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Rimless toilet disadvantages: Things to check before buying

When searching for modern bathroom items, you may be familiar with a rimless toilet. Several advantages of the rimless toilet have made it so popular. But, it creates some minor problems which are distracting for a small number of users. In this article, we will show why some people do not like rimless toilets.

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What is a rimless toilet?

A rim is a small part around the toilet bowl. It is the outer lining of the toilet bowl that rinses dirty water down. Thus, the rim assures a clean toilet. A rimless toilet has no rim holes inside it like traditional toilets.

The Drawbacks of a Rimless Toilet:

A rimless toilet is famous for its attractive cleaning capacity. But, there are some disadvantages to the toilet set. You have to select a suitable toilet by considering several features.rimless toilets

Splashing Tendency

The major disadvantage of the rimless toilet’s design is its splashing tendency. It would be best if you positioned the flush valve correctly to eliminate the problem. Otherwise, the toilet will not stop splashing. But, the proper positioning of the flush valve is not an easy task. You should get the help of a plumber to solve the problem.


Most rimless toilets include a high cost for their extraordinary feature. However, the cost difference is slight.


There is a small gap between the toilet seat and the edge of the toilet bowl on a rimless toilet. It makes an intolerable sound by touching the toilet bowl and cover. Moreover, flushing water comes through the gap and spreads outside the toilet bowl.

Are rimless toilets hygienic?

People give rimless toilets high priority for their hygiene. The space of the toilet is more than the rim toilet. Removing the rim increases it and helps clean the surface more efficiently. Therefore, the toilet remains healthy to use.rimless toilets

Are rimless toilets better?

Easy cleaning and hygiene prove that rimless toilets are better. Their efficient flushing capacity to remove all waste is admirable to people. The rimless toilets do not allow germs to spawn on the surface. There is an excellent possibility of being safe from limescale and germs.

For several users, rimless toilet bowls are preferable now. If you are depressed about your current toilet cleaning issues, you must get a rimless one. Its admirable cleaning will decrease your pain by removing dirt. The bacteria in the toilet rim has more room to spread and cause more harm. But, a toilet without a rim will stop spreading them.

How to Clean a Rimless Toilet?

Knowing the cleaning process of a rimless toilet is necessary before purchasing it off the market. Otherwise, you may lose the attractive outlook. Cleaning a rimless toilet is not so difficult.Cleaning a Rimless Toilets

  • Take a sponge and wipe the toilet surface after pouring some water.
  • Now flush it. Vinegar, baking soda, or a good toilet cleaner are necessary weekly.
  • Thus, the toilet surface will remain cleaner, and the bowl color will last a long time.

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