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Toilet Seat Turning Blue: Reasons and Quick Solutions

Is your toilet seat gradually becoming bluer? But why? Significantly, many reasons are reliable for the blue toilet issue. It is hard to identify why your toilet seat was blue, but if you research the reasons mentioned in this article, you will easily solve the issue and get a clean toilet seat again.

Possible Causes:

  • Chemical Reactions
  • Dye Transfer
  • Material Deterioration
  • Bacterial or Fungal Growth
  • Pseudochromhidrosis
  • Water conditions
  • Pregnancy hormones
  • Prolonged Exposure to Sunlight
  • Manufacturing Defect
  • Environmental Factors

Why is the toilet seat turning blue? 5 Possible reasons

Reason 01: Mold

Some toilet users do not clean their toilets regularly. So, massive mold, like Penicillium Expansum, has accumulated on their toilet seats. As a result, the toilet seats turn blue day by day.toilet seat turning blue

If you are sure that mold is mainly responsible for your blue toilet seat, you must clean the toilet properly. If the amount of mold is high, you have to change the toilet seat because mold can cause respiratory disease.

Reason 02: Pregnancy hormones

If you are an adult woman, a blue stain on the toilet bowl is a symptom that you are pregnant. It indicates the increased hormone levels coming from the pregnant woman’s urine. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa bacteria in the urine may also turn the toilet seat blue. Sometimes, people think that a blue stain is a sign of having a baby boy inside the womb. But determining gender according to color is not always stain on the toilet bowl

Reason 03: Water conditions

The condition of the toilet water supply line does not always remain the same. Generally, hard water is a significant reason for blue stains on the toilet.

Moreover, copper leaching with water through the copper pipe is another significant reason the toilet seat turns blue. This leaching process is also facilitated by water.

Reason 04: Pseudochromhidrosis

This is a rare case. A small number of people have a problem with sweat that comes in different colors. When the user has a problem and blue-colored sweat comes from his back, the toilet seat also turns blue gradually.

So, if you are in this situation, you must be prescribed medication by an experienced doctor. Chromhidrosis does not only stain your toilet seats but is also reliable for staining your clothes and bedding.

Reason 05: The color of the clothes

If you notice that only the toilet seat cover in your toilet is getting bluer gradually, you can guess that it happens for your blue-colored pantaloons. Significantly, blue jeans are a mentionable reason. If the fabric of the pantaloons is unstable, it may stick to the toilet seat cover. In this situation, you have to take steps to change the pants jeans are a mentionable reason

Solutions: How do you clean the blue stain from the toilet seat and bowl?

There are some highly used ingredients that are very effective for removing the blue stain from the toilet.

Method 01: Rub with alcohol

First, take a cloth and dip it into alcohol. Now, rub the toilet seat and toilet bowl with the cloth. You must rub the specific surface more, which has blue stains. Now, leave it for about 15 minutes. Finally, clean the toilet bowl surface with water.Rub with alcohol

Method 02: Apply bleach

Bleach is a fantastic toilet cleaner that can be used for cleaning almost every toilet seat.

There should be caution before applying bleach to the toilet surface. You have to cover the floor with a plastic sheet before applying this ingredient because it is good for scrubbing the toilet but not suitable for a floor. Significantly, bleach drips on the floor, which is terrible.Apply bleach

Method 03: Apply baking soda and vinegar

It goes without saying how popular toilet cleaners like baking soda and vinegar are. The mixture of the two ingredients is very effective on the toilet because this mixture easily cleans the toilet very quickly.Apply baking soda and vinegar For cleaning toilet

First, apply about two tablespoons of vinegar to the blue stains on the toilet. Then, pour about a cup of baking soda and rub the surface with a toilet cleaning brush. Leave it for 15 minutes, and finally wash the toilet seat and bowl with water and flush the toilet.

Method 04: Use a magic eraser

A magic eraser is a popular piece of equipment for cleaning the toilet surface and removing the blue stain from there. First, you must soak the eraser in water and wet it. Now, scrub the entire surface of the toilet seat and the toilet bowl with the eraser. The process must be continued until the blue stain is removed. Finally, pour a sufficient amount of soapy water inside the toilet and then flush it.Use a magic eraser

Method 05: Apply effective toilet cleaner

There are many popular brands of toilet cleaners on the market. You can buy any trusted one and apply it to your toilet seat and toilet bowl. The cleaners with good materials are suitable for quickly removing blue stains from the toilet. Sometimes, you may have to apply the cleaner randomly when you do not get a good result after a single wash.Apply effective toilet cleaner

Frequently asked questions

  • Is having a blue toilet seat serious?

Generally, a blue toilet seat or bowl is not sensitive, and it is not hard to clean at all. Significantly, the blue toilet indicates some health or hormone-related issues. So, if you are not pregnant, you must consult a doctor because of a hormonal problem with your body.

  • How can I understand that I should change my toilet seat?

When you cannot get the white and new-looking surface of your toilet bowl and seat, although you have deep cleaned them, you must decide to change the toilet. Sometimes, the outside surfaces of the toilet bowl and toilet seat become older and lose their actual glaze. So, in this case, you cannot change the entire set.

However, the perfect cleaning process for the toilet is also important because it assures both hygiene and the attractiveness of the toilet bowl.


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