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How do you install American Standard toilet seats by yourself?

Humans need toilets every day. That’s why this is the most used part of the home. Most families now prefer sitting toilets because they’re really easy to use. And the American standard is very popular in the sanitary world. They produce all types of toilets for different types of customers. And that’s why you can find various designed toilets and toilet functions there. And toilet seats are the most important part of every toilet. Sometimes you also want to know how to install them on top of the toilet bowl. Here you can find how to install this part of American Standard toilets so that you can do this on your own.

Where is a toilet seat located?

Before starting the process, start with the most basic part of the toilet, and that’s the toilet seat. Toilet seats are located at the top of the toilet bowl. The plastic or wooden trim around the top of the toilet bowl is used to support the back and buttocks and is also covered with a hinged top, mainly known as toilet seats. And this part is mainly used for safety; it remains as the wall between the human body and the toilet bowl so that it can reduce the transfer of germs from person to the toilet and person to person. Many toilet seat types are available on the market, but oval and ring-shaped are the most popular.toilet seat

Toilet Seat Type:

There are also different materials for toilet seats available on the market, like plastic, wooden, soft-close seats, ultra-slim seats, smart/bidet seats, etc., on this list. But most of the time, people use plastic or wood seats on the toilet. Plastic is easy to use and maintain, very durable, and also cheap in price. But if you like to add some luxury to your toilet, you can add wooden seat covers; it gives you the look of royalty there. The seat types you can find on American Standard toilets based on sizes are:

  • Elongated
  • Round
  • Square
  • Bidet, etc.

Guide: How to install American standard toilet seats?

Come to the main topic now, and you may find many types of toilet seats in this American Standard toilet. And that’s why installing the toilet seats is also different from each other.

Installing American Standard Elongated Toilet Seat:

At first, we are talking about installing the most common and popular toilet seat from American Standard, the Elongated. The manufacturer gives all the equipment for toilet seats with the set of toilets. So, you can find a rubber base, take it and install it on the hinges of the seat post. After that, slip the bolts into the washer and hinge holes. The hinge has a built-in washer with adjustable settings. Fix the washer by rotating it to your preference with the toilet bowl. Now it’s time to thread the bolts with nuts and tighten them up. Use the screwdriver to attach the nuts, but don’t over-tighten them. Carefully close the covers of the hinge, and after that, if the seat is not operating perfectly, check whether the cover is installed correctly.

Installing American Standard Bidet Toilet Seat:

Let’s talk about installing the bidet seat on the American Standard toilet, but before starting, the process ensures you get every essential part of the toilet seat. Then take the junction valve, attach it to the toilet tank, and connect the water supply to it. After that, find the seat post hole and insert the bushing into it. You can use a lubricant like soap to make this insertion easier.

Now take the mounting bracket, place it on the plate and tighten it with the mounting bolts. Now slide the bidet seat into the base plate and do this until you hear the click of the placement of the plate. Then attach the water supply hose to the seat and connect it to the clip. Plug the seat with 120V AC power, and if you want, install the remote handling case after the toilet’s water tank close to the wall. This place is closest to the toilet, and you can easily handle this after using the toilet each time.American Standard Bidet Toilet Seat

Mighty Flush toilet seat installation:

There is also one toilet seat on the list of American Standard toilets, and it’s special because it takes only 90 seconds to install. And this seat is known as the mighty flush toilet seat. Just like before, ensure you get all the necessary installation parts, then align the mounting trays with the holes for mounting. Then take bolts and insert them through the mounting holes in the hinges at the back of the toilet bowl. Place the nut by pushing it with a cone washer and tightening it. Now place the toilet seat on the front side of the toilet bowl and tighten the nuts fully. And your toilet seat is ready to use.

Bottom Line

This is the most basic process of installing any seat on an American Standard toilet. They also provide you with a detailed manual book. So you can also install this seat with the help of this book. But before installing any toilet, read the manual carefully and check whether you have every part or not. Then start installing.


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