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How to remove stains from vinyl toilet seat? (5 cleaning tips)

Now, there are many types of toilets available on the market. Along with that, there are many sanitary items like various types of seats, water tanks, and flush systems that are also available. Vinyl toilet seats are one of them. If you own this type of seat, then you must know how to maintain and clean the stains. But if you are not, here we are talking about cleaning the vinyl seats in detail. I think this will help you in the future.

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Quick Reasons and Solutions:

Reasons Solutions for Removal
Mold and Mildew Use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean the seat.
Hard Water Stains Apply a paste of baking soda and water.
Urine Stains Clean with diluted bleach.
Dye from Cleaning Agents Rubbing alcohol can help remove dye stains.
Rust Stains Commercial rust removers that are safe for plastics can be used.
General Dirt and Grime A mixture of dish soap and warm water is effective for general cleaning.

What is a vinyl seat?

If you are thinking about renovating your old bathroom, you must research every little detail about the toilet on the market or on the internet. And you must buy this vinyl toilet seat. On the top of the toilet bowl is a soft plastic toilet seat that has been used for a long time. This is really polyvinyl chloride or PVC plastic. And this seat is used for user comfort. After using this cover for a long time, you may notice some spots or stains on it. This stain makes the toilet unhygienic and gives it an ugly look. So you must know how to maintain this vinyl seat on the toilet.vinyl toilet seat

How to clean vinyl toilet seat stains and dirt? (5 ways)

There are many ways to clean your plastic toilet seat. Some home remedies are also available on this list. We’ll just give the details below.

Using Bleach:

This chemical is widely used as a cleaning agent and is not reactive with plastic. And that’s why Bleach is the first choice on this list. Just take one part of bleach and mix it with two parts of water, then soak a cloth or rug in this solution. Lay the wet cloth over the stain of the vinyl seat and wait for 30 to 40 minutes. After that, scrub the toilet as usual, and I think you will get the expected result.How to clean vinyl toilet seat

Apply Vinegar:

This acid solution is a common thing in every kitchen. With this mild solution, many people love to clean their toilets, kitchens, glass, etc. And vinegar is very common in any market. It contains some organic materials that are very hard to stain. But it doesn’t harm the human body as much as the environment. For this method, dump any soft cloth or paper towel with vinegar. Cover the entire toilet seat for one to two hours, then remove it. After that, scrub the toilet with a soft sponge just like normal, and I think you will get your expected result after that. This process cleans the stain from the seat and disinfects the area very easily.

Add baking soda with elbow grease:

I think this is a very new method for you. You can use baking soda and elbow grease to remove the stain from the seat. For this method, first, use a germ-killing cleaner on the surface of the toilet seat. Rest this for 5-10 minutes, then clean it with a wet towel or paper towel. Mix one-quarter of the baking soda and add some warm water to it. Then smear the paste on the seat for 10-15 minutes. Clean the toilet with a regular scrubber and apply this paste to the marked area. Then scrub the stained area in a circular motion until it’s gone. Then wash the toilet with water, and you will get a bright toilet seat just like a new one.

Laundry detergent removes toilet seat stains:

The method we talked about before took a long time. If you are in a hurry, you can use detergent stains. Just mix power detergent with water and mix this perfectly. It should make a white paste. Apply this solution in a marked area; after 20 minutes, you will have a clean toilet seat.

Oxalic Acid:

In this list, this process is the fastest method. You can get oxalic acid on the market as “wood bleach.” Use this acid in the affected area very little. Wear protective gloves and strictly follow the instructions because this is acid. And after that, scrub the toilet for 2 to 5 minutes. This acid is primarily used to remove stubborn stains from toilet seats.Oxalic Acid For cleaning vinyl toilet

Other inconvenient ways to remove vinyl toilet seat stains:

There are many new ways to clean the toilet seat on the internet. For example, using a bleach-free toilet cleaner, Coca-Cola, and so on. If you want this way, ask Google to help you. There are many videos also uploaded on YouTube, and you can follow this from there. But I can’t assure you of those processes.


The toilet seat is the part of the toilet where it comes into contact with the human body. That’s why it’s really urgent to clean this area most often. Most of the time, seats are exposed on all sides, and urine can fall on the upper and underside of the toilet seat. Most of the time, this causes stains on the seat over time. And to maintain the bright seat, you need to clean the vinyl seat once a week, and if you wipe the toilet seat regularly, you will also get a fresh, stain-free vinyl toilet seat for a long time.


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