very disgusting, and that’s why many people prefer getting a clog-free toilet.
Are you experiencing a lot of blockage in your toilet and want to replace it with a clog-free toilet? Worry not as you are in the right place. We have carried out thorough research and selected the best no-clog toilets. The toilets are not only efficient during the clearing of waste, but they also have outstanding features. Read this Best No clog Toilet review to know more.

Best No Clog Toilet Comparison Chart

The best no-clog toilets feature a large flush valve and a large trapway. A proper no clog toilet should have a 3-inch or higher flush valve and a 2-3/8-inches trapway or larger. This will ensure that the flush is very powerful, and the large trapway provides enough space for clearing large masses.

Top 8 Best No Clog Toilet Reviews 2020

Here are the best no clog toilet:

Toto MS854114ELG#01 Eco Ultramax ADA Elongated Toilet

First on our list of the best no-clog toilets is the Toto Ultramax one-piece toilet. Made of vitreous china construction, the Toto Ultramax one-piece toilet is one of the best no clog toilet out there. It is also durable and will last for a very long while. The toilet features a large 3-inch flush valve that is 125% larger than the standard 2-inch flush valve. Together with the broader, 2-1/8-inch fully glazed trapway, you will not witness clogging problems often.

Technical Specifications of the TOTO Eco Ultramax ADA Elongated One Piece Toilet:

Features Toto MS854114ELG#01
Color/Finish: Cotton White
Bowl Rim Height: 16-1/2-Inch
Pieces: One-Piece
Shape: Ovalelongated
Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
Material: Vitreous China
Weight: 75 pounds
Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty
Seat Height: 17-Inch
Flush Type: Gravity Flush Toilets
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Certification: Watersense

Additionally, the toilet is beautifully designed to blend with most bathrooms easily. The tank and bowl integrate seamlessly, making the toilet look lovely and easy to clean. There is no space left between the tank and bowl; hence, leakages won’t be experienced as well.

What we liked most about this toilet is its efficient E-Max flushing system that clears waste in a single flush. The E-max flushing system delivers a powerful flush, and this is thanks to the large 3-inch flush valve. Because of this, you won’t experience clogs.

The toilet is also comfortable as it has an elongated bowl and a comfort height. This makes it perfect for restrooms and private bathrooms. After all, it is also ADA compliant. When it comes to clean, you won’t have to sweat as the Sanagloss glaze keeps the toilet lean most of the time.

American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion 4 Right Height Toilet

For those looking for the best no clog toilet that can clear large masses, the American Standard Champion 4 one-piece toilet the perfect choice. Fitted with a large 4-inch piston flush valve and the industry-leading large 2-3/8-inch trapway, this toilet has the ability to move 70 percent larger masses than conventional toilets.

Technical Specifications of the American Standard Champion-4 Right Height – 1.6GPF

Features American Standard Champion 4 Toilet
Piece: One-Piece
Water Consumption: 1.6 GPF
Material: Porcelain Toilets
Fully glazed: 2-3/8-inch fully-glazed trapway
Weight 119 pounds
Shape: Elongated
100% factory flush tested: Yes
Flush Type: Siphon Jet
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Color: White
White finish: Yes
Size: 4
Comfort Height: Yes
Warranty: Limited 10-Year Warranty

This is exceptional for such an excellent and elegant toilet. The American Standard Champion 4 also comes with one of the best flushing systems, which is the champion 4 mechanism that eliminates waste with a lot of force. So, your toilet will rarely clog or leave behind waste after every flush.

On top of that, the toilet is comfortable to use and easy to install. Even though the toilet seat is not included, this should not be an indictment to the toilet. Besides, it is also water-efficient as it uses only 1.6 GPF. And since it has an EverClean surface, keeping the toilet clean is straightforward without having to use abrasive substances.

The unit can be installed in both residential bathrooms and public restrooms. It meets ADA standards, and it is effortless to maintain. Thanks to its one-piece design that has no place for dirt, debris, mold, and mildew to hide.

Overall, this is an exceptional toilet, and the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty to buyers. So, it is a good investment as it will save you the headache of flushing the toilets several times or unclogging it from time-to-time.

Woodbridge T-0019 Dual Flush Elongated One-piece Toilet

If you want a luxurious and comfortable best no clog toilet, then you’re better off with the Woodbridge T-0019 one-piece toilet. As sleek and lovely as this toilet looks, it is also very efficient in performance. It boasts of a siphon flushing design that delivers quiet and powerful flushing. As a result, reports of clogging will be almost zero.

Technical Features of the WOODBRIDGE T-0019, Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet with Soft Closing Seat, Comfort Height:

Features WOODBRIDGE T-0019
Material: Porcelain
Color: Cotton White
Flush Technology: Dual Flush System
Weight: 152 pounds
Water Consumption: 1.6 GPF
Piece: 1-piece
Seat: High-end Soft Closing Seat
Warranty: 5 year limited
Dimensions: 31 x 18 x 28 inches
Certification: Watersense
Shape: Elongated
Bowl Height: Comfort Height
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Flush Lever Location: Top

Apart from that, the toilet is beautifully designed to match most bathroom themes. But unlike other luxurious toilets, this unit is affordable. Also, it offers outstanding comfort to users as it has a comfort height and an elongated bowl. Therefore, it can accommodate people of different ages and disabilities.

Not only will you experience zero leakages, but you will also save water. Utilizing 1.0 GPF or 1.6 GPF for liquid and solid waste, respectively, the unit uses 1.28 GPF on average. This as well as means the toilet is accepted in all states in the country. Of course, it includes California and Texas with stringent water requirements.

With its skirted design, cleaning the toilet is made easy as you have no grooves and corners to scrub. Besides, this is a reliable toilet as the manufacturer provides a 5-year limited warranty.

Toto MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II best no clog toilet

It is a no-brainer to think of an efficient and outstanding toilet in performance, without thinking of Toto first. This is regardless of whether it is the Toto Ultramax II one-piece toilet or any other Toto toilet model. The Toto Ultramax II one-piece toilet is a fantastic and reliable toilet as it doesn’t clog.

Technical Specifications of the Toto Ultramax II Toilet – One Piece

Features Toto MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax
Piece: One-Piece
Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
MAP Testing Score: >= 800 (Highly Recommended)
Include: SoftClose seat
Material: Vitreous China
Shape: Elongated
Certification: WaterSense
Flush Type: Water Saving Tornado Flush system
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Color: Cotton White
SanaGloss finish: Yes
Universal Height Standard: Yes
Warranty : One-Year Limited Warranty

Featuring one-piece design, this toilet doesn’t have leakages, and it is easy to clean and maintain. The Toto Ultramax II one-piece toilet comes with a large trapway and a powerful double cyclone flush system that helps in getting rid of the waste in the bowl.

The toilet is also lovely with a 12-inch rough-in. This means that it will fit in most modern bathrooms easily. Furthermore, it has a soft-close seat that simplifies things for many users as there is no slamming or hurting of fingers. The seat closes slowly and quietly. So, the toilet is safe for your kids, and the seat will last longer.

Since the toilet is ADA compliant, even the elderly or those with mobility problems will enjoy utilizing the toilet. That’s not the only advantage as cleaning the toilet is also simplified. The Cefiontet glaze helps to keep dirt, debris, and stains from the toilet. So, you won’t have to clean the toilet regularly as poop and stains won’t stick on it.

American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 FloWise Two-Piece Single Flush Toilet

The American Standard FloWise two-piece toilet is perfect for individuals who want a compact and reliable toilet in their bathroom. With a MaP score rating of 1000 grams, you won’t have clogs in your toilet as it can move large masses efficiently. Aside from that, it comes with one of the best flushing systems in the cadet 3 flush system.

Technical Specifications of the American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise 2-Piece 1.28 GPF Single Flush

Features American Standard 2988101.020
Material: Vitreous China
Shape: Round
Piece: Two-Piece
Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
Certification: WaterSense
Flush Type: Water Saving Toilets
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Color: White
White finish: Yes
Flushing system: Cadet 3 flushing system
Right Height: Yes
Warranty : 5-Year Limited Warranty
Weight 75 pounds
Dimensions: 28.2 x 15.8 x 30.8 inches

Using 1.28 GPF, this toilet is water-efficient. It is actually EPA WaterSense certified, which means it can be mounted anywhere in the country. Additionally, the unit is simple to clean as it comes with a skirted design and has an EverClean surface. Both of these features aid in the ease of cleaning. The skirted design makes cleaning outside easy, while the EverClean surface prevents substances from sticking inside the toilet. It is one of the best flushing no clog toilet for the money.

Regardless of its compact style, the American Standard Cadet 3 two-piece toilet still offers comfort as it has the right height. Hence, people of different ages will have ample time using the toilet. But since it has a round bowl, some people may find it uncomfortable. So, figure out whether this toilet is ideal for you or not before buying it.

Furthermore, the unit includes a soft-close seat that prevents slamming, so you won’t hear the loud bangs that are associated with cheap toilet seats. Also, you will get a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Kohler K-3979-RA-0 Highline Comfort Height Toilet

Another quality and durable no-clog toilet on our list is the Kohler Highline two-piece toilet. This is a simple but stylish toilet that will change the look of your bathroom. Unlike most toilets on this list, this particular unit comes with a right-hand chrome trip lever. So, it is quite challenging to flush, but this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Technical Specifications of the Kohler K-3979-RA-0 Highline Comfort Height 1.6 gpf Toilet, Right-Hand Trip Lever

Features Kohler K-3979-RA-0
Material: Vitreous China
Shape: Elongated
Piece: Two-Piece
Water Consumption: 1.6GPF
3-bolt Installation: Yes
Flush Type: Gravity Flush
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Color: White
White finish: Yes
Class Five(R): Yes
Comfort Height: Yes
Warranty : One-year limited warranty
Weight 93 pounds
Dimensions: 49 x 43 x 41 inches

The toilet doesn’t have clogging issues, and this is partly because of its powerful and effective class five flushing system. This system delivers outstanding power that clears large masses in one flush. Besides, it only uses only 1.6 GPF, which makes it ideal for people who want to conserve water. Additionally, the 3-inch flush valve, which is one of the largest in the industry, helps to deliver a powerful flush that not only clears waste but as well as leaves the toilet looking clean.

In terms of comfort, this toilet is as comfortable as any other standard toilet on the market. It has an elongated bowl front and a chair height for ease of sitting down or standing up. So, whether you’ve got elderly people in the house or a person from surgery, they will all have an easy time utilizing the toilet.

With such a stylish look, this toilet will match with all types of toilets from contemporary to traditional style toilets.

Toto CST45CEFG#01 Drake II Two-piece Toilet

There is a reason why Toto is considered the best brand. Toto toilets have some of the best features, and they are very reliable in performance. That’s what you should expect when you invest in the Toto Drake II two-piece toilet. This toilet delivers an efficient flush, and it doesn’t clog. Thanks to the broad, 2-1/8-inch computer designed trapway that allows massive waste to pass through without any problem.

Technical Specifications of the TOTO Drake II 2-Piece Toilet with Elongated Bowl and Sanagloss

Features TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake II 2-Piece
Hardware Finish: Polished
Bowl Height with Seat: Chair height
Type: 2-piece
Outlet Location: Floor outlet
Bowl Height without Seat: 16-1/4-in
Maximum Flush Rate: 1.28 GPF (4.85 LPF)
Trapway Size: 2-1/16-in
Material: Vitreous china
Manufacturer Color/Finish: Cotton White
Flush Technology: Gravity fed
Bowl Shape: Elongated
Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty
Dimensions: 28.8 x 16.5 x 29.4 inches
Weight: 94 pounds
Flush Lever Location: Left side

The Toto Drake II two-piece toilet is a sleek and elegant toilet hat any homeowner would love to have. The toilet also offers comfort with the elongated bowl and universal height. It has four different finishes to choose from, and they are cotton white, bone, colonial white, and Sedona beige. As a result, you can always select the perfect color for your bathroom theme.

What’s more, the toilet delivers a powerful and efficient flush using the double cyclone flushing system. In the process, the Toto Drake II toilet uses 1.28 GPF that also makes it a high-efficiency toilet. Therefore, you will receive a lower water bill and save water at the same time. Besides, the flushing system is quiet and very reliable.

Now that the toilet comes with the tank and bowl separately installing, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, you will have to purchase a wax ring, bolts, and toilet seat to complete the installation.

Kohler 3810-95 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated Toilet

If you want an elegant and luxurious toilet that will not only change the look of your bathroom but as well clear waste efficiently and quickly, then the Kohler Santa Rosa comfort height toilet is for you. The Kohler Santa Rosa one-piece toilet has an outstanding appeal that will change the look of your contemporary bathroom.

Technical Specifications of the Kohler 1.28 gpf toilet Santa Rosa Comfort Height

Features Kohler Santa Rosa 3810-95
Material: Vitreous China
Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
Piece: Two-Piece
Shape: Elongated
Certification: WaterSense
Warranty : One-year limited warranty
Weight 102 pounds
Flush Type: Gravity Flush Toilets
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Color: Ice Grey
Ice Grey finish: Yes
Handle/Lever Placement: Left
Comfort Height: Yes
Dimensions: 31 x 20.8 x 29 inches

The toilet tank is seamlessly adjoined with the bowl to provide a nice looking and easy to clean toilet. Since there is no coupling between the tank and bowl, you won’t experience leakages. Also, cleaning is made easy as the gap that forms a breeding place for mold and mildew is eliminated. Additionally, the powerful AquaPiston flushing system helps to eradicate poop in the toilet with exceptional efficiency. Because of this, you won’t have clogging problems.

One of the most significant toilet issues is leakages. With the durable AquaPiston canister, you will not experience leakages. Apart from that, this unit comes with a left-hand chrome trip lever that makes flushing fast and straightforward.

The toilet will also help you to save water and receive a lower water bill at the end of the month. Different users will also be comfortable sitting down or standing up from the toilet as it boasts of an elongated bowl and comfort height.

With the toilets that we’ve listed above, you should no longer have clogging problems. The no-clog toilets on our list are some of the best with exceptional features. Not only do these toilets have an efficient flushing system, but they are also comfortable and elegant. But even if they are no clog toilets, you should not insert unwanted items in the toilet and flush them. Also, you should consider other features to ensure that you get the best toilet for your bathroom and people in the house.


Question: How do I know that the toilet I am buying won’t have clogging problems?
Answer: One of the features to look out for in a no-clog toilet is the size of the flush valve and trapway. The best no-clog toilets usually feature a large flush valve and large trapway. Choose a toilet that has a large flush valve than the standard 2-inch flush valve. You should do the same for the trapway and select one that is larger than 2-1/8-inches. A larger trapway allows more mass to pass through it, while a large flush valve pushes water with a lot of force when compared to a standard one.

Question: What flushing systems do no cog toilets use?
Answer: Even though there are several flushing systems on the market, some are known to be exceptional and powerful than others. If you want the best flushing system that will prevent your toilet from clogging, then you should consider getting a toilet with either pressure-assisted or gravity-feed flush systems. These two flushing systems are very efficient in performance and won’t let you down.

Question: What causes toilets to clog?
Answer: Several things cause the toilet to clog, and these include excess tissue paper, kid’s toys, wipes, and even small balls. That’s why you have to be careful and always watch the toilet if you have kids around the house. If you see any peculiar item in the bowl, you should check it first before pushing it down the drain. This is the best way to prevent your toilet from clogging.

Question: How can I unclog my toilet?
Answer: The first step to take when you have a clogged toilet is to know what caused it to jam. One of the natural causes of toilet clogging is using too much tissue paper. If that’s the case, then you need to use a plunger to unclog the toilet. The plunger forms a lot of suction to assist in getting rid of the blockage. And if the plunger doesn’t clear the blockage, then you can try mixing a cup of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar in your toilet. And if you don’t have baking soda and vinegar, then you can try out some few drops of dish soap. These will help you to unclog the toilet.

Still, have questions after reading this Best No Clog Toilet reviews article? Comment below.


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