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Is it possible to keep water from evaporating in the toilet?

The toilet has several problems. Evaporation is one of them. Evaporation of water from a toilet is a process that you can see after returning home from a long vacation.

Why does water evaporate in the toilet?

Evaporation means the water body is exposed to the air. When you are randomly using the toilet, you cannot notice this process quickly. This is why evaporation is a slow process. But when you enter an old bathroom, you may experience the process. There are several reasons why toilet evaporation happens.

Crack: The toilet bowl water can be lost if there is a crack in the toilet. It means that the toilet is evaporating.

Not using it for long: This is the major reason for toilet evaporation. If you do not use the toilet for several days, evaporation starts. When the time passes, the situation becomes more serious, and you may have to repair the toilet flushing system.

Which problem can be caused by evaporation?

There are only a few issues that can be caused by evaporation in the toilet. But if the quantity of evaporation becomes too great, the problem can be destructive. Sometimes your toilet flashing system can be hampered by the issue.

Low water level: The low water level in the toilet is a serious problem that is caused by evaporation. It means there is not sufficient water in your toilet tank.

Poor flushing speed: A speedy flush depends on how much water is in your toilet tank. But if toilet evaporation occurs, the water level drops. As a result, you will not get sufficient water for flushing the toilet.

How to Keep Water from Evaporating in the Toilet?

There are several ways to get rid of toilet evaporation. But first, you have to identify the reason and then solve it. Suppose your toilet bowl is cracked, and you are checking the water level of the tank and bowl, but the bowl is placed incorrectly. So, you cannot be successful by following the other steps.

  • Check the crack on the bowl

If you can find any cracks in your toilet bowl, mark them and apply epoxy to them. If you do not fill the crack, the water evaporation can be hard to stop.

  • Turn on the air conditioner

If the temperature inside your toilet is too high, it can evaporate. As a result, the flushing water level in your toilet tank and toilet bowl can decrease. But if you turn on the air conditioner in your toilet, it can be controlled quickly.

  • Wrap a polythene sheet around the toilet bowl

It may be strange to hear how it is possible to stop the toilet from evaporating by wrapping it with plastic. But it is true, and the process is very effective. If you do not stay at your home for a long time, you can place polythene paper on the toilet bowl and bend it tightly so that air cannot enter the toilet surface. The paper must be large enough; otherwise, it cannot cover the total surface of the toilet bowl.

Final Thoughts

The information mentioned in this article is necessary for people who have to stay several months out of the house each year. However, if your house is not rented, you can also apply these methods. Therefore, your toilet can be safe from several issues.


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