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How to manually flush the Zurn toilet when the sensor is not working?

People are now very fond of advanced technology. And most also think about the environment. They just want to collaborate with science and nature. And when it is about the toilet, you must hear about the Zurn toilet. They are very popular for making automatic flush toilets, and they also say that this flushing system is easy to use and saves water compared to the regular flushing toilet. But sometimes technology doesn’t give the expected result, and at that time, you need to know how to use an automatic toilet manually. Here I think I might be able to help you with all the information about using the Zurn automatic toilet manually.

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How Does the Zurn Automatic Toilet Flush Work?

Before talking about using this Zurn toilet manually, you must know how this automatic toilet works and how to use it. There is a sensor attached to the toilet flush valve above the cistern. After using the toilet, it senses the motion of the user and flushes it by itself. This sensor mainly captures the heat waves of the human body of the user, and when they move away after using the toilet, it flushes automatically, causing them to sense the loss of heat there.

Fix common flushing issues with the Zurn toilet:

There are many issues related to a failed flush of the toilet, like:

  • The valve won’t operate correctly. It mainly happens if the stop valve or supply valve is closed. So opening both of these valves will help to fix this issue.
  • Batteries are one of the most common issues many users face when using this Zurn or any automatic toilet. Suppose your flush battery is running out of its life. In that case, you face many issues like continuous flush after 10 seconds, the sensor stops working, the sensor doesn’t detect the user, etc., and there is one solution that changes the old one and installs a new battery.
  • User detection issues are also one of the most disturbing issues for this type of toilet. If the sensor is not installed properly or the valve is aimed at an angle, it faces the issue of finding the user of the toilet and stopping automatic flushing. For this reason, install the sensor properly at the right angle.

These are some basic issues with the flush valve. There is also no light on the display, sensor flush every 30 seconds, no water flush, dirty lens sensors, etc. are the reasons behind any missed flush system. Now you must know how to solve this type of issue. You are not a plumber, so you don’t know how to solve the problem.

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How do you manually flush the Zurn toilet?

At first, I told you that Zurn is an automatic flush toilet. That’s why it also has one additional button to flush the toilet, just like another automatic one. Every automatic toilet comes with one manual flushing button.manually flush the Zurn toilets

  • Method-1:

First, you need to find this out, and you can get help from the manual book that comes with the toilet. From there, you can find the button, hold the palm of your hand up to the toilet sensor for a few seconds, and take it away.

  • Method-2:

Another way is to take a piece of tissue paper and place it over the sensor. After finishing using the toilet, remove the paper from the sensor. These two processes are the best solutions to flushing any automatic toilet manually. This is also applicable to the Zurn toilet.


If you face any issues with the automatic flush system, I think you should first try to find the manual button and press it for the flush. If you don’t find the button, try another method to get rid of this issue. Just fill a bucket of water and pour it into the toilet bowl. Your waste will easily drain down without flushing the toilet.


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