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What to do when toilet water splashes on you?

Toilet water comes from the same source as fresh water, which is used for washing your hands and doing other essential tasks. So, the remaining water in the toilet bowl after flushing is not harmful. But, if you keep the toilet surface uncleaned, the water in the bowl may be dirty after a few minutes.

Toilet water splashing seems to be harmful, but we have to do something to prevent the problem.

What should you do when toilet water splashes on you?

Solution 01: Clean yourself

Mark the places in your body that have been touched by toilet water. Now, wash the skin with soap or handwash.

Solution 02: Use antibacterial

If you fear the presence of harmful bacteria in the toilet water, you have to remove yourself from the bacteria. So, you have to use an antibacterial soap that will kill a huge amount of bacteria in your body.

You should carefully clean the toilet surface, too. Significantly, the toilet water splashes on the toilet bowl, badly making the bowl dark.

Solution 03: Use toilet paper

Almost all of the toilet users keep a sufficient amount of toilet paper beside their toilet seats. They use the paper to clean their backs after using the toilet. Tissue paper is also an effective solution for cleaning toilet splashes from our bodies. If you want to solve the issue, you should take toilet paper and wipe the surface of your body that has been got touched by toilet splashing water. Use toilet paper

Is toilet bacteria harmful?

Toilet water is full of bacteria. Significantly, it contains a lot of fecal bacteria. If you touch a place that is contaminated with the ingredient and do not wash your hands properly, it will spread all over your body. Of course, when you eat with a dirty hand, the bacteria will enter your stomach and gradually make you ill. Three harmful bacteria are:

  1. E. Coli
  2. Salmonella
  3. Staphylococcus Aureus

There are several types of bacteria, and a significant difference in their lifetimes. Campylobacter and Salmonella strains can stay alive for four hours if they stay outside of our bodies. Finally, the bacteria die. On the other hand, staphylococcus aureus is the bacterium that leads to MRSA infections. They can live for several weeks. But they can have a shorter life if the weather conditions are not appropriate for them.

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How do I stop toilet water from splashing?

It is terrible to get a touch of splashed toilet water. Sometimes, the toilet users start vomiting because they cannot tolerate the dirty water coming from the toilet. But is there any way to stop toilet water from splashing?

Square-shaped tissue paper into the bowl

If your poop drops in the toilet bowl water and the water from the bowl splashes on your back, you can keep a square-shaped toilet paper on the commode water. It will prevent the force of water, so the same amount of water will not splash. Therefore, you can keep yourself safe from the dirt. 

Change the sitting position

All the parts of a U-shaped toilet bowl are not the same. If you sit on the side of the toilet bowl, you may get water splashed on your body because having less water increases the possibility of water splashing. So, you can change your position and sit in the middle of the toilet bowl.

Final thoughts

So, cleaning the toilet water splashed area on your body is the best way to make yourself clean. Therefore, you can also keep your pants and other clothes safe from the touch of dirty water from the toilet.


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