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Rough In Measurement: Difference Between 10 and 12 Rough In Toilet

Installing toilets is a very hard thing to do now because they come with new science and technology. And toilet rough-in is just one example of that. You can find two types of toilet rough-in on the market: 10 and 12 inches. Most house toilets are 12-inch rough-in. If you want to know why, then read this comparison article. It will clear up every confusion you have between 12 and 10-inch rough-in toilets.

What is this toilet rough-in?

Before measuring the rough in the toilet, you must know what this rough is. Why do you need to measure it? The rough is mainly the distance between the toilet and the wall. This measurement is very important. This space mainly gives you an idea of how much room you get in the washroom with a water tank and toilet. If you have a really small space in the bathroom, then you can’t install a 12-inch rough toilet because it takes more space. In that case, you need to choose a 10-inch rough-in, and this will save you more space than a 12-inch one.toilet rough-in

What is the difference between 10 and 12-inch rough-in toilets?

Now we’ll talk about which rough-in is the most usable and why. Talking about advantages, if you got 12 rough in the bathroom but installed 10 inches, you get an extra 2 inches between the wall and the water tank. But these extra inches also make the tank two more inches away from the shut-off valve located on the wall. And for this extra space, you need a longer connector for installing the toilet with a water tank. For this reason, if your toilet tissue paper holder is in place with 12 rough in, then it needs to reach a little further to get the tissue after using the toilet each time. But 10 inches rough is mainly found in the old home now.

Most houses prefer 12-inch rough-in, and modern toilets are also designed with this distance in mind. So, finding a suitable 10-inch rough-in toilet is quite difficult. From this part, if you are interested in a 10-inch rough for your small space toilet, then you must go through many markets and also on the internet.

10 vs. 12-inch rough-in toilet: Who is the winner?

It’s time to decide which is the winner of these two races. Now, most people prefer 12 inches more than 10 inches of rough in. These 10 inches will get you more places than 12 inches. But maintaining the 10-inch toilet is really hard. And people love a good-looking toilet nowadays, so once you get it, you need to take care of it properly. So, when you get a 10-inch rough-in toilet, then it’s a little bit tough. Also, 10-inch rough-in toilets are quite expensive compared to 12-inch.

So, if you want to save some money and also make it easier to maintain your toilet cleaning pressure, then a 12-inch rough-in toilet is the best option. But make this decision very carefully. Because if you get 12 inches in the bathroom once, you can’t replace it with 10 inches. If you want, you will need to change the installation process, which costs double. But you can upgrade your toilet from 10 inches rough to 12 inches. But if you have a really small space in the washroom, then you need to install 10 inches of rough in to save some room in there. So, all decisions mainly depend on the user. The most common toilet size on the market is 12 inches. After reading all about the differences, I think it can help you make the wisest and best decision.


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