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Cloudy water in the toilet: possible reasons with easy fixes

A toilet is a place for extracting the dirtiest thing, which is poop. But the water in the toilet cannot remain dirty after flushing. Instead, you can see crystal-clear water in the toilet bowl after flushing and removing the dirt. The mineral buildup in the toilet water is the most likely reason for the cloudy water.

Possible Causes:

  • Sediment in the Water Supply
  • Air Bubbles
  • Malfunctioning Flapper
  • Plumbing Work or Repairs
  • High Water Pressure
  • Rusty Pipes
  • Toilet Cleaner or Chemicals
  • Municipal Water Supply Issues
  • Water Heater Problems
  • Water Softeners

Why does toilet water become cloudy or grey?

If minerals build up in your toilet, the water in the toilet bowl may be cloudy. It is a widespread issue for toilet users who need to wash their toilets ideally. Moreover, some small amounts of minerals and other materials may stay on the toilet surface even though you cleaned it perfectly.

But which mineral contents are reliable for causing a cloudy toilet? There are many types of minerals in the world. A significant amount of minerals come out of our bodies and enter the toilet bowl through our poop. Since poop is the outgoing element of our digested foods, minerals are also the same.

Generally, calcium and magnesium minerals are most reliable for the cloudy water on a toilet. If there is a high amount of mineral content inside the toilet, the bowl will get cloudy water randomly.toilet water become cloudy or grey

However, there are some other causes for the same problem with your toilet. Now, we are presenting them in this article so that you can abstain from them.

i) An unclean toilet bowl

A dirty toilet bowl is not preferred by civilized people. So, every user must keep the toilet bowl clean every time so that they can present a crystal-clear toilet surface to the guests. As a toilet user, you have to clean the toilet regularly. Using the best toilet cleaning solutions, like vinegar, baking soda, soap, and other famous toilet cleaners, with water is the most necessary process.

ii) Presence of old water

If your toilet use is random, the water change process should also be random. The old water may contain a larger amount of minerals, which are mostly responsible for causing the cloudy water issue in the toilet.

iii) Water supply line

Sometimes, the water supplied by a city may contain a huge amount of minerals. If you can identify the issue, you have to call the water supplier immediately to change the condition of the water.

iv) Water heater

Generally, a water heater becomes sound after about five years. But if the device in your toilet becomes older than five years, you must change it immediately. Therefore, you may get crystal-clear water easily.

v) Is a dirty toilet pipe reliable for cloudy toilet water?

Yes, because the accumulating dirt in the toilet pipe mixes with the toilet water. As a result, when you flush the toilet, cloudy water comes to the surface of your toilet bowl.

How to fix the cloudy toilet water issue in the toilet?

The only way to get rid of the issue is to keep the toilet clean. So, when you face the problem of cloudy water in your toilet bowl, you must take the initiative to clean it. The following steps will show you how to clean the bowl properly.

Step 01: Turn off the water supply

Before starting any functional work on a toilet, you must turn off the water supply. When you turn off the water valve, the water tank will be empty. The toilet’s water valve is situated at the base of the toilet. Sometimes it may stay on the wall near the toilet. When you turn the valve counterclockwise, the flow of water will automatically stop.Turn off the water supply

Step 02: Flush the toilet

When you flush it, the rest of the water in the bowl will be released. Before starting the toilet cleaning process, you must make the toilet tank empty. It will give you the certainty of perfectly releasing debris from the toilet inside.Flush the toilet

Step 03: Disassemble the toilet parts

Some small amount of debris may be accumulated in the toilet pipe and spread through the entire pipe inside. This debris comes to your toilet bowl slowly, making the water cloudy or contaminated with any other color. If you want to eliminate the issue, you have to rub the toilet pipe inside with a brush with a long handle. Using the long handle, you will enter the brush through the toilet pipe and rub the inside surface properly. Now, apply water and check to see whether the debris has been removed.Disassemble the toilet set

Dirty water in the toilet bowl after flushing: how to fix it?

Sometimes, the toilet tank becomes dirty, and we do not notice. So, when we flush, the cloudy, brown, or dirty water comes into the toilet bowl. We must apply baking soda, vinegar, soap, water, or any reputable toilet tank cleaner to clean it properly.

If the toilet cleaning process cannot get rid of the cloudy water, you have to take another alternative process. Significantly, deep cleaning is a must when the scrubbing process of the toilet pipe cannot give you clean water. All of the processes involved in deep cleaning are the same as when cleaning a toilet. But, in this process, you must add a sufficient amount of vinegar to the toilet tank water before turning the water valve back on. Now, you have to keep the water and vinegar cleaning solution overnight in the toilet bowl. Finally, flush the toilet the next day.

Final thoughts

Cloudy toilet water does not indicate that your toilet is unhealthy to use. Instead, it indicates that there are some minerals in the water. But, if you want to remove it by following the steps in this article, you will benefit from having an excellent outlook on your toilet.


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