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Kohler Transpose vs. Corbelle vs. Valiant Toilets

Kohler Transpose vs. Corbelle vs. Valiant: 3 Popular Toilets Comparison

Kohler Transpose vs. Corbelle vs. Valiant ToiletsDo you want to get a non-clog toilet? Kohler is an excellent brand to choose from in the market today. Most of their products are comfortable and suitable for modern washrooms. Transpose, Corbelle, and Valiant are the three different models of Kohler. Some significant features made them famous. Most features among the three categories of Kohler are the same. But, some subtle differences do exist. We will present a detailed discussion of Kohler Transpose, Corbelle, and Valiant with their similarities and differences.

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Quick Overview of the Kohler Transpose Toilet

  • Kohler Transpose is a single-flush toilet. 
  • It has an elongated toilet bowl that fits in the larger bathrooms.
  • Transpose includes a toilet seat. 
  • Kohler Transpose is an ADA-compliant toilet of more than 16″ in height. 

A Short Review of the Kohler Corbelle Toilet

  • It has a rimless bowl.
  • Corbelle includes a cyclone-style flushing system. It cleans the toilet surface quickly.
  • Corbelle is a standard American toilet. 
  • It has a powerful AquaPiston flushing system.
  • Kohler Corbelle toilet has different color options. Biscuit color toilets are available with white toilets. 

A Short Details of the Kohler Valiant Toilet

  • Revolution 360 swirl technology is a feature of Valiant. 
  • Valiant is a two-piece toilet set. 
  • Comfort height is a good feature of Valiant. It makes toilet use easier for older people also. 
  • The toilet has a left-handed polished chrome trip lever. 
  • The CleanCoatTM surface treatment of Kohler Valiant helps to remove the water scale growth and mineral stains. As a result, you are getting your toilet clean. 

Kohler Transpose two-piece toilet features

From the installation, Kohler Transpose provides us with better comfort. Its powerful flushing and easy cleaning capability make the users happy. Moreover, the users are attracted to the beautiful outlook of the transposed toilets.Kohler Transpose two-piece toilet Review

Powerful Flushing

The 360-swirl flushing technology is an essential feature of Kohler Transpose. It allows the toilet to flush more quickly and effectively than other available toilets.

3-Bolt Tank

The toilet adjustment of the Kohler Transpose is more stable and stiff. Its 3-bolt tank perfectly tightens the toilet tank to the bathroom surface. So, Kohler Transpose users get more perfection and sustainability.

Premium Toilet Seat

The grip-tight hinges of the Kohler transpose toilet ensure the stability of the toilet seat. It prevents shifting and keeps the toilet seat strictly attached. Thus, toilet users get comfort by using it.

CleanCoat Technology

Clean coal technology helps the toilet bowl surface look neat. It makes cleaning the toilet surface easier and removes stains and other stubborn particles from the surface.

Kohler Corbelle chair height toilet features

The Kohler Corbelle is a good toilet with Revolution 360 swirl flushing technology. When upgrading your bathroom is in great demand, you can use the Corbelle. Its attractive look and sound features will decorate your bathroom. The durable material, vitreous china, is reliable in making the toilet long-lasting. It does not include a toilet seat. So, it would be best to collect separate elongated toilet seats from the market to use with your commode.Kohler Corbelle chair height toilet Review

Rimless Bowl Rim

When anyone talks about a rimless bowl, it may sound strange. But, the Corbelle toilet includes a rim that goes around the inside perimeter of the bowl. It allows and guides the flushing without splashing out. No disturbing water comes from the flush. Thus, it simplifies the expert flushing process.

CleanCoat (an ultra-thin layer of nanoparticles)

The Corbelle toilet set has a super smooth bowl finish. It has a nanoparticle-made ultra-thin layer that makes the surface smooth. The super smooth bowl finish prevents waste from sticking to the surface. As a result, the user can get rid of the stubborn stains and terrible damage to the toilet bowl.

An AquaPiston Flushing System

Corbelli’s exceptional features include a powerful flushing system with the necessary construction. The toilet design is a significant feature that plays a vital role in its flushing.

The AquaPiston is a popular and powerful flushing feature that increases the value of a toilet. The increasing flushing and rinsing features of the AquaPosition are used to get a clean and attractive toilet set.

Kohler Valiant single flush toilet detailsKohler Valiant single flush toilet Review

Easy Cleaning

Although this feature is also present in Transpose and Corbelle, it is a common feature of Kohler Valiant. The bowl of the Valiant toilet makes it easier to use. The elderly and young can easily use the commode and keep it clean. The ample space makes toilet cleaning easier by identifying the specks of dirt and stains.

Swirl Technology 360°

This technology helps the Valiant toilet flush with more power with less water. So, it becomes a matter of enjoyment for the users that they can save on water bills and clean their toilets efficiently.

Comfortable Height

The comfort of Transpose is always praiseworthy. Its comfortable height makes it enjoyable to use for all ages of people. Significantly, older people who feel pain have excellent access to the toilet by using a lower toilet in their bathroom.

What are the Similarities?

  • All three toilets are ADA-compliant. Both Transpose and Corbelle use 1.28 GPF of water. Saving water is their common feature.
  • All three toilets have CleanCoat technology.
  • Two-piece design.
  • 360 TM swirl flushing technology is present at all three toilets.
  • An elongated bowl is a common feature of every toilet.
  • All three toilets are floor-mounted.

Kohler Transpose vs. Corbelle vs. Valiant: Comparison

A toilet seat is not included with the Kohler Corbelle

Kohler Transpose and Valiant provide a toilet seat with the package, but Corbelle does not. So, when you buy a Kohler Corbelle toilet, you must purchase an extra toilet seat.

Variations in Color

Kohler Corbelle has five different colors, including white, biscuit, dune, iceTM gray, and sandbar. Kohler Valiant has two colors: white and biscuit. But, Kohler Transpose has only one color, and that is white.

Nightlight Seat

You will get the nightlight seat feature only with the Kohler Transpose toilet. Kohler Corbelle and Valiant toilets do not include this feature. In this regard, the Kohler Transpose toilet is more advanced than the other two.

price comparison

The Kohler Corbelle is the most expensive of the three toilets. The toilet would cost you around $705. Next, the Kohler Transpose toilet stays at a medium price. It is around $639.70. The Kohler Valiant 2-piece toilet (white) has the lowest price among the three. It is only $537. The Valiant 2-piece biscuit-colored toilet would cost $40-$50 higher.

Comparatively, the Valiant White is the most affordable toilet. On the other hand, Corbelle is the priciest one. But, the attractive colors and features of Corbelle are worth the money.

Final Thoughts: Who is The Champ?

Kohler is a well-known toilet brand, and Transpose, Corbelle, and Valiant are the three most popular models. So, if any user wants a lower price toilet, they should purchase the Kohler Valiant (white).

The nightlight seat is an attractive feature of the Kohler Transpose toilet. It allows you to use the toilet safely at night. So, if a physically injured patient is at your home, you may purchase a Kohler Transpose for him.

The Kohler Corbelle is the best overall toilet. Its five different attractive colors are available for the different choices of people. Although it is the priciest one, its features can be worth the money.


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