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Toilet museums in America, Japan, Korea, and India

Toilet museums do exist in some countries. Nowadays, unique things are always celebrated. The touch of attractiveness has also reached the museums. So, the toilet museum is an important element in this society. A toilet museum is a place of interest where several types of toilets, their history, and antique models are on display. The location is not only for amusement but also for obtaining necessary information about the toilet’s history.

Toilet Museum in the World

Toilet Museum in Japan

Yes, there is a toilet museum in Japan. The museum is established in Kitakyushu, Japan.

There are several models of toilets in the museum. The visitors can enjoy the various fantastic views of the toilet sets. There are two toilets in the art gallery. The name of the artist who designed the toilets is Asao Tokoro.


There are several exhibitions of toilets in the toilet museum in Kitakyushu. The exhibitions are high-tech, and they represent various attractive facts about toilets.

Toto is the first museum to host a toilet exhibition in Japan. However, still, this toilet museum is the most popular in Japan.

What is the first toilet museum in India?

A toilet museum in West Delhi is considered the first museum for toilets in the world. Bindeshwar Pathak, a social reformer, established the museum in Delhi. The museum in Delhi is named the Sulabh International Museum.

Toilet Museum in Korea

Haewoojae Museum (Mr. Toilet House) is a famous museum for toilets and is situated in Korea. The museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00 from March to October. But from November to February, the opening time of the Haewoojae Museum is from 10:00 to 17:00. It is ready to visit for every person without Mondays, New Year’s Days, and Korean Thanksgiving Days. A Korean toilet museum is a popular place in the world. There is an exhibition hall in the toilet museum.

What does the exhibition hall of the Korean Toilet Museum show?

There are several programs arranged in the Korean Toilet Museum’s exhibition hall. First, you can be aware of the toilet culture movement around the world. Here, you can learn how the modern toilet has been designed. There are several stories associated with the toilet displayed in this location. Moreover, other interesting facts about the toilet are presented here, which will give the visitors much pleasure.

The Mr. Toilet House in Korea includes no fee to enter the museum. So, the visitors can enjoy the interesting facts and stories about the toilets free of charge.

World’s first toilet theme park

When you pass across the Hae Woo Jae Museum, you can find a toilet cultural center, which is also an exceptional institution for toilets. Moreover, the Restroom Cultural Park is the world’s first toilet theme park. In this place, you can see a monument to a famous man. He was a former mayor of Suwon, Korea.

The late Sim Jae Dack was born in a toilet, so he has a soft spot for toilets. His statue was placed in Korea’s toilet cultural center to honor his lifelong love of the toilet.

Is there a toilet museum in the USA?

The American Sanitary Plumbing Museum is a famous toilet museum in the USA. The museum is located in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA. There is an exceptional collection of sanitary systems. More than four decades ago, Russell Manoog established this museum. Even now, the American Sanitary Museum is very popular.

What is special about the American Sanitary Museum? The American Sanitary Museum viewed the toilets with the eye of a plumber. So, they gave much importance to the engineering of the toilets. The sinks and tubs, plumbing trade, wooden pipes, and many other types of toilet equipment are found in this museum. These pieces are antique and rare, lasting over a hundred years.

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