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Why is my toilet water yellow after flushing? Easy fix

Have you noticed yellow water in your toilet? It was a terrible experience. There are several reasons for the yellow water issue. If you can identify the cause, you can quickly solve the problem. Now, we will discuss our toilet’s yellow water issue and the proper solution.

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Quick Causes:

  • Rust in Water Supply
  • High Iron Content
  • Sediments in Water Tank
  • Water Source Contamination
  • Old Toilet Components
  • Water Heater Issues
  • Use of Drop-In Toilet Bowl Cleaners
  • Discoloration from Cleaning Agents
  • Local Water Treatment Changes
  • Algae or Bacteria
  • Water Main Breaks

What causes yellow water in the toilet? (With solution)

There are several reasons for your toilet’s yellow water. You should check the entire toilet system.

Rust of the toilet pipe

A significant amount of sediment comes to your toilet water from rusted toilet pipes. It mixes with your water and makes the water polluted. Finally, you can see the yellow water.Rust of the toilet pipe


First, you have to check the toilet pipes. If you can find they are rusted, you have to replace them immediately. 

Then, check the iron level of the water. If the iron level is high, you must inform the water supplier of your region so that they change it. 

Rusted bolts

There are some bolts attached to the toilet cistern. When the toilet water is touched with the bolts for a long time, they can be corroded. The high-quality bolts do not corrode quickly, but some less durable bolts are also available in the market. The corrosion of the bolts is greatly reliable for the yellow water issue of the toilet.Rusted bolts


Change the bolts of the toilet cistern as fast as it is possible. You must take durable and high-grade bolts for better replacement so that they can not be rusted quickly. 

Growth of Minerals

Sometimes, the water from the water suppliers includes a large number of minerals. As a result, the water in the toilet becomes yellow colored. It is not harmful, but some users think it is a sign of dirty water. 


If you do not want to keep your toilet water yellow, you can check the sidewalls of your toilet pipe. Here you can find the accumulated minerals most responsible for the yellow water in the toilet. In this situation, you can get a soft scrubber and clean your toilet inside. Finally, you can communicate with the toilet supplier and tell them to change the water condition.

Growth of bacteria

Bacteria are invisible. But, the visibility of bacteria affection will be clear when the toilet water turns greenish-yellow. Bacteria are not harmful at all times. But, the bacteria inside our toilet are always harmful and reliable for several health issues. 


There are some toilet bowl cleaners, including bleach, which help free the toilet from bacteria. You can use the cleaners in specific amounts. But, you must be careful; you must wash the toilet surface quickly when you apply bleach. Because bleach should not stay on the toilet surface for long, it can corrode the surface.

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Iron in water

Sometimes iron is not harmful to us when it is a small amount in our used water. But, when the iron level increases, our water can be polluted. Significantly, when iron stays in high concentration in water, it can make our using water yellow. Iron in water

But how can you identify that there is a high amount of iron in your toilet? You should carefully notice the fixtures, like bathroom faucets, in this situation. If you can see rust-colored stains on the fixtures, you must be sure that the water from the faucet gets ironed.


You should contact the local water supply company. If you complain to them about the coming of iron, they will take steps.

Water supply line

Sometimes, the yellow water in the toilet does not come from the rusted nuts or rusted bolts. It could be the direct water supply line.Water supply line


If the accumulated water in your toilet bowl is dirty, you can flush it randomly and get clean water again. This task will be helpful when the yellow water issue is not at an extreme level.

But when you do not get clean water again after several flushes of the toilet, you can easily understand that the issue is now at an extreme level. So, you should check the nuts and toilet pipes and clean them properly.


  • Does the yellow water in the toilet cause any health damage?

Actually, the yellow water in the toilet is bad because it looks nasty. But, it is not reliable for damaging your health or causing any body effect. Moreover, our toilet’s yellow water mostly comes from the metal effects on water, which do not cause any health injuries.

  • Does yellow water go away by itself?

When the nuts and pipes of the toilet become rusted, yellow water accumulates in the toilet bowl. So, a significant amount of dirt is related to the yellow water.

But it is a total misconception that yellow toilet water goes out automatically. Instead, you must check all the parts of the toilet and clean them properly. Otherwise, call a plumber and tell him to check and clear all the rusted parts of the toilet. Otherwise, the yellow toilet water will not be removed from the toilet bowl.

Final Thoughts

The toilet users hate yellow water in the toilet because it makes a bad impression on the guests and other people. So, it is essential to remove the yellow water, although it is not harmful to our health.

If you want to remove the severe odor of yellow water in your toilet, you should solve its functional issues, including rusted nuts, bolts, and pipes. Only cleaning the toilet and several flushings can solve this problem.


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