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How to clear a blocked macerator toilet?

Is your Macerator toilet blocked or clogged? We are presenting a suitable solution in this article.

The macerator is an electric toilet, so you must turn off the electrical water supply line before cleaning. Otherwise, any type of accident can happen.

When you clear the macerator toilet entirely, you can turn the water supply line on and then start using it. Identify the reasons that are reliable for blocking your toilet quickly, and abstain from them.

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The process of clearing a blocked macerator toilet

Macerator toilets work with grinding or blending mechanisms. The toilet function turns human waste into a slurry. Finally, the pumping process of the toilet removes it and cleans the toilet entirely.

However, why is the macerator toilet clogged? Generally, it happens when a huge amount of garbage accumulates in the toilet pipe or the tank becomes dirty.

Cleaning a blocked macerator toilet is not a difficult task. But you must carefully clean every part of the toilet; otherwise, hire an expert plumber.

i) Turn off the water supply and remove the parts

Working on a toilet fix without turning off the water supply is not admirable. When you open the access door of the toilet tank and remove the other mechanical parts, the water can flow and disrupt your activities.

ii) Clean the macerator system

Sometimes, the flashing water flow of the toilet may be blocked because of the dirt inside the toilet tank. Most of the time, toilet paper and other small elements stick to the blade of the toilet tank and make the line jam. To solve the issue, first, remove the tank cover and check whether it is dirty. Now, carefully turn the blade so that neither the blade nor any other element is broken. Finally, remove the specks of dirt from the tank and cover it again.

iii) Clean the pipes

The toilet is connected to a drainpipe. When the accumulating garbage blocks the drainpipe, the toilet cannot be flushed properly. The drainpipe is attached to the toilet with several screws. Take a suitable wrench and remove it. Finally, clean the drain pipe with water and attach it again to the toilet.

Blocked macerator toilet symptoms

It is important to find out the problem because you can only solve it by identifying the issue. Several symptoms of a macerator toilet determine that the toilet is problematic.

Noise & vibration

Generally, a new toilet does not make any sound or vibration. But, after using the macerator toilet for several months, you have to prepare to repair it when you feel that the toilet is vibrating. The vibration or an odd sound indicates that anything is sticking to the blade of your macerator toilet.

Flushing issue

The Macerator toilet will not flush properly if any tissue paper or anything else is stuck inside and blocks it. So, it is also a sign of identification of the toilet issue. Flushing is a must for not only the macerator but also for any other toilet.

Can I use a plunger to clean the macerator?

No, using a plunger to clean up the macerator toilet is prohibited. The toilet is very sensitive, so a plunger may damage the toilet inside. However, there is a perfect way to clean your macerator toilet safely. Take a normal, soft cloth and a bucket of water. Now, quickly wash the entire surface with water and wipe it with a cloth.

How long does a Macerator toilet last?

The lifetime of a product is important for the customers. There are a huge number of users who select a product according to its durability.

If you purchase a macerator toilet, you will not be disappointed. The toilet can last up to 10 years. The toilet size and capacity also determine the various lifetimes of the toilet.

Moreover, the toilet can last longer if you use it as a single toilet for your personal use. But, the toilet will lose its sustainability for use as a public toilet. Proper care and cleaning on a regular basis can also extend its life.

Are Macerator toilets any good?

Macerator toilets are popular and highly used toilet sets now. It is an electrical toilet that can fulfill this generation’s necessary needs. 

There are both some pros and some cons to a Macerator toilet. After weighing your options, you must select this one because it outperforms several others.

Pros & Cons of Macerator Toilets

Easy to set up: Their easy installation process makes Macerator toilets excellent. You can set the toilet anywhere, from your bathroom to the garden. 

Pocket-friendly prices: Many homeowners get worried about the budget for setting up a toilet. But a Macerator toilet will decrease their tension. The toilets come at budget-friendly prices, which is why they are suitable for all classes of users.

Cons of the Macerator toilet: Flashing noise or vibration is the major effect of the toilet, which we discussed above. But there are some other problems with the Macerator toilet, but they do not happen frequently. If you face the situation, it may be your bad luck, but there is an opportunity to repair it easily. 

Troubleshooting other issues with the Macerator toilet

  • The macerator is not shutting down

It is a common problem with macerator toilets that many customers complain about. It may happen because of a blocked pump or damaged rubber membrane. So, in this situation, you have to check the pump and membrane carefully.

  • The pump is turning on by itself

This situation occurred because of the micro switch on the macerator toilet. If the toilet’s microswitch fails, it may start itself without warning. Moreover, the misfiring issues of the macerator toilet can also cause this issue.

First, you have to check the switch and then check all of the toilet functions separately.

  • The macerator toilet is releasing a bad smell

When you feel that a bad smell is coming from your macerator toilet, you should not be worried about this issue. There is an easy solution.

You can deep clean the toilet before reusing it. Moreover, you can also keep a space fragrance block inside the bathroom to make it more enjoyable.

Bottom lines

However, Macerator is a good toilet to use in every house. Significantly, the aristocracy of the Macerator toilet is admired by the users. You must understand proper toilet usage because electricity is used for flashing the toilet and other repairs. But the user manual for the toilet will make everything easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use a dishwasher tablet to clean a toilet?
A: Simply drop a tablet into the toilet bowl and let it dissolve for about 10-15 minutes, then scrub with a toilet brush and flush.

Q: Are dishwasher tablets safe for septic systems?
A: Most dishwasher tablets are septic-safe, but it’s best to check the product label or consult with the manufacturer to be sure.

Q: Can I use dishwasher tablets to remove hard water stains in the toilet?
A: Due to their strong cleaning agents, dishwasher tablets can effectively remove hard water stains.

Q: How often should I use dishwasher tablets to clean my toilet?
A: Using a dishwasher tablet once a week should suffice for regular toilet maintenance.

Q: Will dishwasher tablets damage my toilet bowl?
A: Generally, dishwasher tablets do not damage toilet bowls, but avoid leaving them in for prolonged periods to prevent potential damage.

Q: Can I use any brand of dishwasher tablets for toilet cleaning?
A: Most brands should work, but some may be more effective than others. It’s advisable to use a standard, non-gel tablet.

Q: Is it okay to mix dishwasher tablets with other cleaning agents for the toilet?
A: Mixing chemicals can be dangerous, so it’s best to use dishwasher tablets alone when cleaning the toilet.

Q: Are there any environmental concerns with using dishwasher tablets in toilets?
A: Dishwasher tablets contain chemicals that could have environmental impacts. Using eco-friendly or septic-safe tablets is a greener choice.

Q: How do I handle a partially dissolved tablet in the toilet?
A: If a tablet does not fully dissolve, use a toilet brush to break it up and disperse it, then flush.

Q: Can dishwasher tablets be cleaned under the toilet rim?
A: Yes, after the tablet has dissolved, use a toilet brush to scrub under the rim for a thorough cleaning.

Q: Is it safe to use dishwasher tablets with colored porcelain in toilets?
A: Dishwasher tablets are generally safe for colored porcelain, but it’s a good idea to test on a small, inconspicuous area first.


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