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Feature Comparison: American Standard vs. Toto Toilets

Among the various flush toilet brands on the market, Toto and American Standard are some of the most exceptional. But which one is better? Is it Toto or American Standard? To help you have an easy time making your decision, we came up with different categories on which you can base when choosing a toilet of choice. So, read this American Standard vs. Toto comparison article to know more about these two leading toilet brands.

Finding the perfect toilet for your home is never easy. This is because there are so many toilet brands and models to choose from. To land the best toilet for your bathroom, you’ve to compare the best toilets and choose one that meets both your needs and budget.

Features Comparison: American Standard vs. Toto Toilets

Comments Toto Toilets American Standard Toilets
Company Business: More than 200 years(Parent Est. 1917) More than 10 years(Parent Est. 1929)
Company Employee: 30,334+ 15,200+
Company Focus: Only Toilets Bathroom & Kitchen accessories
Flushing System: Most Powerful Powerful
Maintenance Cost: Less High
Leak Issues: Less Complain High Complain
Customer Support: Responsive Very Responsive
Price: High Reasonable
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty Limited 10-Year Warranty
My 2022’s Rating: 94 out of 100 85 out of 100
Price: American Standard VS Toto toiletsCheck Price Toto VS American StandardCheck Price

Without much ado! Here is a comparison of Toto and American Standard that will help you make an informed choice on which toilet to select and why.

Details comparison between Toto and American Standard toilets

Summary of content

Years in the industry

Avery interesting thing about these toilet brands is that they have been in existence for more than 100 years. That’s why they have created an excellent reputation for themselves, and many people have full trust in both of them. Toto was founded in 1917, while American Standard was in 1929. So, Toto is 10 years older than the American Standard.

Another vital point to note is that Toto specializes in toilets alone, while American Standard specializes in bathroom and kitchen fixtures. That’s one of the reasons Toto designs excellent toilets, as its focus is on toilets alone.

Appearance and design

Toto makes some of the most beautiful toilet models on the market. They offer different types, designs, and finishes. Even though American Standard also provides unique and lovely toilets, they are nowhere near Toto toilets. Also, Toto toilets come in a broader range of colors to choose from. As a result, you can always select a toilet that matches your bathroom theme.

Flushing system

Both of these toilets are known to have an efficient flushing system. The flushing systems vary from one toilet model to another. For instance, Toto boasts of the E-max, G-max, double cyclone, cyclone, tornado, and dual max. On the other hand, American Standard boasts of Vormax, Champion 4, and Cadet 3 flushing systems.

The American Standard Champion 4 flushing system is the best for eliminating large mass as it features a 4-inch flush valve. However, for efficiency, the G-max from the Toto toilet is the best, though it is quite loud.

If you want a toilet that flushes very efficiently with less water, then Toto will carry the day. Toto has lots of water-efficient toilets, with some units using less than 1.0 GPF, such as the Toto Neorest toilet model.


This depends on the type and design of the toilet that you want. Whether it is Toto or American Standard, the kind of toilet that you choose determines how comfortable you will be. Toilets with elongated bowls are more comfortable than toilets with round bowls. Also, one-piece toilets usually have more sitting capacity when compared to two-piece toilets. Overall, Toto provides more comfortable toilets than American Standard.

Ease of maintenance

Toto toilets are easy to maintain. Additionally, most of them feature an efficient flushing system and don’t leave marks or streams behind after flushing. This is not the same case with American Standard toilets, as they usually leave marks at the back of the toilet. So, if you don’t want to clean your toilet on a regular basis, then you should consider getting a toilet from Toto.

On top of that, many users applaud the Cefiontect glaze that Toto toilets come with. This glaze keeps dirt, mold, mildew, and stains from sticking to the toilet surface. The American Standard has the EverClean surface, but it is not as effective as the Cefiontect glaze.

Spare parts

If you want a toilet that you will find parts easily, then you should get a toilet from American Standard. Many plumbs recommend homeowners to get American Standard toilets as finding their parts is much easier than Toto toilets.

Price & Warranty

American standard beats Toto in this category, hands down. American Standard designs high-quality toilets but at a lower price than both Toto and Kohler.

Furthermore, American Standard offers the best warranty. Most American Standard toilets come with a 10-year or better warranty. Toto only provides a one-year warranty.

Which toilet brand is better? American Standard or Toto?

After comparing these two toilet brands, it is clear that the Toto toilet is far more superior to the American Standard toilet in many ways. So, if you want the best toilet from the best brand, you can’t go wrong with Toto. But if you want a quality toilet at an affordable price, then American Standard is the way to go.

Toto offers all kinds of toilets, from standard to ADA-compliant and highly advanced toilets. On the other hand, American Standard specializes in delivering high-quality standard toilets. When it comes to comfort, American Standard is nowhere near Toto. However, American Standard has affordable toilets that many homeowners can install in their homes.

Compare One-Piece Unit: Recommended Models

Features American Standard Champion 4 TOTO Ultimate
Water Consumption: 1.6 GPF 1.6 GPF
Bowl Shape: Elongated Round
Height: Right/Chair Standard Height
Dimensions: 17.75L x 29.75W x 29.5H inches 32H x 28W x 18L inches
Flush Valve Size: 4 inches 3 inches
Rough-In: 12 inches 12 inches
Type: Champion 4 Power Gravity
Warranty: 10 years One Year
Weight: 118 Pounds 88.4 Pounds

Compare Two-Piece Models: Cadet 3 vs. Drake

Features American Standard Cadet 3 Toto Drake
Water Usage: 1.28 GPF 1.6 GPF
Shape: Round Elongated
Height: Chair Height Universal
Dimensions: 28.25L x 15.75W x 30.75H inches 28.38L x 17.19W x 30.13H inches
Material: Vitreous China Ceramic
Flushing System: Cadet 3 Tornado
Concealed Trapway: Yes No
Bidet Seat upgradation: No Yes
Parts Warranty: 5 years 1 year

Bottom Line

Overall, the final choice will depend on the features that you’re looking for in a toilet and your budget. No matter the toilet that you choose, either from Toto or American Standard, it will live up to its expectations. Both brands have a good reputation, and you will be glad to invest in one of them.


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