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How many Porta Potties are required for 200/300/500/1000 guests? 

Porta Potty toilets are temporary, and they are very easy to use. Those portable toilets are useful when you are arranging a program of more than a hundred people, but there is no scope for a toilet around it. But you must consider the capacity of the porta-potty toilets because they have limited spaces to hold the garbage.

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Porta Potty Toilet Calculator

How many Porta Potties do you need for 200 people?

A porta-potty toilet is different from regular toilets. It is smaller in size, and the toilet’s major characteristic is its shorter storage. The toilet is made for passing the time of an event or any other program. When you arrange a program of about two hundred people, you must know how many toilets you need for them.

A porta-potty toilet is appropriate for up to 75 people. So, if you build 3 toilets, they will be appropriate for 75 x 3 = 225 people. So, three toilets are enough for two hundred people.

How many porta-potty toilets are necessary for 300 guests?

There are some small portable toilets which can provide the service for about 50 people. So, if you use these types of porta potties, you have to use 6 toilets for 300 users. 

But, the large portable toilets can be appropriate for 75 users. So, if you collect the larger ones, you can fulfill the demand of all people with 4 toilets. 

How many porta-potty toilets are necessary for my 500 guests?

The smaller portable toilets give service for 50 users, so you must set up 10 toilets to get sufficient service for 500 guest 

If you purchase the porta potty with 75 users ability, you have to set up 6 to 7 toilets for five hundred users. 

When you use 6 porta potties, you can arrange the toilet for 450 people. So, 50 users will be out of the count. An extra portable toilet can give proper service to the rest of the people. 

How many Porta-Potties should I rent for my 1,000 guests?

If you can set up 6 or 7 portable toilets, they will be perfect for 500 to 1000 people to use for about 5 hours. On the other hand, if you want to use toilets for 1000 to 2000 people, we recommend using 12 portable toilets.

When your arranging program is for more than five hours or even up to a day, you have to calculate the time compared with 5 hours. Suppose you are arranging a program for 10 hours for about 500 – 1000 users. In this situation, you must arrange 12 portable toilets because 6 or 7 toilets are for 5 hours for the same amount of people. 

Why is it important to calculate the proper amount of toilets for the users?

Several studies show that every person goes to the toilet up to seven times a day to urinate. Moreover, a toilet is necessary more than two times for every person to evacuate. So, if you want to arrange a program for a huge number of people, you have a sufficient place for their toilet. Otherwise, the people will not get any scope to release their waste easily. 

How many handwashing stations are necessary for the guests?

Is only arranging the toilets enough for any program for a large number of people? Not at all, because the toilet users must wash their hands after using the toilet. Here is also a calculation for fixing how many hand washing stations are needed for them.

Generally, a single handwashing station is enough for 6 different units of the toilet. But, if you want to get sufficient water and hand washing to clean your hands efficiently, you have to use one hand washing station for four units. This process will ensure you much service. 

Which porta-potty can I use for my program?

A porta-potty is a type of special temporary toilet. But, there are several kinds of porta-potty. See the features, and you can easily differentiate the portable toilets. Therefore, you can determine which portable toilet is suitable for use in your program.

Standard porta potty

Program arrangers mostly rent these types of toilets. They are 229 cm tall, 114 cm (45 inches) deep, and 45 inches wide. Standard porta potty

There is a holding tank for carrying sufficient water inside it. This tank can hold about 50 to 70 gallons of water. 

High-rise crane/elevator

These portable toilets have a better service. If you have to arrange the program for a long time, like a long day trip, you have to use high-rise cranes.

Elite portable toilets

The elite is suitable not only for use as portable toilets but also as home toilets. They have a flushable toilet and an in-unit sink. If you want to hire a portable toilet for usual affairs or meetings, you can use it. Since the elite is good for using at home, it is advantageous to use it for a long time in outsider programs. 

Baby changing stations

These are situated in the public washrooms for changing the diapers of the babies. Some portable toilets also offer this service for mothers who have to change their diapers and wash their babies. 

So, there are several collections of portable toilet services. If you are a program arranger, you can order them to provide you with the service you need.

Are porta-potty toilets healthy?

Some people might have been confused about the hygiene of a porta-potty. But portable toilets are healthier than the available home toilets. First, the toilets are easier to clean, and removing human waste from the toilets is not so difficult. When the other users rent portable toilets, they get proper hygienic if the service provider washes them properly. 

Final thoughts

The people in this generator need several modern things to use. So, using a porta potty is better than evacuating in an open field. It gives not only more hygiene but also more comfort. Moreover, people with special needs will profit from this toilet.


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