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Reason and solution for water not coming out of toilet refill tube

We need water every time we use the flushing toilet. There is a water-filled tank you can notice behind the toilet bowl and near the wall. There is a refill tank used to supply water from the main tank to the toilet tank. But sometimes, it gets clogged for many reasons. And to solve this issue, you must know why this thing is happening. When you find the real reason, you can easily solve this.

Quick Reasons and Solutions:

Reason Solution
Disconnected refill tube Reconnect the refill tube to the overflow pipe.
Clogged refill tube Clear the blockage with a flexible brush or replace the tube.
The water supply valve is turned off Turn on the water supply valve.
Faulty fill valve Clean, adjust, or replace the fill valve.
Low water pressure Check for wider supply issues; if isolated, inspect the shut-off valve and supply line.
Blocked inlet holes in the bowl Clean the rim feed holes with a piece of wire.
Improperly positioned float Adjust the float to the correct level.
Malfunctioning or broken shut-off valve Replace or repair the shut-off valve.
Debris in the water line Flush the line to remove debris.
Crimped water supply line Straighten the line or replace it if damaged.

Why isn’t water coming out of the toilet refill tube? -Possible reasons

Water in the tank is very important to flush the toilet after using it every time. So when there is any issue with this water flowing, it’s unable to be used later. We need to fix this issue as soon as possible. A water refill tube is used to deliver water with every flush directly to the toilet bowl. For this reason, this tube needs to work properly and dispense water into the overflow pipe directly. Sometimes, if anything is stuck in the water refill tube, the water tank is not properly filled, and you face this type of issue. isn't water coming out of the toilet refill tube

So, when no water comes from the opening of the tube after all fill valves are removed, then there must be something stuck in the fill valve and creating clogging issues. And you just need to clear the clog from the fill tube to use it just like before.

How to fix this water issue with the toilet refill tube?

To solve this issue, first shut down the water supply from the main line and then find the valve handle at the back of the water tank. Turn off the valve so that no water comes into the toilet water tank. After that, take off the tank lid and flush all the remaining water from the tank. Now take the end of the refill tube and find where it connects. Most of this line is connected to the side of the fill valve. Twist the end back and forth when you are trying to pull the tube out of its old place. After that, turn on the water supply to check if the water is coming through the fill valve nipple or not.

If you notice no water is coming out, then there is a problem with the refill tube and valve on the tank. Again, turn off the water supply and then check another refill tube just like before. If you find the same issue, then either the refill tube is clogged or damaged. If the tube is clogged by any dirt, then insert a pipe cleaner through the tube and put it on the other side of the tube. This process manually cleans the tube. But after doing this, if you face the same issue, then your refill tube has got damaged by any chance, and you need to change it.

Why should you call a plumber to replace it?

To change the tube, you can call a plumber, or you can also DIY this with the help of the internet or Youtube. If you are new to the cleaning area, then my suggestion is to call a professional. If you accidentally damage anything in the toilet, you need to change the whole toilet tank. So when you want to save money, you end up spending more than you thought. And if you live in a hard water area, you will face this type of issue after some years.


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