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Toilet flange too low: How to adjust the toilet flange height?

All About Toilet Flange:

A toilet flange is situated at the toilet bowl’s base or bottom portion. It attaches the lateral surface to the floor and is attached to the drainpipe. The toilet flange is also called the closet flange. These devices can be produced from PVC, rubber, metal flange, or a combination of these materials. It has a vigorous cylindrical shape and a flat surface. Although it may look as though the bowl of the toilet is connected to the floor, it is actually mounted on the European position of the toilet flange. The prime purpose of the flange is to impede water and gas leakages preventing acute defeat in the floor. Like any other tremendous flange type, it is a round piece with a perpendicular collar, making everything gallop underneath it. It provides colossal stability and guidance when you are using the toilet.

Causes of a Lower Toilet Flange:

There are many reasons why the toilet flange might be lower than the usual height. Here I am going to illustrate the possible causes of the lowering of the toilet flange.

Worn-out Wax Ring

The wax ring is used in the middle section between the flange and the toilet drain pipe. This portion is very prone to emerge leaks, and sewer gas could be produced and put off the drainage pipe if the wax ring gets damaged. A wax ring is a waterproof piece that establishes a connection between the toilet flange at the bottom section of the toilet and the toilet drain pipe. The wax ring may be worn out if used for a long time, thus affecting the proper compatibility between these portions and leading to leakage of waste toilet water. Sometimes you need to use a thicker one to raise the toilet flange level so that the wax ring is adjusted to the full extent of its brim.Wax Ring

Replacement of the floor of the washroom

The renovation and installation of the new bathroom floor are common in our house. The floor needs renovation work if it is worn out after using this for a long time. Some people need to retrofit the ambiance of their bathroom, and they insert several beautiful aesthetic dressings in their bathroom. Using tiles or flooring materials thicker than previously installed can cause an improperly installed flange. Thus, replacing the tiles and floor of the bathroom may cause an insufficient elevation of the bathroom floor. Then it is common to see that the toilet flange becomes lower than its actual position.Replacement of the floor of the Bathrooms

Wrong Rough in measurement 

A rough measurement is a distance between the flange and the backside of the toilet. If the rough measurement is wrong, then several undefined issues may occur, one of which is the lowered flange. If the flange is too much lower, it will be a nuisance and exemplify difficulties arising from the bathroom’s ambiance.rough measurement

The damaged outline drainage pipe

If any external cords hamper the outline drainage, the flange will face unapproved consequences, which may negatively affect the washroom. So you need to check the flange of the toilet on a daily basis to see if it is leaking or emanating sewer gases.damaged outline drainage pipe

Consequences of a low-level toilet flange

There are some serious effects of a lowered flange that are not good for the toilet floor of the bathroom,

  • Extremely foul sewer odor may be produced from the drainage pipe if the flange is lowered, as there is ample space between the wax ring and the patronage pipe where the gas could run out.
  • Even liquid waste can come as part of the flange if there is a lower position. Caulking the toilet could be effective in curbing this tragic issue.
  • You might experience acute shaking and dismantling if the flange is lowered. That may break the entire bowl of the toilet and cause undisclosed measures.

How to raise the toilet flange that is too low?

You can use several methods to raise the lowered flange, and each of the methods has been proven by certified users. So let us look deeper into those methods of raising the toilet’s flange.


The first method is to use the double wax ring, as using the double wax ring might be helpful in meeting the right height of the flange. The selection of wax rings to apply when soaring the toilet flange depends on the gap or distance between the present toilet flange and the surface of the floor. Wax rings can be of different thicknesses, so you should select one that perfectly fits the bathroom. It mainly sits about a quarter inch above the floor level. To install a new wax ring, you need to rip off the entire toilet and unscrew the nuts and bolts attached to the toilet flange. The water supply must be tightened after you have installed the double wax ring neck if there is any kind of leakage in the system.use the double wax ring


The next method is very simple but effective as well. You can simply adjust the contour of the bathroom. If the elevation of the floor is right, then every system will work perfectly in the bathroom. The most effective way to bridge the massive distance between the flange and the toilet is to eliminate the existing wax ring and replace it with an extra-thick wax ring. Sometimes, when the space is too large, you need to apply a double wax ring to compensate for the gap. After pulling the toilet, you need to experience the old wax ring stuck to the toilet. The contour calculation tools might be effective in measuring the flatness of the bathroom tiles and floor.contour of the bathroom


Here I bring you another very effective procedure for lowering the flange: applying the toilet flange extender. Measuring the actual distance between the upper segment of the toilet flange and the apex point of the tile floor, then looking for or purchasing a toilet flange extension ring that is thick enough to soar up the actual contour position about 1/4 inch above the finished tile floor’s level. You need to apply silicone caulk around the toilet’s top edge and then apply slip on the infiltration plastic retaining washers. The toilet flange extender has been used to lower the flange for a long time.toilet flange extender


Reinstalling the tilt with the proper shape and some can fix the problem of a lowering flange. The flange can emit more gas and sewer particles into the bathroom if the flange is lower. Reinstallation is a proven way to curb all the issues of a toilet.


Hi, I am Jose S. Franz. Currently, I am working as a professional plumber, and our team offers various plumbing services at an affordable price. After my college education, I completed a vocational certification course in plumbing systems and worked with several construction companies. Since then, I have fixed lots of different toilet models, from older to the latest versions. So I have more than 22 years of experience installing plumbing systems and toilets in both residential and commercial buildings.

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