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How to remove a stuck toilet fill valve nut? (4 easy steps)

The toilet fill valve is mainly the component that controls the flow of fresh water into the tank of the toilet. It can be considered the most significant element in the toilet tank. When you flush the toilet, the water from the tank is removed from the bowl of the toilet. The part which agitates the tank to be filled is the fill valve. It directly puts water in the tank. A simple defect in the fill valve can be a bizarre issue for the toilet. There are several reasons why the toilet fill valve locknut may be stuck, including:

  • Chemical or debris buildup
  • Corrosion
  • Paint
  • Rust factors
  • Over-tightening

Remove the fill valve nut by following some simple steps:

You need to be very careful while pulling off the plastic nut from its actual place, as it can cause a dire situation in the bathroom. Let us have a look into the detailed steps of how to remove the nuts of the fill valve,

Remove the fill valve nut

Materials needed

  • Sturdy wrench 
  • Regular pliers
  • Spud wrench
  • Lubrication grease
  • Locking Pliers
  • Angle Grinder
  • Gloves
  • Screwdriver

Turn off the water supply

In the first step, you must stop the fill valve connected to the toilet’s lower left side. The fill valve lets water pass through a hose pipe into the tank. Turn the valve clockwise to stop the supply of water. Then you need to flush the toilet to remove all the water from the tank. Turn off water supply

Dry the tank base

After flushing the toilet, you have to remove the left-out easter with the help of a sponge. And then you can surpass the system. For that, you need to remove the porcelain load input from the tank of the toilet. You can use a dry towel to soak up the left-out water from the tank base. 

Remove the stuck nut

The time has come to remove the stuck-out fill valve nut from the actual position. For that, you need to have removed the tank’s link, and it is time to remove the plastic coupling underneath it. It’s actually an overflow tube that can be disconnected easily. To remove all the water from the tank, detach the drain stopper located at the bottom of the toilet bowl.Remove-the-stuck-nut

Finally, unscrew the plastic fill valve nut that is closely attached to the fill valve. Don’t forget to put on rubber gloves before doing the process. For detaching the nut, you can use locking pliers or an adjustable wrench to hold and turn back and forth the lock nut clockwise. Keep wrenching until the nut is detached from its actual position. You can use some Lubrication grease if it’s too hard to pull out. In some cases, if the nut seems stuck, then using the screwdriver will be best for business. Whatever you do, just ensure you are not under so much pressure. Otherwise, you will break the plastic lock nut.

Replace a new fill valve nut:

After you have unscrewed the nut, replace this nut with a new one. Also, check the fill valve to see if it is still operating or not. If it gets damaged, then replace it. Turn it on and check everything. Replace a new fill valve nut

What should you do if the nut is not coming out?

The nut may refuse to come out from the real place, and there is no such thing common between the fill valve and the nuts that they should be sticking around each other in case nothing much more fancy is going around here. 

Apply warm temperature to the nuts 

If the nut is not separated from the position, you can apply tremendous heat to the fill valve nuts, and then it will drastically change its position and lessen. Using a warm temperature for the nuts can make this a bit lose as the friction between the surface and the nut weakens, making it ideal for making the nut come out from its tight surface.

Use the calcium carbonate

Most consumers do not know that calcium carbonate is an excellent solution that can safely remove the fill valve nut from the actual position. It is a non-toxic cleaner for toilets to impede salinity growth in the hard water scale buildup. 

Apply antioxidant spray

If none of the methods works decently, then you need to use the antioxidant spray to unscrew the nuts of the fill valve. Just spray it on the nuts; when it becomes loose, use a simple plier to unscrew them. A rust-penetrant spray like WD-40 is also effective in this case.

Bottom Line

The refill valve is one of the crucial elements in a toilet as it controls the water supply in the tank, and the thing that makes it possible for all the dimensions is the nut that makes it secure from being too fainted. Here are some of the best ways to recuperate a stuck toilet fill valve nut. These are some of the proven ways of removing the nuts, but if none of the procedures works, you can call a professional to solve this issue. 

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